Storing Purses

Organization for me is everything. So, if you spent a fortune to acquire that luxury, storing them should be taken seriously. Storing purses and your handbags is important because It’s an investment.

If you enjoy using this luxury, you should learn simple hacks to keep them safe. To avoid peeling and avoidable wear and tear.

Undoubtedly, your purses and handbags are ideal for holding everything you need. Be It an outing with the girls, church service, stroll to the beach, work, any occasion or even shopping for groceries. You aren’t complete without a handbag or purse.

Most importantly, your purse and handbags sure save you lots of clutter and carriage around you when stepping out.

Additionally, these purses and handbags of various designs ranging from leather bags, tote bags, raffia purses and handbags and purses made from different linens and fabrics. This luxury you own is sure worth a fortune. You should arrange them and also be well kept and organized.

Ways To Storing Purses And Handbags

Storing your handbags and purses rightly will help them last you a long time. If wells are stored, you can still give them out to persons in a good state. Fortunately, these tips listed below will be a guide to storing purses and your handbags rightly.

Methods For Storing Purses And Handbags

Storing Purses

1. Storing Purses using Dust Bags

Store bag in dustbags

After the purchase of this luxury, get a fabric-made dust bag, a breathable or airy fabric-made bag is fine. Please do not use plastic bags. These bags may likely destroy the material of your purses and handbags. The best dust bags are made from cotton linen. So after every use of luxury, store purses and handbags in these dust bags. It should bear your bag’s name inscription and a string to hang it.

2. Arrange Your Handbags In Sizeable Baskets

Storing handbags
Photo credit. Shelterness

If you spent a fortune to acquire this luxury, storing them should not be a challenge. Get sizeable bins and baskets to store your purses and handbags. First, distinguish them by colours and sizes. Storing purses in these baskets and keeping them on a shelf or under your bed with the most used handbags on the top and the least used beneath.

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3. Hang Your Handbags Hooks

Storing your handbags

Here, stylish creativity can set in. If your closets are occupied but you have free wall space, let’s go creative. On your free wall space, make a classy wooden hanger. Hang your bags from the most used to the rarely used. Do remember to empty your purses before hanging them to avoid weighty objects that may destroy the hanger.

4. Store Using A Shelf Separator

Storing purses

Shelf separators first give your space a beautiful aura alongside a display of your luxury. Storing purses and handbags of different sizes and shapes therein. This gives your room beauty and shape. You should arrange the by usage and colours and sizes.

5. Store your Handbags Using Bag Shapers And Tissue Papers

Storing handbags with bag shaper and tissue papers

Bag shaper and white tissue papers help keep your purses and handbags in shape. Do not use coloured papers or newspapers or magazines as shapers. Insert either bag shapers or white tissue paper inside the purses or handbags to help keep them in shape. Remember not to use coloured magazines or newspapers to avoid colour bleed that might stain your bags.

6. Store Purses and Handbags In The Closet Using Cotton Rods

Storing bags using cotton rods
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You might have a small space or store room that can be converted into a closet. Get all your luxury arranged first. If there aren’t more spaces, improvise. Use a cotton rod to create a hanger for storing purses and your handbags. When storing them, remember to remove the weighty item from your handbags. Arrange from smaller to bigger ones.

7. Use Drawers and Decorative trays to Store your Purse and handbags

Storing your handbags

The importance of storage is to curb clutter and enhance organization. So, your drawers and trays are a good catch for this. Especially, if you have a small room space. Get your big handbags and purses well arranged in the drawers and the small purses, arranged in trays.

Finally, if these tips or methods are being taken, am sure your purses and handbags would not end up again on your tables or chairs. However, storing purses and your handbags will not only enhance decluttering. It also will help beautify your space giving it an entertaining aura.