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7 Ways to Refresh your Home For the New Year

It’s a New year, which makes now the best time to refresh your home by creating a space that aligns with your new year’s resolutions.

January gives us all the opportunity for new beginnings in all aspects of our lives. Be it fitness, relationships, career, etc. So why not take the opportunity to put away all the Christmas decorations and put things in place that will help you refresh your home for the new year.

To help you kick start 2021, below are 7 ways you can refresh your home for the new year

7 Tips to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

1. Get Organised

Clutter is the number one culprit of a disorganized home. The first step to refreshing your home for the new year would be to get rid of clutter. We all have stuff we know we don’t need but still keep in our space. So why not start the year by getting rid of them? Get storage for the things you know that regularly keeps your space disorganized.

Once you have taken out all you need to take out and have gotten a home for the regular culprits that clutter your space, you need to find a way of keeping things that way all through the year.

One way to hide clutter in a stylish way is to use storage baskets. You can use them in a bedroom for clothes and bedding, below a coffee table to hold remotes and magazines, by the sofa for pillows and throws, or as a toy storage for your kids. The options are limitless!

2. Add Colour with Accessories

One of the fastest ways to refresh your home is by adding a mix of colours. The best way to bring colours into your space is through home accessories such as cushions, wall art, and throws. To go with the current trend, bring in the Pantone colour of the year Illuminating and Ultimate grey into your space with accessories.

3. Create a Home Office

With the lockdown extending into the new year, remote work will most likely continue. So if you work from home and yet to set up a home office, now is the time for one.

Stop cluttering your space with documents and pick out a section in your home to make your home office.

Instead of working uncomfortably, why not get yourself a cosy desk and chair where you can work comfortably and productively?

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4. Bring in the Outdoor

Flowers and greenery have a way of making your space refreshed. So embrace greenery by decorating your space with flowers and house plants.

If you don’t have time to water the plants to keep them alive, then you can opt for artificial flowers.

To add more impact to your space, place your greenery into stylish flower vases and planters before bringing them into your space.

5. Use Wallpaper

If you have a wall that’s bare and boring, and thinking of what to do to it, why not bring it to life with wallpaper? While you might think the use of wallpaper is outdated, it’s making a comeback with a much better reputation this year.

If you’re sceptical about giving the wallpaper a go, then start small by placing it in one section of a room that may not be seen as often like a bathroom, laundry room, or guest bedroom.

6. Switch Out Your Bedding

Refresh your home

We can all agree that there’s nothing more comfortable than jumping into a cosy bed after a very long day. It feels even better when you have new bedding.

So if you’re looking for ways to refresh your bedroom and make it cosier, then why not start by switching out your bedding? You can start by replacing your pillow if it doesn’t help you sleep well or changing your duvet to something more colourful and soft.

7. Give Your Home a New Smell

Refresh your home

Since we’re making changes, why shouldn’t the new year mean a new smell for your home? Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, so a new fragrance for your home will refresh it.

If you used white musk or jasmine in 2020, make orange blossom or bergamot your home’s new fragrance this 2021.

It’s a small but noticeable change that you can carry through to all of the rooms in your home to keep your space refreshed all through the year.

You have seen 7 ways you can refresh your home for the new year. If there are other ways you refresh your home we did not add, please let us know in the comment section below.

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