Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner

You know when they say not to allow emotions cloud your judgement, times like this spell out the importance of this statement. If you intend to move in with your partner, it means that you have a beautiful relationship. Hence, it is crucial that you know the mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner so that you do not ruin what you both share. It is easy to get carried away by emotions that you forget to plan this colossal step properly.

The euphoria might be more intense if you are moving in with a partner for the first time. However, relationships are not all rosy as you know and it gets more trying when you both decide to live together. Therefore, it is needful that you learn these common errors couples make so that you can maintain a healthy  relationship with your partner

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving in With Your Partner

1. Moving When You Are Not Ready

Don't move in with your partner when you aren't ready

Leaving your home to move in with your partner is not something you want to do without preparation. First, you and your partner need to talk about why you are moving in together and make sure that you are not doing it just for the sake of it.

Also, if you are not ready to move in yet, but your partner is willing, let him/her know. Doing otherwise might cause friction in the future.

More so, make sure you are ready to adapt to the changes that come with moving in with your partner. Assuming that everything will remain the same is a lie you cannot afford to tell yourself. Therefore, you should ensure that you are preparing yourself to adapt to the changes. Do not ignore the financial preparation too.

2. Financial Negligence

On finances, it is important to be sincere and open with your partner if you plan to move in together. You are both going to share bills, hence it is important that you discuss the topic properly. If you do not clearly discuss financial management, you may begin to argue about who should pay for what at some point.

Hence, it is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. Groceries, subscriptions, electricity, rent, etc. there are many things you will be paying for. Decide how you want to handle them. You may agree to contribute a percentage of your earnings towards sorting the bills. Or, you may decide to do 50-50.

You can also choose to open a joint account where you both contribute to the bills. Go for what is most comfortable for both of you

3. Expecting Too Much

Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner

One of the common mistakes couples make when moving in together is having ridiculous expectations. If you hope your life will become perfect once you move in with your partner, you probably want to reconsider your decision.

Although it is not bad to have expectations, setting high expectations is bad for your relationship. For instance, No matter how sweet your partner is, he/she may not give you breakfast in bed every morning. Do not set high expectations and get mad when your partner does not meet them.

Also, staying together will make you see the best and worst of your partner. If you think that will be all kisses and hugs every time, you might be disappointed. Keep an open mind and appreciate your partner for who they are.

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4. Overlooking Boundaries

You and your better half might have a few differences, or boundaries that you have set. If you are going to live in peace, it is important to spell out your boundaries and be ready to respect them.

No doubt you may have discussed some of these things while you were getting to know each other. However, you may not remember everything and you will discover more turn-offs when you start staying in the same house.

Hence, always be open to conversations. Do not nag, but clearly state your likes and dislikes. This way, you both know how best to live together without crossing boundaries.

5. Always Trying To Impress Your Partner

Now that your partner’s home is your home, you have to learn to be yourself just like you used to be when you stayed alone. You may have this desire to look your best at all times during the initial period.

The truth is that you will get tired and will not be able to keep up which is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. It is better to relax from the beginning. Note that being yourself does not translate to being nasty or ignoring your partner’s presence. It simply means that it is okay to let your guard down when you are home.

6. Spending Too Much Time Together

This does not mean that you should not spend quality time with your partner. However, now that you live together, you are going to be seeing each other more often. Because he/she is your favourite person, you may be tempted to spend every second with them. Causing your work life and every other aspect of your life to suffer.

Hence, it is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner. It is important to balance things and to do so even from the onset.

Also, when you are always together, you both become too familiar with each other’s presence, and you know what they say about familiarity. Besides, experts say that giving your partner space to miss you is necessary to keep the spark alive.

7. Acting Like You Live Alone

Mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner

This has nothing to do with being yourself. As I mentioned earlier, you should be comfortable in your home whether shared or not. However, when making certain decisions, you need to have in mind that you are sharing the home with your partner.

It can be the little things as deciding what to cook. You will want to consider what your partner likes or doesn’t like to eat.

Similarly, you do not want to have the final say on what the decoration of the house should look like. It is important that you get your partner’s opinion as well and you both should reach an agreement. This also applies to other important decisions affecting the home

Final Words                        

Moving in with your partner is very similar to getting married. Consequently, if you do not make proper plans, your relationship could go sour. However, with these mistakes to avoid when moving in with your partner, you are many steps in the right direction.