5 Ways a Clean Environment Affects Mental Health

Growing up as a child, Mum would always talk about how a clean environment affects our mental health. Trust me most times, I grudgingly would adhere to what she says. But it’s not until am has done with cleaning, that this good feeling emerges with a particular aura around me.

Now who said cleanliness isn’t a priority? It is because, with it, orderliness and organization became a watchword.

Being a girl child among all male siblings, decluttering has always been my duty. So when I get home from school most times already exhausted…Hmmmmmm… Entering the sitting room…Gosh!!! I usually would find clusters of uniforms, socks, lunch boxes, and school bags, and all loitering around the house and trying to call them to come to pick up their stuff I realized they have all left for the football field. Seeing this jumble of things gets an individual all worked up, weak, depressed, and tired.

But a girl has gotta do what she has to do. So all I have to do is get busy, and when I’m done and everywhere is looking all clean and tidy. I feel a lot better and happier. So in this article, I am going to show you 5 ways cleanliness affects mental health.

5 Ways a Clean Environment Affects Mental Health.

1. Cleanliness Reduces Depression:

Decluttering your living space and keeping it clean keeps depression away. Keeping your space clean and organized is also essential for practicing good mental health.

Spaces that are cluttered make for easy distractions, which can actually impair your brain’s ability to process information thereby leaving you unsettled.

So would you rather dine in a cluttered space or wine in cleanliness? I’m sure we all will go for the latter, so make cleanliness your plug…and be free from depression.

2. It Builds Confidence and Poise

Cleanliness, especially good personal hygiene helps build your confidence and poise and also diminish low self-esteem. I remember vividly being called a lady with poise in my days as an undergraduate.

Confidence and poise help you work better, even better than your capabilities. It awakens the beauty in you and gives an impeccable aura. When you feel confident, you engage circuits involved in reward and pleasure and literally feel good which is healthy for your mental health.

3. It Improves Brain Works

So I got into the office one evening to close the year’s book with my boss as an accountant. On getting there I met bestrew of books, papers, and all other items scattered within the office, which alone killed the high spirits I came in with. I just ignored it all and began my run down but I kept missing words and totally was distracted.

Everything was wrong with the office and I wasn’t able to deliver that day. That meeting was then rescheduled for another day. That is what an untidy environment can do to your brain.

The brain is an engine to life and hence it plays an important role in every individual at the same time, it can easily be carried away by a little distraction. An unkept environment affects brain psychology leading to brain impairment via distraction.

4. It Improves your Serenity and Peace

Ways clean environment affects mental health

There is nothing compared to that feeling you get being in a well-organized and tastefully furnished environment. Serenity and peace of mind are the food for better growth and healthier mental health. These attributes could also affect one’s life span and longevity.

So why the risk? When you can get all these at your doorstep simply by decluttering.

5. It Could Reduce Anxiety Levels and Unnecessary Aggression

Ways clean environment affects mental health

Anxiety kills. Yes, it does.
It can unnecessarily increase one’s blood pressure for an individual suffering from high blood pressure. It can also lead to being aggressive ie transfer of anger, stress, or any vices to those you love unknowingly.

An HBP patient in his late 40s forgot the documents need to sign a lifetime deal. Driving back home to check if he left it at home but on getting there met a house filled with dirt everywhere, the clutter of everything lying carelessly. This clutter made it so difficult to find the documents and finally, he lost the deal

What do you think would happen to that man and everyone around him? This generally answers everything about cleanliness and mental health.

Would you rather eat, read, pray, and chat in an unkempt environment when you can uniquely make it clean and reserved? I guess not…so why not make cleanliness your watchword or rather a way of life and enjoy the aura of goodness in all ramifications.

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