Interesting Christmas Activities

During the holiday, both adults and kids have a lot of time on their hands. So, we are always looking for ways to keep busy and chase away boredom. And also keep those little cuties engaged so they don’t get into trouble. With these interesting Christmas activities, you and your kids can have as much fun as possible without having to spend money. Make this holiday memorable and exceptional by trying out as many Christmas activities ideas listed here as you want.

Interesting Christmas Activities For Kids

Activities that allow children to learn something and explore their creativity while having fun are better than those that don’t. The activities listed here are both fun and educative.

1, Make Paper Snowflakes

 Interesting Christmas Activities

If your kids are old enough to handle a pair of scissors, this will be fun for them. Get the pieces of white paper to make their own snowflakes. With some folding and cutting here and there, they can make paper snowflakes of different patterns.

2. Donate Old Toys

Interesting Christmas Activities

This is a great way through which children can have fun while showing love to those around them. Tell the kids to gather their old toys or even some new ones that they don’t mind giving away. Put them in a box and go with them to donate the toys to charity. This is also an easy way to imbibe the giving culture in them.

3. Participate in Winter Sports

Children participating in winter sports

Allow the kids to have some outdoor fun while exploring interesting Christmas activities. You can take them out to participate in any of their desired winter sports. Whether it is ice skating, sledging or tubing, they will love participating in these activities. More so, if your child has never gone for any of these activities for the first time, it is going to be a memorable experience for him/her

4. Build a Snowman

Fun christmas activities

Your kids can build a snowman together or even call friends in the neighbourhood to join them. If they are a good number, they can make it a competition and divide themselves into teams. It will be even more fun if they go on to dress it up with a scarf and hat. Then, they can judge which team did the best job.

5. Make Popcorn Garland

Interesting Christmas Activities

Want to keep your little ones occupied this holiday with fun crafts? Asking them to make popcorn garland is a sure way to do that. All you need is a string, needle, popcorn and cranberries (if you wish).  Because of the needle, it is important not to leave the kids alone especially if they are still very young. This is one of the easy Christmas activities for kids.

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6. Act Christmas Charades

Family Christmas Charade

Charades are fun games for different occasions. A Christmas-themed charade with family or friends will be one of the most fun Christmas activities for adults. You can act out Christmas songs, movies and phrases and have them guess. Also, you can make it as tough as you like since only adults will be playing.

7. Organize a Gingerbread House Competition

gingerbread games for christmas

Who says only kids can make gingerbread houses? Well, adults can too. More so, you can make it more interesting by inviting friends over for a competition. Give a time limit to keep everyone on their toes. When the time has elapsed, you can all vote anonymously for the most beautiful gingerbread house.

8. Host a Game Night

Game night is a good way to spend time together and laugh hard while at it. There are a number of Christmas-themed games you can explore like Christmas movie trivia, Christmas movies emoji game, the Santa hat game, etc. Because this season comes once a year, you want to choose games that are not your everyday type of games, so you should choose the most interesting Christmas activities for your game night.

9. Make an Advent Calendar

customized christmas advent calendar

Instead of buying one, you can decide to make your own advent calendar this year. It gives you a chance to tickle your creativity and come up with something beautiful and personal. You can even ask your kids or any family member to help you. The idea is to have fun while at it.

 10. Host a Sip And Paint

sip and paint a fun christmas activities

This is another interesting Christmas activity that will test your artistic skills. Invite family and friends to come with their canvas and paintbrush. Sit together and paint holiday-related images while chatting and sipping on your drinks. At the end of the day, you can look at your ugly drawings and laugh together.


If you decide to try out all the engaging Christmas activities listed here, the holiday may end faster than you expect. Because you’ll be busy having so much fun each day, you won’t want the Christmas break to come to an end. More so, you will have many fun memories of the times spent with family and friends while engaging in these fun Christmas activities in 2022.