The history of Valentine's day

If we go by the core history of Valentine’s day, then valentine’s day should be more of a religious celebration to romantic merrymaking as it is contemporarily.

However, with the present-day ideology of Valentine’s day. Remarkably, this day ushers love affection, and romantic reassurance for lovers, couples, admirers, families and even friendships.

But, with the history of Valentine’s day, you are about to read here, you did get to understand the mystery behind why celebrating Valentine’s day. And not the fallacy in recent times. Come with me.

What Is The Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

The history of valentine's day

So, what is meaning of Valentine’s day? Let’s get our facts. Historically, February 14th every year commemorates the death of two Christian martyrs named St. Valentine. Importantly, due to their special act of love, affection, symbolic care and attention. Though, markedly a religious feast. But in recent times, Valentine’s day has evolved.

To mention, how did we come about celebrating Valentine’s day today? Using love cards, planning getaways, chocolates and flowers. All giving the cupid vibe. Even with the not-so-good history.

Inclusively, the fertility festival. And, this festival is attached to romance and affection. Whether this act is linked with Chaucer’s declaration is unknown. However, it’s no doubt that this declaration has aided the popularization associated with present-day Valentine’s day.

More so, lots more depict today’s definition of Valentine’s day, people, lovers, couples, friends and admirers send out flowers, chocolates, love cards and even getaways to express their unreserved love to their significant other.

Inclusively, these gifts are well thought-out, So, flowers are associated with Agriculture. therefore, flowers naturally became a gift. More so, flowers represent fertility, love, growth, marriage and romance. Even, flowers are used to send nonverbal messages. Hence, expressing an entire conversation without words.

While other gifts item expresses how they are important to you as handcrafted cards too. Much to say, what’s the history behind this day?

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What Is The History Of Valentine’s Day

What is history of Valentine’s day? Well, let’s see its origin even if it almost does not depict what is celebrated today.  This history goes way back to 270 CE with the execution of Valentine in Rome by Emperor Claudius Gothicus on the 14th day of February.   

Brief History

Evidently, the 3rd century showcases the martyrdom of two famous Valentines that were executed on the 14th day of February. Truthfully, Christians were slain. Thus, prosecution of religious advocates increased. Today, the story of these heroes is celebrated globally in Catholic Churches till date.

For a fact, the story of Valentine’s day is attached to two known Valentines who were Roman priests and an Italian bishop respectively. The Roman priest was arrested by the emperor for his faith and beliefs and kept in jail. Even with the wrong arrest, the roman priest still found a way to show love irrespective.

In prison, he found out that his jailer’s daughter was blind and did not use this against him, rather offered to help. He made struck a deal with his jailer to cure his daughter’s ill sight. And the deal was, his household would convert to Christianity. And, he did.

Though, history has it that, St Valentine later fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. He once wrote her a letter with the caption “From your Valentine” a caption still used to this day.  Sadly, the emperor heard about it and executed them all.

The other was the Italian Bishop also named Valentinus. Who also helped heal a man’s son with the reward of getting his entire family converted. He also was known for secretly joining young men and their lovers in marriage.

This is said to save them from being sent and killed in wars. Unfortunately, when the emperor got to find out, executed them all. However, the truth is, no one knows which of the Valentinus is associated with Valentine’s day. But then their acts were significant to love.


On the other hand, history has it that the church decided to fix St. Valentine’s day celebration in mid-February since it coincides with the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, known as the Fertility Festival.

This sacred festival runs from the 13th-15th of February. This begins with the gathering of the roman priests, then a pagan rite of sacrificing a goat and a dog. Also, ladies walking round the town. And, it paves way for fertility. More so, ladies write their names and place them in a bowl for bachelors pick and are paired for the festival. And, maybe fortunate to be joined in marriage. Well, this festival was later outlawed.

So, the question is, which is the natural history behind Valentine’s day celebration? Well, by the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelantis proclaimed February 14th as a day set aside to celebrate the feast of St Valentine’s day. Though unknown if this act was to rule out the supposed Lupercalia or to honour the heroism of the martyred religious advocates, St Valentine. Historians are in the best position to give us an answer.

Fun Facts For Valentine’s Day

Having had an idea of what Valentine’s day is all about, let’s see amazing facts.

1. Men Buy More Flowers Than Women. Having made some research, it’s a fact that 22% of women and over 78% of men buy flowers for their significant other.

2. It’s the second most populous celebration after Christmas. Valentine’s day brings lots of meaning and loads of love to billions of people around the world.

3. If men buy more gifts in most countries, In Japenese it’s different. Here, single ladies only buy gifts. It’s a tradition for them to showcase the man they fancy by giving them a box of chocolate.

4. Florists inflate the price of flowers by over 30% especially rose flowers.

5. Millions of lovers get engaged on Valentine’s day. Here, you get the answer to what is meaning of Valentines’s day. Simply expressing your unreserved love.


Irrespective, in celebrating Valentine’s day, the goal is love. Show unreserved affectionate friends, less privilege and family. Importantly, reassuring your better half and giving them a thousand reasons to fall head over heels again.