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7 Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room You will Love

The living room is usually the first room in your home that any visitor steps into. Also, for some visitors, it is the only room in the house that they may see. Hence, it is important to use the best wall decoration for living room to make this space as cosy and attractive as possible.

Aside from creating a good first impression on your guest, a beautifully decorated living room brings the activities of the room to life. Usually, living rooms are used for relaxation, entertainment, socializing, etc. These cheerful activities combined with lovely decorations will lift up the occupants’ spirits even more.

Best Wall Decoration for Living Room

Arts, colours and fixtures are the major articles for home decorations. How you use them singularly or in combination will influence the outcome you will receive. Here are some tips on how you can maximise these articles to achieve spectacular wall decor for living room.

1. Splash Some Colours

It is likely that the walls of your living room are already painted. Nonetheless, you may want to touch it up a bit to give the room a better appearance.

While dull colours reduce the visual space of a room, bright colours expand it. hence, it is important to have this in mind when deciding on the colour to use. If you are struggling with choosing a colour, the 2023 Pantone colour of the year might be a safe nest.

After you decide on the colour(s) of paint to use, try to do something artistic rather than the usual slapping of the paints on the wall. Create beautiful patterns or designs with the paint. Here are some nice lines and pattern designs you can try.

2. Decorate With Painted Art

wall decoration for living room

You do not need many of them for your wall decoration for living room. One large piece of art in the most conspicuous position is enough to make a statement in the room. You can also use triptych and diptych art to decorate your living room wall.

A triptych is an art painting that is usually divided into three different frames. These three frames are hinged together to show the complete picture. A diptych is similar to a triptych, but it has only two frames hinged together.

3. Try Sculptors

Sculptors are difficult to ignore. Hence, they will always make a bold statement when used as articles of decoration. Similarly, other woven artworks like macrame, baskets and even textile designs are perfect for accentuating the walls of the living room.

You can decide to make custom pieces of art to suit whatever theme you want to create in your living room.

4. Bring in Wallpaper

wall decoration for living room

Wallpapers may not seem like a big deal, but they can have super transformative effects if you carefully select them for wall decoration for living room. Also, they are a good alternative to paints.

If you which to change the colour on the wall, but do not want to go through the hassle of painting, simply get a wallpaper with your preferred design.

Beyond the basic patterns and flowery designs, there is 3D wallpaper that will do magic to your living room decoration.

Even more, some of these wallpapers come with drawings of your favourite cartoons, animals or sports. So, if you want to add a little drama to the décor, you can go for these designs.

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5. Explore Wall Gallery

One way to decorate your living room with a gallery is by using a collection of sizable art. If you love your wall to look organized, you may want to go for wall art of equal frame size.

On the other hand, if you do not mind a cluster of art on your wall, you can go for beautiful wall art of varied sizes and hang them randomly within an area of the wall.

Another type of gallery you can create as wall decor for living room is using your family photos. If you want to do something a little extra, you can paint tree branches on the wall and arrange the photos in the form of a family tree.

6. Put Some Life on It

wall decoration for living room

You can do more with greenery and flowers in the house beyond placing them on the table or corners of the room. One way to beautify your wall with greenery is by lining it at the bottom of the wall.

If you feel like this is too much, you can use fancy vases to attach flowers or plants to the walls to make a unique wall decoration for living room.

7. Use a Shelf With Ornaments

Both the hanging shelves and full shelves can serve decoration purposes. They become even more beautiful when you add little pieces of art and fanciful ornaments to them.

You may or may not use these shelves to hold other household items, depending on your preference. Nonetheless, you should try to keep it neat and arranged so that the aim of beautifying the wall is not defeated.


With the proper wall decoration for living room, you can transform your space and make it more attractive and comfortable. You can use either of the ideas suggested here or a combination of them.

If you intend to use a combination of different forms of decoration, you should try not to overcrowd the wall. Other, your effort will become counterproductive.

If you found these ideas for decorating your living room wall helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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