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9 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas – Wall Storage

If you lack space in your bathroom, you want to make the most of what you have. These small bathroom storage ideas can help you get around this with ease. In situations like this, it is important to declutter. Decluttering does not only leave your small space neat and ordered, it also gives your bathroom warmth and freshness.

Believe me, it can be very frustrating and irritating when your toiletries drop to the ground while bathing or you are trying to hang your bath supplies and find nowhere to do that. If you are fed up with this, there is a way out. In that small bathroom, you can successfully squeeze in an additional storage space comfortably to suit your need. Find out how you can do this in this article.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

The 9 small bathroom storage ideas discussed here are unique for different needs and bathroom sizes. No matter how small your bathroom is, there is always room for storage when you plan properly. Check out all nine and choose that which suits your bathroom the most.

1. Fix-in Bathroom Shelves

Limited space? Yes, a shelf can do. Shove in a comfortably sized shelf into your bathroom this furniture can help reduce or remove entirely possible clutter because of a small space.

Shelves may sort maximum needs if you construct them with drawers. However, if yours doesn’t, you can still include a simple floating shelf to store tissues, toothbrushes, and others to augment the shelf safe.

2. Use a Decorative Ladder

small bathroom storage ideas

A decorative ladder should be your next option in the right direction if your bathroom space is way too small to take a shelf or hang on a floating shelf.

In a befitting space, your decorative ladder should be placed sitting pretty. In as much as the supposed furniture helps store towels, washed clothes and panties, sponges, magazines, or newspapers, it should not be placed shabbily on them. Position these toiletries properly to maintain orderliness.

Some ladders can be wider while some thinner. Your choice of ladder should be based on your bathroom space.

3. An Extra Towel Hanger

Bathroom decorations come with a towel hanger nonetheless, it’s not a bad idea if hooks are provided. This extra towel hanger is important in homes where you have little children. Therefore, additional towel hangers or hooks possibly behind the bathroom doors will checkmate your bathroom orderliness.

What if the door space cannot take additional towel hooks? Then you can go for a customized metal or magnetic strip that you can easily fasten to the wall. This can also serve as storage for other things like your make-up bags and other valued products. This is one of the best small bathroom storage ideas as these hangers or hooks if well-customized can save tons of space.

4. Install Shower storage

small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credit: Love Property

Shower storage is valuable, especially in your children’s bathroom. This storage helps to prevent clutter. Shower storages are simply customized baskets attached to your shower pole explicitly used to store shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and other lotions or wash in your bathroom.

Nonetheless, if your shower pole is not strong enough to carry this customized shower caddy, you can squeeze in floating shelves well customized for storing shower products.

To make it cozier for your kids, customize toy-like shower storage suiting their fav cartoons so that this storage held up helps to reduce clutter for your kids. A bothersome sight.

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5. Above the Toilet Storage

It’s sleek, it’s classy. It’s easy to assemble as it does not need nails, tools, or railing to install.

This toilet storage is placed right above the toilet’s water cistern. It’s two-poled steel fastened and bolstered from the bathroom ceiling to the ground and has three modifiable shelves attached to it. Hence, this storage can save you irritation from tissue paper rollout and other unnecessary clutter.

6. Makeup organizer

small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credit: Real Simple

How do you store your vanity in the bathroom? Or to avoid the clutter of your makeup accessories and a splash of makeup paintings within the bathroom.

A make-up organizer saves you from both stress and disarray. This make-up organizer features eight compartments of different sizes and shapes title to lodge your cosmetics such as perfume bottles, skin care products, makeups of kinds, and lots more.

7. A Bathroom Side Table

Another interesting one of these small bathroom storage ideas is a side table. A side table in the bathroom is beautifully designed and not only serves as storage equipment but also adds a delightful and insightful aura to your bathroom.

The design of this table also captions an iron, a frame, and also a durable wooden top. Your bathroom side table can serve as a toilet paper dispenser, magazine, and newspaper stand.

8. DIY recycled crates

The positioning and arrangement of these crates should be simple and eye-catchy. Also, it is an alternate measure to keep your bathroom neat and orderly. On this one, you do not need to visit a furniture store. It is a DIY bathroom wall storage.

Get wooden crates from the store or workshops, paint with the desired color but white preferably and we are good to go. In the bathroom, look out for a suitable space to fix your wall crates and well stack them properly. It can serve as storage for towels, bathroom deodorizers like eucalyptus flowers, tissues, and others.

9. Fix in Floating Baskets

It’s classy and perky to have a basket when picking flowers in the garden right? Just like Floating baskets in the bathroom, it improves your bathroom elegance and offers a more charming look when it underlines the bathroom painting.

These baskets are small pouches that can help store light or less weighed toiletries. Space these wall pouches well and fastened them to the bathroom wall

Final verdict

To store is to keep it safe and in the right place so that your home is free from clutter. Hence, these wall storage ideas help you keep your bathroom neat and orderly. I hope this article gives you a delightful insight into how to organize your bathroom better.

If you found these small bathroom storage ideas helpful, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

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