15 Affordable Gift Ideas for your Nigerian Man

African descent brazilian couple exchanging gifts at home.

A man is not hard to please, just a little gift can go a long way to gladden his heart and shows how much you care about him. Unfortunately, he’s not always at the receiving end when it comes to gifts, especially from female folks. I know sometimes it’s hard to decide what to get for your man as maybe you cannot afford the latest iPhone, or a car, or take him on a trip to Zanzibar. Here are 15 affordable gift ideas for your man.

1) Table Top Football

There is no doubt men like football and anything relating to football will excite them. A tabletop football at the corner of the house won’t be a bad idea.

2) Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker to blast his favourite jams. Some of these Bluetooth speakers are so loud that you can actually host a party with them or play cool music during bedtime. Who doesn’t like that?

3) Rechargeable Hair Clipper

You can get him a rechargeable hair clipper so he can barb or shave anytime he wants without going to the barber’s shop. It doesn’t cost much.

4) Tshirt

Get him a T-shirt of his favorite color or one with a cool inscription like “My money grows like grass ” lol.

5) Tie and Socks

If he works in the corporate world. This might be a cool affordable gift idea for your man.

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6) A Mug

You can get an artist to write his name or his favorite quote on a mug. Any day he uses the cup, he will remember the giver.

7) A Portrait

Get a good artist to make a good portrait of him and give it to him as a gift. It doesn’t even cost much to get a good artist these days. they are all over the internet looking for jobs to do.

8) His Favorite Football Club’s Jersey

If you don’t know this, you should ask him first before turning a gift into a nightmare. Get him his club jersey, and if possible inscribe his name on the back of the jersey. This will surely be appreciated.

9) Perfume or Body Spray

Fragrance plays a huge role in how you feel and can elicit a range of emotions from feeling confident to sexy, happy, relaxed, and more. If you need to bring out the best in your man, buy him a nice perfume.

10) A Bottle of Liquor

Some liquors cant be taken for granted. If your man takes alcohol, get him a bottle of brandy or spirit. Just make sure it is not the common ones.

11) A Wallet

A gentleman’s wallet can say a lot about him. Its style, condition, color, and contents can all shed light on aspects of your persona. Help him change that wallet today.

12) Sneakers

A pair of sneakers or trainers won’t be a bad idea. There are good quality ones you can get for cheap. Just check out your favorite shoe plug for a good one.

13) Belt

A good leather belt will look good on him. You can get one or two depending on what you can afford. Two different colors black and brown will be nice.

14) Wrist Watch

Watches are statement pieces that communicate your sense of style and personality. Depending on the brand and model. Most watches are expensive but there cool affordable watches you can get in the market.

15) Boxers and Singlet;

Naija girl’s favorite, usually given on Valentine Day, but I wouldn’t recommend this because of the recent negativity associated with it unless you notice that your man is lacking in that department.

I have given you 15 Affordable Gift Ideas for your Nigerian Man. Do you think there is something we are missing? Tell us in the comment section.