Places to go on valentine's day

Confused about where to go on Valentine’s day? Well, we thought to be your tour guide on places to go on Valentine’s day.  Essentially, couples are meant to reassure and reaffirm their love and bond. So, they are meant to celebrate their tenderness every day. But, valentine’s day is a special day set aside to get your better half to fall head over heels again. Yea! to rekindle and lit the spark.

So, as this special day approaches, get to breathe because it’s all love in the air. And if you intend to spend this Valentine’s day alone, you should pass. This content is not for you. However, if you have a special significant other, leggo! More so, it’s a day set aside to show off or recreate the selfless love and kindness shown by St. Valentine.

Additionally, if you have on your bucket list places to go on valentine’s day, or even restaurants for Valentine’s day, watching a rom-com, visiting an art gallery, holding hands and visiting the museum or even attending a concert for two. Then, you are on the right read to explore places to get your dreams to come through come February, 14th.

So, if you are a couple, have a partner in a romantic relationship or are about to shoot your shot. Please don’t go off my sight. We have a list of relish and exotic places to go come February 14th 2023.

Exotic And Romantic Places To Go On Valentine’s Day

Villa Treville, Positano Italy.

Place to go on valentine's day

There are so many beautiful places in Italy but Positano is a place you cannot get over. And therein lies the Villa Trevile. This hotel is a small but exceptional hotel which is located within a 5 minutes boat drive from Positano.

And this space gives off the luxury and romance you crave. Its ambience is more of home than just a hotel. Despite its luxury signature, it still maintains friendly-family environs with a supply of fresh seafood and veggies straight from the hotel’s garden and fishpond.

This luxury home will surely give you and your better half the ambience and aura to enjoy every bit of your romantic date and vacation.

NK Cave Villa. Santorini, Greece

couple having a romantic time

This is sure a dream place to visit. It offers fulfilment and relaxation and the need to get back here in future. Well, with the added fact that Santorini is a jaw-dropping places to visit for Valentine’s day. You should give it a try.   Since it’s well-ranked as one of the most interesting places to visit having a romantic and exotic aura.

An added glamour to this villa is the sea views, and whitewashed cave houses giving an ideal valentine’s escape or even a honeymoon getaway. To add are restaurants therein that give you the opportunity to have a candlelit dinner to savour your romance. Santorini sure gives an unforgettable touch.

Obudu, Calabar Nigeria.

Places to go on valentine' day
Photo credit: The Guardian Newspaper

Located in the coastal Southern part of Nigeria. Calabar is a beautiful city that harbours the Obudu hills and the ranch. This place will surely give you both the room to explore, the African antiques, and the tops hills to have a beautiful view of the city. And lots more to feed your eyes with.

Certainly, you have the imagination already right? Make Nigeria, Africa your pick to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day. And make that imagination a reality. You won’t regret it.

San Francisco, California.

A place to travel and have the best time taking a walk. Especially if you appreciate landscapes then San Francisco should a choice. Even if you travelling overseas isn’t an option, this state in America has the most romantic city.

 Ranging from a hand-in-hand hike across the Golden gate Bridge, a stroll to the hills to get a glamorous view of the city, to visiting the café with the best Martini menu and the restaurants to have a taste of delish. Certainly, it should be considered a place to go since it offers an ideal idea for a romantic experience.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Valentine's special

For a perfect Valentine’s getaway? Prague, the romantic city is a go-to. And if your partner loves castles and fairytales. This place should be top on the list. This city is a choice of place to go on Valentine’s day. And, asides from the gothic churches and buildings, pastel hue and arcaded houses and amazing bridges.

There also are innovative eateries, lots of shops and a wealth of places to visit strolling hand in hand. You should give this city a try.

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Places to on valentine's day

Africa is blessed and has lots of history to explore. And, if nature is a thing and a way to relieve stress. Zanzibar is a dream for a valentine’s escape. Fun and sightseeing ranging from a walk on the coastal lines, picking up corals and admiring clear waters and the swaying of palm trees. A paradise to visit, try Zanzibar.


Private valentine date in Maldives

And If you crave privacy and lots of fun as your description of your valentine’s day time out, go to the Maldives. This secluded island is located in the Indian Ocean. Importantly, it’s been noted as the most romantic island on the globe. Couples and lovers can bask enjoy and have fun on the private white sand beaches situated at the edges of cerulean waters.

More so, you can spend the day having fun relaxing, diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, canoeing and lots more. Importantly, have a taste of cuisines that cuts cross across the world. From, Japanese, Italian, French and a lot more garnished meals to leave you savouring for more. Inclusively, fresh kinds of seafood.

However, it’s important to note that, it is bliss to love and be loved. And to the special someone give them the best valentine’s day this New year by making a pick from our list of places to go on valentine’s day and have the most memorable romantic moment.