Easy Decluttering Tips

When it comes to easy decluttering tips, no one method suits everyone, which is why you have to try a couple of things to find what suits you.

You must have had days when you walk into your room and it looks very unkempt even after cleaning it thoroughly. The room still feels stuffy and the air is neither as fresh nor relaxing as you would expect a clean room to be. Maybe the room needs more than just cleaning. Try decluttering.

While cleaning helps to keep the house neat and free from bacteria, a few easy decluttering tips help perfect the job by making your home spacious, tidy, and airy. Cleaning without decluttering is almost a waste of good work.

Although it gives a very good result, the process of decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if it is not something you are used to doing.

To help you, we have made a compilation of ten helpful and easy decluttering tips provided by experts.

If you are looking to go on a complete home makeover and wish to maintain the tidiness of your room, the easy decluttering tips outlined in this article provide different ways you can achieve both without feeling overwhelmed.

10 Tips on How to Declutter Your Home

1. Make a Declutter Your Home Checklist

Carrying out the task becomes easier when you have made a list of how you plan to declutter your home. With the list, you can decide on where to start decluttering and which area you want to be the last.

It is also easy to know areas that have already been attended to by ticking them, especially if the house or room is large.

2. Start with a Few Minutes at a Time

If you are decluttering your room for the first time, or maybe you have done it before but you are back to where you were a few months ago, don’t try to get it all done at once.

Doing so may cause you to get exhausted easily, and you end up not achieving your goal. For beginners, you can start with about five minutes, after which you switch to a different activity. This allows you not to feel the intensity of the work.

Feel free to return and tidy up a little more when you are relaxed. This way, you gradually build momentum and will soon be doing the work for a long time without stopping. Whether you are working on a room or an entire house, do so in bits.

Extra Tip: you should note that it is never compulsory to finish an entire decluttering process in a day. Pushing yourself too hard when you are tired would make the work difficult and inefficient.

3. Keep Four Boxes Handy

Before you begin, prepare four boxes into which you will put items that you need to keep, dispose of, give out, and return to their rightful positions in the room. Place labels on these boxes to make identifying them easy.

Sort belongings you have not used in a long time or may not use again into the donation box. You can make this a habit in the future to avoid piles of unused items. Return other items to their rightful places and dispose of the content of the trash box when it is filled. For the box marked “keep”, return the items in them, arranging them in a better way.

4. It’s okay to Ask for Help

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to decide what goes into which box which is why you can ask for help when you want to declutter your home.

Also, the sentiments we attach to our belongings can make tossing them away or giving them out difficult. If you ask a friend to come over and help, he/she will help you put away those items unless you provide good reasons why they should be kept.

5. Put Under Your Bed to Good Use

Creating storage under your bed to neatly stow stuff away is an easy decluttering tip.

If you live in a house with very little space in the bedroom, it may be difficult to fit in all your properties while maintaining a physically appealing appearance.

To solve this, you can put items that you do not use very regularly in a box and place it under the bed. Do not keep too many items underneath the bed so that it does not get too occupied.

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6. Divide the Room into Segments

How to Declutter Your Home

Try to create specific spaces for specific things. Books should be restricted to one area and so should clothes, shoes, toys, and every other belonging.

Segmenting limits the chances of placing things inappropriately. It also makes finding items easy, so you don’t have to scatter the whole room while looking for something.

7. Some Hooks Will Be Helpful

How to Declutter Your Home

Another easy decluttering tip is making use of hooks. Hooks can be a safe alternative when you run out of space for things like coats and bags. To make sure they are not lying randomly in the room, make sturdy hooks available to hold them.

Hooks are a smart way to free up the room. Since they are fastened to the wall, they make sure no extra floor space is taken up.

8. Do Not Drop Items on the Coffee Table

How to Declutter Your Home

When we do not know where to place an item, the first place that comes in handy is the coffee table.

We sometimes unconsciously drop items with defined locations on the coffee table too.

Gradually, things begin to build upon it, and we are back to where we started. To avoid this, always make conscious efforts to place things where they should be so the room can stay decluttered even after a long time.

9. Buy Fewer Quality Products

How to Declutter Your Home

I remember once I was decluttering my makeup area and I found several products I only used halfway and dumped.

It’s either I did not like them anymore or my skin was reacting to them. Some of you are like me. However, I learned to go for products of better quality.

With high-quality products, you buy fewer items that will last for a long time and you do not have to crowd your little space with so many things.

10. Make Your Bed Always

How to Declutter Your Home

It is not a mistake! Making your bed is important in decluttering your room because a scattered bed makes your room look unkempt even when every other corner is in good shape.

The bed occupies a large part of the room and as such the way it is made or not made reflects greatly on the entire room.

Also, when you make your bed, you can locate and put away the clothes, possibly books, or any other items that we easily toss on the bed when we walk in tired.

It is much easier to avoid building up clutters than to declutter. This article reveals easy decluttering tips that can help you maintain your room so that you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of decluttering.

However, if you already have a crowded room, you can also follow the decluttering tips for home in this write-up that makes clearing it up simple and stress-free.

Now that you know how to make decluttering easy if there are any other decluttering tips for the home we missed out on, kindly let us know in the comment section below.