9 Gifts For a Coffee Lover

While coffee may be just one of those beverages to some people, it is much more than that to some. Some people love to do more than drink coffee. They love everything about the beverage – from brewing to drinking to trying different flavours. Hence, getting a gift for a coffee lover can be a very thoughtful way to make their day. Whether the person simply loves drinking it or enjoys the whole process involved in making coffee, you can find a perfect gift for them from the list below

Find an Interesting Gift For a Coffee Lover

Giving a coffee lover a coffee-related gift is pretty much a shortcut to their heart. With gifts, it’s better to give people what they actually value than to give them just anything which they may not value as much. We made sure that this list accommodates different budgets. Hence, you can get a gift idea for your loved one regardless of what your pocket says.

1. Coffee Subscription

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A coffee subscription will always be a splendid gift for a coffee lover at any time. I mean, what could be better than giving them the actual beverage? There are different coffee subscription services and most of them allow you to make customized orders. This means that you get to choose the flavours and quantity you want and how often you want them delivered.

Discover the favourite flavours of the person you want to surprise to make your gift even more spectacular. Any coffee lover would appreciate such a gift.

2. Smart Mug

Gift For a Coffee Lover

If you are buying a gift for a family member or a friend who loves their coffee at a particular temperature, the smart mug is a good option. If you get this gift for the coffee lover, he/she can conveniently set their preferred temperature using an app on his/her smartphone. Consequently, the temperature of the beverage will rise to the set temperature.

3. Portable All-In-One Coffee Maker

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An all-in-one coffee maker is a good gift for a coffee lover who is always on the go. As the name implies, the coffee maker comes in a set that allows you to brew and collect your drink at any time. The Cafflano Klassic is a good brand. It is lightweight and easy to use.

4. Coffee Filter Holder

Gift For a Coffee Lover

If your coffee lover does not have one already, give the person a coffee filter holder. With this, he/she can neatly store his/her coffee filters and easily take them from the holder when need be. It helps the person organize the filters better rather than randomly stacking them.

5. Personalized Coffee Mug

Everyone loves a personalized gift. Just like you would give someone a bracelet customized with their name or pet name, you can do the same for a coffee mug. You can even customize the gift for the coffee lover with his/her favourite quote if they have one. The idea is to inscribe something special to the person

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6. Chic Hand Grinder

Gift For a Coffee Lover

Some coffee lovers want more than just drinking the beverage. They want to experience the process of making it. A great gift for a coffee lover in this category is a chic hand grinder. More so, some manual grinders blend coffee beans better than electric blenders. This is according to some experts.

7. Coffee Pour-Over Kit

While some people may already have their pour-over kit, some may not have gotten theirs yet. If the person you want to buy a gift for is yet to have one, you can help them get one. This way, you get to support their “coffee journey” and they will always remember you.

8. Coffee Scale

People who brew their coffee understand the importance of measuring the beans right. Hence, a coffee scale is an important gift for a coffee lover. If your coffee lover still grinds random quantities of beans or tries to guess the correct amount without a scale, you may want to save the situation. Get them a coffee scale to help them take more accurate measurements and brew better coffee.

9. Home Espresso Machine

Gift For a Coffee Lover

If your budget allows it, you can get a home espresso machine for your family member or friend who loves coffee. Before now, these machines were only found in coffee shops, restaurants and other public spaces. Now, people can afford to own an espresso machine as it is no more as ridiculously expensive as it used to be.

Also, sizeable ones are now available for home use and they give good results like the ones coffee shops use. So, if you can afford it, make your coffee lover even happier by getting him/her a personal espresso machine.


Getting a coffee-related gift for a coffee lover is one way to be sure that they will appreciate your gift to them. In this article, we have put together nine gift ideas from which you can decide which to give your loved one. Regardless of what stage they are in their love for coffee or how much money you have to spend on the gift, there is something for everyone.

If you found these gift ideas for coffee lovers helpful, kindly let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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