Ideas to gift money

Giving out money as a gift to someone on their special day might be what everyone needs now. But, you can make their day colourful, be it an anniversary, birthday etc., instead of dishing out a flat dollar bill. Hey! Join me and let us explore these ideas to gift money below. If they are special, you should be creative and intentional about their day. Make them smile!

Well, don’t be obviously uninteresting. Make them realize you appreciate them especially if they are persons who are more about your creativity and “aww”. Come onboard let me guide you to keeping that spark forever.
These creative ideas for gift money below are sure suiting to anyone. Just make a choice from our variety of ideas.

Ideas To Gift Money

1. Balloon Pop

Ideas to gift money

The creativity, time and expectation of a beaming smile is the objective. Take out time to fill in those balloons with that money. The idea is to make money as a gift fun-filled. Nonetheless, the good news is that this is a catch for all ages and occasions.

2. Money Bouquet

Money Bouquet

I remembered attending a friend’s younger sister’s matriculation and she was all and about making sure we took vividly a reaction of her when she receives this bouquet and I stylishly asked her why. She replied my mum took all her time to put together this gift and she wants her big day to be all glammed. Undoubtedly, her mum would have just credited her account with some dollar notes but she went ahead creating a money bouquet alongside a heartwarming note. This made her day. The girl cried at the presentation of her gift, especially at her mum’s write-up. You too can make someone’s day special with these ideas to gift money.

3. An Embroidered Canvas

Ideas to gift money

Here is an idea to gift money as a gift to friends or colleagues. Though, this is not a simple way to gift money. because we go all the way for our friends. Well, an embroider canvas comes with your friend’s coolest line or some sort of stupid but funny quotes that best describes them. This quote sure tells them that, you know them too well. However, it explains how much you value friendships. More so, this gift can be packed with a heart bearing their pet names.

4. Box of Chocolate

box of chocolate

Make her smile best with that money gift in a box of chocolate. Well, that is me. Yeah, you sure will get them at their best with more than just a box of chocolate. How? Get a box of their favourite chocolate, and unwrap it neatly. Place neatly some dollar bills well tied with ribbons either in the empty spaces or remove some chocolate and replace it with money. Get them well paced and remember to seal back the chocolate pack neatly like it was not touched. Leave them curious.

5. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper

If you are exhausted of ideas to gift money. Well, the use of tissue paper should be your last resort. How? Get an empty box of tissue, tuck in some dollar bills then place tissue paper at the brim. This idea is not just simple and handy, it’s also creative and unique. You know you can present this to your boss in your place of work either for a birthday or retirement. Giving your boss some bland dollar notes in a brown envelope could be boring. Whereas, when it comes in a box tissue would be fun-filled, surprising and more appreciated.

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6. Get a Pizza Dough

Image Credit: Simplisticallyliving

If your receiver is a foodie and writer, come on I got you. You can get an empty box of pizza. In that box arrange the money just like pizza dough in sections. Wait! I got more. Let’s make it more fascinating. Make a playing card of words from the interior to the exterior if they are down with words, this will leave them curious. Play with words in every section of the playing card. Wait to see their expression when they unbox it to see the unexpected.

7. Use of Money Tree

treedecorated with dollar bills

Do you want to surprise your ‘couple crush’ whose anniversary falls in the Christmas season? A money tree is the best to gift money. With this idea, you are getting them double gifts, cash as an anniversary present, and then the tree as décor for Christmas. Get the tree and stuck or tie to its branches dollar notes. To leave them in awe when presenting this gift, switch off the light and leave the money tree in the dark. Switch on the light when that walk in. What a way to make their Christmas worthwhile.


Anybody can just get your account credited with an inscription for your birthday. But, if you want to go all out for that someone be it gifting them with gift cards, handwritten notes, flashcards or play cards. Just creative ideas to get them head over heels, these ideas on how to give money as a gift listed above should be a good place to begin.