father's day gift ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect father’s day gift ideas for your dad, then you’re in the right place.

Father’s Day is here, a day we get to celebrate one of the most important men in our lives—our dads.

They deserve to feel appreciated and pampered. After all, they’ve done so much for us all these years, from our childhood days to our adult years.

We know picking up a gift dad will appreciate can be a daunting task, and we’re sure you’ve already Googled “the best Father’s Day gifts” a couple of times without finding a good gift a Nigerian dad will appreciate which is why we’ve put together 15 of the best Father’s Day gifts ideas—from customized picks that may take a few extra days of planning to others that are quite easy to find.

Browse through our father’s day gift ideas and we’re sure you will find one or two gift options that will put a smile on your dads face this fathers day.

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13 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Juicer or Smoothie maker

As our parents age, they are encouraged even more to eat healthier, and what better way to encourage your dad to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables other than giving him alternatives to either blend or juice them

And with a juicer or smoothie maker, you won’t only be showing your dad you love him but also telling him you want him to live long.

2. Shaving Kit

Keep your old man looking young and fresh by refreshing his shaving stash. We recommend getting him a shaving kit that comes with everything he needs for a clean shave. From clippers and razors to shaving cream, restoring balms, and shaving brushes.

3. Customized Polos or Vintage Polo

A nice looking customized polo that says something like “coolest dad“, “best dad ever“, or Daddy since (your year of birth) will be the perfect Father’s Day gift

You can as well go for good-looking vintage shirts he can take a stroll in whenever he wants.

4. His Preferred Bottle of Booze

Booze is one thing most men enjoy, and if your dad is one that enjoys the taste and smell of fine wine or spirit we suggest getting him one or two bottles of his preferred booze will be the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for your dad.

5. Personalized Men’s Bracelets

Enable your dad to wear your love everywhere he goes by getting him a personalized bracelet that will suit any outfit. It can have a personalized inscription like “This Daddy belongs to (your name). You can also decide to go for one that has your name and the names of your siblings stylishly engraved on it.

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6. Indoor Grill

Think about it, sometimes the best memories with Dad are the ones when you’re preparing food together.

So getting him a portable grill that barely takes up counter space, but yet is capable of grilling meals for the whole family to enjoy will be one he sure will appreciate

7. Smart Watch

A smartwatch or a Fitbit that calculates heartbeat rate, distance covered and body temperature will motivate your dad to smash the targets set for his fitness goals.

A smartwatch can also remind him to get up every few hours and go to bed on time.

8. Custom Made Leather Wallet

A personalized leather wallet with your dad’s name or nickname on it will be the perfect personalized Father’s Day present. This gives him a safe place to keep his cash and organize his cards.

9. A Whiskey Decanter with Glasses

If your dad loves to celebrate with a little whiskey now and then, then a whiskey decanter with matching glasses makes a gorgeous gift your dad will be proud to display.

You can even make it more special by getting him a personalized set of decanters and glasses.

10. Perfume

Everyone loves to smell good, and our dads are not exempted.

So getting him his favorite scent or a classy perfume that you think will be befitting for the best dad in the world will be a Father’s Day present your dad would appreciate.

11. Shoe or Snickers

If your dad loves to rock his suits or loves to work out then a shoe to rock his favorite wears or Snickers to do his morning and evening workouts will be the perfect Father’s Day gift

12. Bedding

After all, he’s done for you, Dad deserves a good night’s sleep too. So getting him bedding like blankets, duvets, pillows and lots more to keep him warm and cozy at night will be a Father’s Day gift he sure will love.

13. Headsets or Bluetooth speakers

Dads also love to get their groove on, and if your dad loves his music then you can help him enjoy music better by getting him a headset or a Bluetooth speaker. We recommend going for rechargeable ones so he can get his groove on, whenever and wherever he feels like

With all these, we’re sure you will find the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas to show your dad how much you love him. If there’s any gift idea we missed, you can tell us by leaving us a comment below.