Fun Idea for valentine's day

Hardly do people think about a fun idea for valentine’s day outside of dinner dates. This is probably because dinners feel like the most romantic activity for lovers but this is not true as you will soon discover.

Valentine’s day is popularized as a day for celebrating romantic love, but more than that, it is a day to celebrate everyone we love. In this article, we will share exciting ways to enjoy the day with your lover and celebrate at school and work if you wish to.

Fun Idea for Valentine’s Day That Cost Next to Nothing

A popular song says “love don’t cost a dime”, and it shouldn’t! Neither do you need to go broke trying to celebrate lover’s day. So, if you cannot afford expensive gifts and dinners, here are what to do this valentine’s day to make your partner feel loved.

1. Go Back to Day One

Hopefully, your first date was not very expensive. If so, think of reliving the experience with your partner this valentine’s day. If your partner loves surprises, look for ways to take him/her to the spot without raising suspicion.

2. Go for a Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies are not old school. In fact, they are arguably more romantic than going to regular cinemas. The only problem is that this type of theatre is not very common anymore. However, that gives it a sense of rarity and makes it even more special.

We are used to going to the cinema every other day. So, enjoying the movie from your car with your partner this time will be a fun idea for valentine’s day

3. Try Making New Recipes Together

Fun Idea for valentine's day

This is a good replacement for those expensive dinner dates. While making these recipes, you get to learn something new together, bond and have fun. At the end of the day, you still have dinner so you lose nothing.

You may want to check out these recipes

4. Book a Message

If you are looking for what to do on a valentine’s day to relax, here you have it. Book a home-service massage for you and your partner. Since you do not need to drive all the way back, that makes the massage more relaxing.

However, if you want something even more personal, or you cannot afford a professional massage, you and your partner can play masseuse and masseur.

5. Walk and Talk

When was the last time you went on a long walk with your partner? This valentine’s day offers you another opportunity. The thing with activities on valentine’s day is that they are supposed to be an avenue to bond and make memories with your loved one.

So, beyond the beautiful photos and red dresses, it is important to spend quality time whether or not you have gifts to exchange.

6. Make Your Partner Treasure Hunt

If you got a gift for your partner, spice things up by making them hunt for their gift. This is a fun idea for valentine’s day in every sense of the word.

Leave hints at strategic positions and watch them struggle to figure them out.

7. Go for Your Favorite Show or Concert

Fun Idea for valentine's day

Plan ahead of time for which of your favourite shows or concerts you will be attending on lover’s day.

If it happens that none of your favourites will be on for the day, you can choose from the available ones the ones that interest you most.

8. Keep a Date With Nature

The real date is with your partner of course, but both of you will be basking in the beauty of nature. From watching the sunset to star gazing to a walk in the garden and a picnic in the field.

Anything that allows you to appreciate the amazing view and sweet smell of nature is worth your day on valentine’s day.

9. Visit a Place on Your Bucket List

Whether it is a new city or a place within your city, this is a fun idea for valentine’s day. Travel with your partner to that place you have always wished to visit and enjoy every moment there.

Fun Idea for Valentine’s Day at Work and School

Fun Idea for valentine's day

Valentine’s day is not a public holiday. Hence, there are chances that you may be at work on that day.

So, instead of waiting for the day to go by so that you can retire to your partner, here is what to do on a valentine’s day to spread love to those around you.

  1. Sponsor a valentine-themed brunch or goodie bag for some of your fellow students or workers. You do not have to go broke doing this. Either you go for items with fair prices or you prepare something from home to save cost.
  2. You can also organize a simple valentine’s party for your department or class. Make sure to seek permission from the appropriate authority.
  3. Suggest valentine-themed games to your colleagues and friends after work or during breaks.
  4. Make custom appreciation cards for your colleagues and friends
  5. Give gifts to the people you wish to appreciate at work or school. It does not have to be something pricey.
  6. Stick anonymous valentine’s notes on their desks telling them something you admire about them. No doubt this will make their day.

How To Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

Looking for ways to make lover’s day even more eventful, this extra fun idea for valentine’s day will come in handy.

  1. Earlier we talked about trying to make new recipes for dinner. You can decide to make that a cooking competition if you so, please.
  2. Be adventurous with your activities on valentine’s day. Try something new and daring with your partner. It can be something as common as swimming – if both of you are not good swimmers.
  3. Host a two-person sip and paint. Make hilarious drawings of your partner or try to capture the moment you cherish most in a picture.
  4. If time and money permit, try celebrating valentine’s day in a different city or country.

Final Words

It is not completely a fun idea for valentine’s day if it does not allow you to bond more with your partner. Hence, the ideas we have suggested here are what to do this valentine’s day if you wish to bond and enjoy with your partner without spending much.

Also, you can do some of the things listed here with loved ones that are not necessarily your lover.

If you found these ideas for juicing up your valentine’s day helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.