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Breakfast is easily the most skipped meal, yet, the most important. The importance of breakfast has been discussed severally by scientists, still, a lot of people do not eat before leaving their houses in the morning. Not that they deliberately starve themselves, but sometimes, deciding what to eat or taking time to prepare it may be a big deal for them.

I have also had to struggle with taking breakfast every morning and I sometimes missed it. To handle this, I made a personal breakfast menu that contains meals that are healthy and easy to make. I will share some of the easy-to-make breakfast ideas that will help you get to work on time and not miss breakfast.

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal Breakfast ideas

Oatmeal is one cereal that has many nutritional benefits in addition to the fact that it is easy to make. Made from ground oats, it contains oat beta-glucan, a unique special fibre that helps to reduce cholesterol among other benefits. Also, it is an antioxidant and makes one feel full easily.

However, to get the best out of oatmeal, additions like milk, a piece of cheese, or eggs by the side will go a long way to increase its protein content.

2. Pap and Beancake

Pap and akara

This is a simple and common breakfast for most Nigerian homes. The beancake is a fritter made from beans paste, while pap is made from grains like corn and millet. It is a highly nutritious meal that takes very little time to make. More so, it is rich in protein, an important nutrient for breakfast. It is also very filling.

3. Pancakes

Pancake breakfast ideas

Pancake is a healthy breakfast choice that is easy to make and can be eaten by itself especially when infused with fresh fruits or whole grains, or with side dishes like scrambled eggs and bacon. You can also add toppings like banana slices, berries, nuts, etc. Drinks like coffee and orange juice can also go with it. Because it can be combined with a host of other meals, pancakes are highly nutritional and the different possible variations also make them an interesting dish.

4. Smoothie/ Protein Shake

This is a perfect breakfast choice for people who wish to reduce their carbohydrate intake. High-protein meals reduce appetite, leading to low-calorie intake in the next meal. The fruits, seeds, greens, or nut butter content provides fibre and serves as antioxidants. One of the best breakfast ideas you can think of is a smoothie or protein shake.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea

If you need a simple yet healthy beverage for breakfast, green tea will make a good choice. Its caffeine content improves mood and alertness while increasing your metabolic rate.  Because it does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, it can serve as a good substitute. The tea helps to reduce blood sugar and insulin, making it a good option for people dealing with high sugar levels.

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6. Fruits


Some people may not know, but fruits can serve as a good breakfast choice and a nourishing one at that. Fruits generally contain vitamins, fibre, and potassium. They are also low in calories with about 80 – 130 calories per cup. You can make some sort of fruit salad by chopping and mixing different fruits or you can eat fruit with cheese, Greek yoghurt, or eggs. Either way, it leaves you feeling filled because of its high fibre content.

7. Yam and Egg Sauce

This combination is rich in carbohydrates and protein and can sustain you even beyond the next meal. The egg sauce is made using fresh tomatoes and eggs, and it does not take time to make. You can boil or fry the yam depending on your preference. Aside from yam, egg sauce can be eaten with fried plantain. This is one of my best breakfast ideas

8. Instant Noodles

A well garnished instant noodles can make a really healthy and filling breakfast. There are different brands of instant noodles, and all will give similar nutritional results when prepared with the same ingredients. Veggies like carrot, tomatoes, and peas not only give the noodles an appetizing look but also adds to their nutritional value. Noodles are best eaten with eggs either boiled or fried.

9. Hot Beverage and Bread Sandwich

This is a very common and easy-to-make breakfast dish, especially in most Nigerian homes. It is locally known as ‘bread and tea’ and almost has no enemy among kids and adults. ‘Tea’ is a mixture of cocoa and milk in hot water. Although some people go ahead to have their plain bread with a hot beverage, the meal is best enjoyed when the bread is made into a sandwich. Eggs, sausage, canned sardines, bacon, etc. can be used to serve this purpose.

10. Frittata and a Glass of Juice

If you need a light and healthy meal, a frittata will make a great choice. This meal is very rich in protein because it is made with eggs and other ingredients. There are different types of frittata; broccoli and cheese, potato and zucchini, and veggie-packed frittata among others. It can also be eaten hot or cold depending on preference or how much time you have. To enjoy the meal better, a glass of fresh juice may accompany it.

After reading this article, you do not have to think too much about what you will have for breakfast or even go out without having one. This list covers different common and not-so-common breakfast options with very short cooking times. You can make a menu out of it and enjoy different healthy breakfast dishes every morning.

Feel free to drop any additional healthy breakfast ideas you may have in the comment section below.