best family games for Christmas

You may have enough activities to take up Christmas eve and Christmas day. However, the holiday does not end with these two days. Both adults and kiddos usually have plenty of time on their hands during this period and there is no better way to stay busy than playing the best family games for Christmas.

There are outdoor and indoor games as well as simple and high-energy activities. Depending on the weather and general mode of the home, choose any of these Christmas games ideas for adults and kids. Moreso, they are interesting ways to spend time together without getting bored.

Best Family Games For Christmas (Outdoor)

The best Christmas games ideas for adults and kids are those that have to do with the snow. We all know that the snow comes and goes. So, it only makes sense that we have all the fun we can with it while it last.

1. Snowball Tag

If you have ever played the dodgeball game, this is not very different, only you will be using snowballs instead. Whoever begins the game will have to aim snowballs at others to be able to tag someone else to replace them.

More so, ensure that the snow is neither hard nor has a rock in it. If you do not have enough snow, you can use small-sized soft white balls.

2. Snowman Competition

best family games for Christmas

Building a snowman is one of the most common Christmas activities. Although many people just do so for the culture, it is one of the best family games for Christmas.

You can group family members into two or more teams and the team that creates the best snowman wins the competition.

3. Sledge Race

Pick up your sledge and go have fun in the snow with your family. Locate the closest hilltop and make it a racing competition so that whoever reaches the bottom first is the winner. Also, ensure that everyone keeps a safe distance from the next person.

4. Snowball Toss

best family games for Christmas

This is quite different from the snowball tag we saw earlier. One of the ways to play this game is by hanging a wreath and each family member will attempt to throw a snowball through it and into a distant basket.

Whoever throws the most balls into the basket is the winner. If there is not enough snow to make the balls, you can use small white balls.

Best Family Games For Christmas (Indoor)

The fun does not have to stop because people don’t feel like going outside. Here are some family Christmas games you can play indoors.

5. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

What makes a scavengers hunt one of the best family games for Christmas is that it gets every family member actively involved. Get everyone hunting for Christmas-related items by hiding enough clues around the house.

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6. Roll-A-Tree

best family games for Christmas
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Enjoy one of the super easy and fun family games this holiday. Participants have to roll a die in this game, every number represents a colour of candy.

Hence, for every number you roll out, you are to pick the corresponding colour of candy and decorate your tree with it. Whoever finishes decorating the tree first wins the game.

7. Name That Tune

Party or no party, name that tune is a good way to pass time while having fun. Get a list of the top Christmas songs and play a three-second clip of each song.

Also, you can use a musical instrument to play the music tune. Everyone in the house should then attempt to guess the song correctly as you play the clip.

8. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

This is a lot like ring toss, only it is the Christmas version of it and one of the best family games for Christmas.

Firstly, one person should wear a reindeer antler headband. You can either get one from the store or DIY. Then, others will try to hook one ring after another on the antler.

You can also make the rings yourself or buy them along with the reindeer antler headband. Just make sure that they are made from soft materials that cannot cause injury.

9. Christmas-Themed Would You Rather

best family games for Christmas

You may have played the would you rather game at other times of the year, but a Christmas-themed one will make the difference. This is an interesting way to learn about family members’ preferences.

Write out some hypothetical questions that are related to Christmas and have fun answering them.


It’s not every time that we have everything figured out. Little things like the best family games for Christmas might become a bother when we run out of ideas. With the nine interesting inspirations in this article, you do not have to worry about the next game for the holiday.

Also, you will never get bored when you are with your family. Whether you wish to spend time together outside or in the house, this article has provided fun ways to do so.