mother's day gift ideas

Mothers Day is just a few days from today and as children, fathers and husbands, we’re already looking for mother’s day gift ideas for our mums or the mother of our kids.

When shopping for the right mother’s day gift, it’s always advisable to go for the best because that’s the least we can do to show our mum and the mother of our kids how much they mean to us.

While no gift can measure up to the Love and care they put into making sure all our needs were met, it sure can put a smile on their faces.

Show your mum how special she is to you this Mother’s Day by choosing from this list of perfect but simple mother’s day gift ideas. Trust us when we say any of these gifts will show her she’s the real MVP.

Show your Mum How Much You Love Her With These Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. A trip

You can’t imagine the effect a relaxing trip will have on your mother. When was the last time your mum went on a trip? I’m sure you probably can’t remember.

So this Mother’s Day, surprise your mom or the mother of your children with a vacation full of beautiful sights, incredible scenery, and memories she’ll never forget!

Visit Caham Travels to book a trip for your mum today.

2. Eye Massager

If the mother of your kids spends most of her day staring at a computer screen, then this is the perfect mother’s day gift idea for her.

This eye massager might look like a virtual reality headset but be rest assured it’s a lot more useful.

This device uses acupressure technology and targets pressure points in all the right places. So this will leave your wife feeling refreshed and her eyes will feel revived after just a short amount of use.

3. Necklace or Locket

A nice necklace or a quality locket personalised with your mum’s initials will make the perfect personalised mother’s day gift idea.

You can personalise the locket by adding a small photo inside so she can always remember that special moment.

To make things more interesting, you can get her a few necklaces—each with you and your sibling’s initials (for your mum) or the initials of your kids (for your wife). This way, she can always carry her kids wherever she goes. Visit Boz Jewelry to pick something nice for your mum today.

4. Smartwatch

I am sure you’re wondering what your mum will be doing with a smartwatch. Well, smartwatches don’t only tell time, they also check heart rate and blood pressure.

They will also remind her to take steps that will help her break a sweat, thereby keeping her fit and healthy.

So visit Pointek or Oraimo store for a nice smartwatch.

5. Flowers

A bouquet will pair perfectly with any other gift you plan on giving your mum this mother’s day,

Flowers are a great mother’s day gift idea. Don’t forget to add a vase alongside the flowers to give your mum a place to keep the flowers. Visit thelmzflowershop to get a bouquet today.

6. Pyjamas

mother's day gift ideas

There’s nothing like slipping into cosy pyjamas before going to bed. So help your mum sleep even better by gifting her a new set of loungewear.

Besides helping her sleep better, you will be making sure she’s going to bed every night thinking of her lovely child.

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7. Instant Pot Duo

instant pot as mother's day gift ideas

While many will disagree that a kitchen appliance is a good mother’s day gift, an instant pot is not just any kitchen appliance.

It’s a kitchen appliance that can steam, sauté, slow cook, pressure cook and more so it can do all of these in half the time.

So if you want to keep mama out of the kitchen most of the time, then this gift is perfect for a mother’s day gift idea.

8. Massage

Massage as mother's day gift ideas

A relaxing massage is also a great way for any mom or future mom to relax and unwind.

So since mother’s day is just around the corner, now will be the perfect time to book your mum a therapeutic massage session. We promise she will feel even more rejuvenated after the session.

If you live in Lagos, then you can book her a session at Clear Essence California Spa Ikoyi.

9. Home Office Desk Organizer

home office desk organizer as mother's day gift ideas

If the mother of your children has been working from home, then she’ll be sure to love anything that brings a bit of organization to her workstation.

A stylish home office desk organiser that features a tray and multiple other sections to help keep all her knick-knacks tidy will be a practical mother’s day gift.

10. Earbuds

earbuds as mother's day gift ideas

Is your mum a big music fan, if your answer is yes, then give her a good reason to enjoy all the banging tracks she’s got on her smartphone by getting her earbuds.

If she uses an iPhone then AirPods will be perfect but if she uses an android device then Samsung Galaxy buds, or Oraimo Freepods will work just fine.

11. HoMedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa

HoMedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa as mother's day gift ideas

After a long day at work, there’s nothing more relaxing than a foot massage to restore her tired feet.

This one from HoMedics comes with massaging jets and bubbles, a quick heat function and three pedicure attachments; making it a recipe for after-work relaxation.

We can all agree that our mums are the queens of multi-tasking. They do a lot, often at the same time. They are the enforcers, shoulders to cry on, the CEO, the chefs and lots more.

So while none of these mother’s day gift ideas listed above is enough to thank our mums for all they do for us, we know they will appreciate them because they love us.

If there’s any mother’s day gift idea you think we missed, please feel free to tell us in the comment section below.