Healthy Lunch Ideas

Just as it is important to begin your day with a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch idea is not of less importance. When you have worked yourself out, and now feel completely exhausted, what’s better than a delicious and healthy lunch to help you recover your lost energy?

Sometimes, coming up with a healthy lunch idea a few hours/ minutes before lunchtime can be difficult. That is why it is important to have some sort of menu or food timetable to make the work easy for you. To help you, we have put together a list of healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make lunch ideas that you can add to your menu.

Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas

1. Sweet Potato Chips with a Simple Salsa Recipe

This meal is healthy and easy to make. It is an easy and healthy launch idea made using common ingredients like sweet potato, cucumber, tomato, red onion, spring onion, black pepper, etc.

So with this meal, you can get your lunch ready in about thirty-five minutes or less, and enjoy yourself.

2. Cauliflower Rice

If you are carb-conscious and wish to have rice for lunch, cauliflower rice is a good choice for you. It is made from raw cauliflower and has numerous health benefits including liver protection and anti-cancer function.

3. Rice and Stew

Rice and stew are some of the most common food combinations in Nigeria. Because of its ingredients, the meal is highly nutritious.

To make this into a healthy lunch idea, you may want to go for brown rice instead of regular rice and make your stew using fresh tomatoes rather than processed ones.

4. Spiced Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Spiced chicken and vegetable soup is a good meal option when you feel like having soup for lunch. It is simple to make and also rich in content and nutrients.

If you do not already know how to make it, its recipe is readily available online.

5. Jollof Rice

Healthy Lunch Idea - jollof rice

This is arguably the most common method of preparing rice in Nigeria and many other African countries. The end product is usually a spicy yellow-like-looking meal that is best served hot. It can be eaten with fish or meat as protein.

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6. Pasta Salad on Lettuce

Healthy Lunch Idea - pasta salad

If you are looking for more interesting ways to explore your pasta, try this delicious meal of pasta salad. All you have to do is mix yogurt and mayonnaise in a salad bowl and add tomatoes, cucumber, and raisins.

Stir the mixture in the already-cooked and drained pasta. Serve on a lettuce leaf and spray cheese cubes and spring onions. It takes about twelve minutes to put this sumptuous meal together.

7. Boiled Potato and Egg Stew

Healthy Lunch Idea - potato

This healthy lunch idea is rich in protein and carbohydrates from the egg and potato respectively.

Potato is a healthy tuber known to improve digestion, increase energy levels, improve body weight, and reduce inflammation, among other benefits.

The egg stew is made with egg and fresh tomatoes and these ingredients are known to prevent lung and prostate cancer, prevent heart disease and regulate cholesterol. So it’s an easy lunch idea packed with many nutritional benefits!

8. Coconut Rice

Healthy Lunch Idea - coconut rice

Coconut rice is one food you want to try. It is made with rice and coconut as the name already tells you.

Its aroma is nice, tastes delicious, and is highly nutritious. Although some people cook coconut rice using an artificial coconut spice, it is nothing compared to using natural coconut which asides from allowing you to enjoy the fresh coconut taste is very nutritious.

9. Rice and Beans

Healthy Lunch Idea - Rice and beans

This is a combination of two foods rich in carbohydrates and protein respectively.

Although it is not the simplest of foods to make, it is not very difficult and has very good taste in addition to its high nutritional profile.

Our list of healthy lunch ideas isn’t exhaustive as there are several other lunch ideas not mentioned. However, it covers the common, easy, cost-effective, and nutritional ones.

Please, do well to try out any of the foods on the list that you haven’t eaten before as they are all delicious.

You can tell us the meal you hope to try or suggest other healthy lunch ideas you think we missed out on in the comment section below.