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10 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Whether you are moving to a new house or you are trying to upgrade or replace the cleaning tools in your house, we have put together a list of cleaning tools that shouldn’t be lacking in any home if you want to maintain a clean home.

The effects of keeping your home and surroundings clean cannot be overemphasized. We all know a dirty environment breeds germs and diseases which make you or people around you sick. There are different cleaning tools for every part of the home, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the sitting room, and this cleaning equipment is designed to make your cleaning easier.

In this article, we have put out 10 cleaning tools every home should have. We have also included links in case you want to purchase these items online.

10 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

1. Sponge

Scrubbing dirty surfaces or dirty dishes can be less stressful with the right sponge. While there are so many sponges out there, so selecting the best sponge out there might be a bit tricky. So always look out for sponges with an abrasive side to tackle tough dirty surfaces. Also, check out the quality of the sponge you are buying, though you need to replace your sponges from time to time, it doesn’t make sense for them to be falling apart easily.

2. Microfibre Towels

Microfiber cloths are designed to pick up the tiniest of dirt. With millions of fibre attached to it, it can easily lift and hold dirt, liquid, and grease. These fibres include both positive-charged polyester fibres and negative-charged nylon fibres that actually attract and pull up whatever is on the surface you’re cleaning(1).

Microfiber cloths are effective for scrubbing the floor, dusting wood and tile surfaces and cleaning stainless steel.

3. Bucket

A bucket is a must in every home. Buckets are useful in storing water or mixing your cleaning products when you are cleaning the house, you can also use them to do laundry and sometimes bathing and so many others. The bucket is an important cleaning tool and a reliable useful household equipment.

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4. A Spray Bottle

Buy spray bottles or convert used products to spray bottles for home use. Spray bottles that can spray or mist fluids. There are so many uses of spray bottles around the home but the most common use of a spray bottle is to mix dispensing cool cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialities for cleaning in the house.

A spray bottle is an important cleaning tool

5. Brush

Some dirt or stains in the house are tougher than others and the use of a sponge or cloth cannot get the job done. A scrub brush can be used on hard surfaces, tile, tubs, fixtures, and tough stains. The brush is an important cleaning equipment that you should have in your house.

6. Broom

The broom doesn’t need an introduction. I believe every home has a broom. Broom is one of the oldest cleaning tools known to man. Brooms have evolved over time. Before it used to be the traditional broom we know that is extracted from palm fronds but with the evolution of technology, we now have electric brooms that don’t require much effort to make use of.

7. Toothbrush

Your ample scrub brush might not be able to penetrate and clean some of your household items or some parts of your house. This is where a toothbrush comes in. Narrow or oddly shaped glass or bottle with a small opening, bathroom tile grout, the tread on the sole of your sneakers, and your pieces of jewellery are some of the things you can clean with your toothbrush. You can purchase one or convert your old toothbrush to a small powerful cleaning tool in the home.

8. Squeegee

A squeegee is a piece of cleaning equipment with a flat smooth rubber blade used to control or remove the flow of liquid on a flat surface. At home, it is basically used to clean windows or glass surfaces. If you want to clean your glasses without leaving streaks, the squeegee is your best bet. However, to get the best out of your squeegee, make sure you protect the blade from being damaged and once your squeegee begins to leave a streak, it’s time to replace it.

9. Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor that causes it to remove specks of dust and debris by means of suction into a dust bag or cyclone attached to the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning equipment every home should have. It can be used on floors, upholstery, rugs, and the rest. Meanwhile, avoid using a vacuum cleaner on the wet floor or picking up glasses or hard objects

10. Mop

A mop (such as a floor mop) is a mass or bundle of coarse strings or yarn, or a piece of cloth, sponge, or other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick. It is used to soak up liquid, cleaning of the floor and other surfaces, mop up dust, or for other cleaning purposes. It is an essential cleaning tool in the home especially when you have kids running around the house to enable you to clean up spills fast.

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