Transform Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

To relax even better at home, transform your bedroom into a hotel room. While chilling in a hotel room after a friend’s wedding and enjoying the beautiful scenery, I thought to myself, why do people love hotel rooms? Well besides room service which I love, the one thing that makes people enjoy staying in a hotel room is because of its relaxing aesthetics.

So instead of always spending so much money paying for hotel rooms, why not create a cosy and relaxing haven in your home by transforming your bedroom into a hotel room?

Follow the steps outlined in this article and with a few tweaks you can transform your bedroom into a calm and relaxing hotel room.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

1. It Starts With The Bed

The focal point of every hotel room is the bed, which means that’s where the transformation begins. Opt for a bed that’s sturdy and majestic. If you love headboards, you can choose a bed with a very grand one but put into consideration the size of your room, so as not to overcrowd your bedroom.

So in a nutshell, simply opt for a bed that motivates you to lie down and zoom off to dreamland.

Extra tip, you can choose a bed with storage so you have a place to hide away all your knick-knacks which in turn leaves your bedroom free from clutter.

2. Then You Move To The Bedding

You can agree with me that there’s something about the way hotels set up their bed. First, they provide you with a soft and cosy mattress, then they spoil you with an abundance of sheets, duvets and pillows.

So why not replicate the same cosiness in your bedroom? Start with getting yourself a perfectly nice mattress, then a blanket, sheets and duvets.

You can achieve a bed that feels crisp and clean by layering a thin blanket between two starched sheets and then placing a duvet halfway to keep you cosy.

Don’t forget the pillows. When it comes to pillows, the more, the better. So bring in more plush pillows.

Extra tip – Your bedding should be white because it has a calming effect on your mood, which in turn helps you sleep better. Also, change your sheets, duvets, and pillowcases often to keep your bedroom clean and refreshed.

3. Light Up Your Bedroom

We all know how welcoming the lighting in a hotel room can be, this is because they often use dim, mild lighting over stark-white, fluorescent ones. So you can swap your usual bright lights for softer lighting.

Think about your favourite hotel room and all the various sources of light it has. You can start by illuminating with tall, upward-facing floor lamps, bedside lamps as well as wall lights to improve the ambience in the room.

These different light sources work to create a mixture of moods and help the room serve multiple functions.

Extra tip – Opt for luxurious-looking light sources so they can add to the aesthetic of your bedroom.

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4. Accessories Play A Huge Role As Well

Home accessories play a huge role in how comfy your bedroom feels as well.

So start by placing an area rug just at the foot of your bed. This can help add some texture to your space while keeping your foot warm when your bedroom is cold.

Adding a statement wall art just above your bed will create a focal point for your bedroom.

A bed throw and some cushions well placed on an armchair sitting in your bedroom will impact the aesthetic of your bedroom positively.

A large floor-standing mirror placed at a strategic corner of your bedroom will also give it a 5-star hotel vibe while also creating the illusion of more space.

5. Your Bathroom Should Not Be Left Out

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

Whether your bedroom has an ensuite or not, giving it the same treatment will extend the feeling of luxury and relaxation even further — after all, one of the best parts of checking into a hotel is taking advantage of the spa products, grande bathtubs and generous shower pressure.

Even if you don’t have all of these in your bedroom, you can elevate your home bathroom by equipping it with plush towels, bathrobe, slippers and scented candles to soothe the senses.

6. The Little Luxuries Do Matter

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

It’s not just the beautiful decorations and plush bedding that make a five-star hotel feel luxurious. All of the little details do matter as well.

You can add those little details to your bedroom to make you feel pampered.

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning to start your day; place a coffee machine in your bedroom, so you can brew yourself a cup whenever you feel like enjoying a cup of coffee.

Placing some plants in strategic spots of your bedroom will make your space feel lively.

If you’re a TV series person who doesn’t mind enjoying their movies from the bed, then you can add a television into your bedroom. Hang your TV on the wall so it doesn’t take up your floor space.

If you work from home, then a corner desk and a folding chair will provide you with the perfect workspace without taking up much of your floor space.

7. Remove Any Unnecessary Clutter

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

A five-star hotel experience is personal, and pampering, and shares a strong sense of place. To replicate this at home, you have to get rid of any form of clutter.

Start by focusing on your bedroom and bathroom, as these are the spaces you would normally enjoy while staying at a hotel.

For your bedroom, you can get a storage bed to hideaway extra bedding, a floating side table to place your remote and magazines, and a wardrobe for all your clothing.

For your bathroom, keep your countertops clean and simple and get bathroom storage to hide away your toiletries, towels and robes.

Now that you have read through our tips, you can now follow these 7 tips and transform your bedroom into a five-star hotel room.