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9 Tips on How To organise the Kitchen Cabinet

One of the major challenges with keeping your kitchen tidy is often how to organise the kitchen cabinet. It’s either the spaces seem too small or the utensils appear to be too many. At the end of the day, you find yourself throwing everything together and having a war zone for a kitchen cabinet.

To help you, we have put together 9 easy tips that will help you organise your kitchen cabinet better. So, if you are looking to maximize your cabinet space and arrange your kitchen wares neatly to give your kitchen a sleek appearance, read on!

How to organise the Kitchen Cabinet for Best Result

These tips are not a step-by-step process. Therefore, you can choose the ones that best suit your kitchen setting and apply them.

1. Declutter Your Cabinet

Overcrowding is always a turn-off. Whether it is your closet or your kitchen cabinet, you want every area in your home to look as tidy as possible. The first step to achieving this with your kitchen cabinet is by taking all the items out

Next, decide which items you want to keep in specific sections and arrange them accordingly. If you have any extra items that do not fit into the space, look for creative ways to store them or attach them to a new section. Never force utensils into a tight space.

2. Fix Vertical Dividers

how to organise the kitchen cabinet

Some things like cutting boards and serving platters may be too large to keep them lying flat. Hence, the need for vertical dividers so that you can store them on their side. If you do not have vertical dividers and cannot afford to fix them, cutting board organisers are a great alternative. These organisers are racks that allow you to store wide utensils on their sides.

3. You Need Lazy Susans/ Pull-Out Cabinets

I’m not talking about the lazy girl in your neighbourhood. I am talking about the rotating tray that can fit into your cabinet to make accessing your utensils easier. All you have to do is spin it around to the side where you have the item you need.

Similar to lazy susans is the use of a pull-out cabinet. It even gets better when the pull-out cabinet is divided into sections. It makes finding kitchen wares easy. You can use both the turntable/ lazy susan and the pull-out cabinet for different cabinets in your kitchen.

4. Keep Similar Items Together

Another efficient tip on how to organise the kitchen cabinet is to group similar items. Having similar items in the same section makes it easy to locate anything you want. For instance, if you need a bread knife, you can find it among the knives. Hence, you have no business searching between the cups.

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5. Stacking Can Save Some Space

how to organise the kitchen cabinet

Stack pots, pans, plates, etc., starting with the largest at the base and the smallest on top. This way, you create more space compared to leaving them singly all around the kitchen. Also, keep the covers by the side, next to the stack in the same cabinet section. If you can fix them, lid holders are a good idea.

6. Consider Frequency of Usage

When deciding where to put what, think of how often you use the item. Frequently used kitchen wares and food items should be kept closer than those you do not use often. This will prevent you from turning the cabinet upside down while trying to find a particular thing.

7. Maximize Every Space

When you are thinking about how to organise the kitchen cabinet, it is important to keep in mind that no space should be overlooked. The sides of your cabinet, the top of it and even under the dividers can serve as storage spaces especially when you have limited space.

You can fix hooks on the sides to hold your cutleries and under the divider to hold your cups. Similarly, your bowels and some contains can stay on the top of the cabinet.

8. Go for Storage Containers

how to organise the kitchen cabinet

Storage containers are a better way to store food items compared to the package they came in originally. To help you better organise your cabinet, get similar containers and use them to store your foodstuff. It is important to label these contains so you can easily tell which of them contains what.

9. Keep the Colors in Mind

It’s not a mistake. Colours can improve or ruin your effort to make your kitchen look better. A good colour combination will make your cabinet and the entire kitchen look organised and spacious. A terrible colour combination on the other hand will make the whole setting look unkempt no matter how well you put things in order.

Final Words

If you are struggling with how to organise the kitchen cabinet in your home, this article is a good place to start. We have revealed 9 effective and easy ways with which you can improve your storage method and make the best out of your cabinet. More so, every tip offers a unique solution that brings you closer to a tidy kitchen.

If you found these tips helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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