Amazing Birthday Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Deciding gifts to buy whether for grown-ups or kids can be a huge task. Gifts are a special way to show love to those around us, so we want to make sure we give them the best. With kids, we want to give them something that is both fun and useful for them. The best birthday gifts for 2 year olds are those that serve both as tools for learning and toys for playing.

More so, you do not have to break the bank to buy something on your little one’s birthday because there are gifts for different budgets. Putting all these into consideration, we have a list of 7 exceptional gifts that your child will love.

7 Unique Birthday Gifts for 2 Year Olds

In no particular order, here is a list of birthday gift inspirations that will help you buy a remarkable gift for your two-year-old.

1. Bath Toys

If your kids do not have them already, bath toys are incredible birthday gifts for 2 year olds. And even if they have, you can get some more for them. With kids, toys are never too much. There is no rule as to what toys are bath toys.

However, it is important to avoid those that can be damaged by water. Also, getting toy aquatic animals is a good idea so that the kid can start learning to identify them early.

2. Piggy Bank for Toddlers

birthday gifts for 2 year olds

I know you are thinking about the regular piggy bank used for saving money. That’s not the one I’m talking about. Although piggy banks are used to save money, this one for kids is designed to play a different function.

The toy comes in the shape of a real piggy bank and it also comes with its own coin. Therefore, whenever your kid drops the coin in it or presses the pig’s snout, he/she gets to enjoy hearty songs as a reward from the pig.

As the child gets older, you can decide to replace the toy with a real piggy bank to help them develop saving skills.

3. Picture Book

When buying birthday gifts for 2 year olds, you want to get them something with which they can have fun. But more than that, you want to get them gifts that will help them grow into better people.

A picture book is one of those gifts that are ideal for children. With the books, they get to learn a lot ranging from letters and numbers to social habits.

These books come in different forms with colourful pictures and important lessons for kids. You can pick as many as you want and guide your little one on how to identify the different objects, numbers, colours and letters in the book.

4. Bike

birthday gifts for 2 year olds

If you can afford it, why not? Get your little ones their own bike and watch them grin from ear to ear in appreciation. Not only will they love it, but they will also benefit greatly from it.

While most kids’ toys are designed to foster mental and intellectual growth, bikes are among those that help to improve physical strength. Also, it is an easy way to get the little ones to exercise and stay healthy.

It is important to also get them protective gear like a helmet and knee pads so that they do not get hurt. Also, for 2-year-olds, go for the bikes that have better balance, the ones with little support tires in the rare.

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5. Railway Train Set

The boys may love this one more, but it is one of the fantastic birthday gifts for 2 year olds regardless of gender. This set comes with a winding railway and a long train.

Some of the trains may be designed with numbers on them to make them a little more educative. Also, they are usually detachable and coupling them is all so fun for the kids.

6. Kiddies’ Playhouse

birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Get your beloved a kiddies’ playhouse where he/she can have fun with friends. It’s usually small and may not contain many of them at a time, but they will surely love running in and out of it.

Some of the houses have more advanced features than others, but they are all designed to contain kids. Also, if you cannot afford to buy a play house, you can make one yourself. It will be fun for you if you love to explore your creativity or you are a fan of DIY.

This way, you can make your gift even more personal. See how to design a playhouse for kids.

7. Kid’s Tablet

Again, talk about birthday gifts for 2 year olds that help to improve their intellect while they have fun, the kids’ tablet is one of them. You can download some of their favourite cartoons and songs on this tab.

Educational videos are a necessity. This is a great tool if you guide the child to use it well. He/she may even learn most things from home before eventually starting kindergarten.

Final words

Although this list is not exhaustive, it contains the best birthday gifts for 2 year olds you could ever think about. These gift ideas are not only affordable but also easy to find.

They are also not gender-specific so whether your child is a boy or girl, you have nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, you may want to put your kid’s preference into consideration when choosing a gift for him/her.

If you found this list of gift ideas helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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