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Homemade Gyro Recipe – How To Make Gyro at home

Do you want to break free from your norms and try something adventurous? And as well, have a well-spent and fulfiling weekend? Then, I think you should try a few new recipes out there. In the same vein, if you are in discord to deciding which to try this weekend, guys! Let’s give the homemade Gyro recipe a try.

Gyro funnily pronounced as YEE-RO in the United States are sandwiches specifically of Greece origin. They are said to be the main course prepared with vertically diced meat wrapped using pita bread with other dressings just like our popularly known shawarma and it’s better served when hot.

More so, homemade gyros can be made in our kitchen and hence, seems like that which you first had in the cafe if not better.

This dish’s main ingredient is meat like rotisserie. Nonetheless, if you do not have it, these are good options; beef, mutton, pork, and lamb. So, if your faith kicks against anyone, especially pork, you cannot say NO to this homemade delicacy since it’s very flexible with ingredient choices.

We are very sure gyros is a new one for you or the first time you come across it, Well, we are setting you on a path of adventure. And it’s sure going to be worth it.

Come with me guys! Let’s explore your culinary skills.

Recipe For Homemade Gyros

• One normal-sized onion
• Grounded Beef or lamb
• Two cloves of large garlic
• Two teaspoons of salt
• 1 1/2 of meshed black pepper
• One tablespoon of Dried Marjoram
• A tablespoon of grounded Rosemary
• Extra virgin or olive oil
• Kitchen utensils

What Can You Serve Gyros With?

Homemade Gyro

Homemade Gyros go Well-using Sauces as Toppings. Below are the ingredients needed for preparing Tzatziki Sauce.

• Yoghurt
• Diced cucumber
• Any citrus, lime or lemon juice preferably
• Fresh herbs
• Garlic
• Salt

Recipe For Dressing Homemade Gyro

Homemade Gyro

• A pack of pita bread
• lettuce
• Minced Tomatoes
• Shredded Onions
• Sliced Bell

Steps To Achieving Homemade Gyro Recipe.

Step 1; Prepare the homemade gyro meat mixture

I. Roughly dice your onion ball into a blender and mesh for 15 seconds
II. Scoop out meshed onions into a kitchen towel and squeeze out the juice
III. Return juice to the blender
IV. In the same blender, add beef, garlic, rosemary spices, other condiments, pepper and salt, then blend again till it gives off a fine and even pastes.

Step 2; Bake your meat mixture

I. Scoop your meat mixture into a baking pan, and level it evenly.
II. Place the pan in a water bath and bake at 165oC for 1 hour
III. Remove from oven, drain the oil and allow to cool
IV. Extract from pan and keep in foil for 15 minutes

Step 3. Mimic rotisserie flavour or getting that crunchy bite you will desire

I. Bring out a diced beef on a chopping board using an electric knife
II. Bake/roast in a non-stick pan with drops of olive oil for a few minutes to achieve the crunchy and look brown a little.

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Step 4; Homemade Gyro servings

Tzatziki sauce

I. Heat your pita bread on another pan
II. When ready, spread and put your beef vertically with other dressings like shredded onions, lettuce, tomatoes, drops of olive oil,

Nonetheless, the tzatziki sauce can be used as toppings you can get this sauce chilled from cafes. If not, let’s do it locally.
With the ingredients listed above,

I. Get a bowl, put in your yoghurt
II. Add in shredded cucumber, lemon juice, fresh herbs, a pinch of salt, a drop of olive oil
III. Mix all evenly and chill
IV. Your tzatziki sauce is ready.

Consequently, this dish can be the best option for your family dinner, couples night out, picnic, dates or even for breakfast gulping it down with a glass of your choicest juice.
Moreover, what is it not to try?

Conclusively, homemade gyro can be served alongside a salad, French fries or any suitable go-together with the dish in the absence of pita bread.

On this note, I am sure you had a good ride trying a new dish today? Tell us how yours came out in the comment section below. If, you gave it a trial.

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