6 Games For Two Players To Enjoy At Home

Playing games is an interesting way to spend time with friends and family. It is even more convenient when it is an indoor game. While there are many indoor games you can explore, not every game is a game for two players.

In this article, we will discuss six interesting games for two players that you can play with loved ones. We will divide this list into board games, card games and hand games that will help you learn and improve your intellect while having fun.

Board Game For Two Players

1. Checkers

Checkers also called draughts (pronounced as Drafts) is a board game which comes in different variants for different regions. However, regardless of the country or region, there are basic rules that apply to the game at all times.

The board usually consists of 64 squares – 32 dark and 32 light squares and alternates between light and dark squares. Usually, you will find the light-coloured square at the bottom right corner. Also, the players set up their checkers on the coloured squares and the checkers are usually twelve for each player. They occupy the first three rows, four in each row from both players’ ends.

The accepted movements for the checkers are forward and diagonal. A player can only move one space per turn. Also, a player can jump over a diagonally adjacent opponent’s checker. In this game for two players, your aim is to capture all your opponent’s checkers or trap your opponent so that he cannot make any further moves. Learn more details on how to play the game here.

2. Monopoly

game for two players

This is another interesting board game for two to eight players. To win the game, you must become the wealthiest player and not go bankrupt.

The players set up the board by stacking the chance and community chest cards on the board in the spaces provided. Consequently, each player should select a token to move around the board and each token should start from the space marked “GO”.

At the start of the game, each player receives $1500. The denominations that make up the $1500 are; two $500, two $100, two $50, six $20, five $10, five $5 and five $1. One of the players is to take the role of the banker. The chosen player will distribute and collect the money and manage the properties, hotels and houses.

Card Game For Two Players

3. Crazy Eight

game for two players

Crazy eight is a card game for two players that both adults and kids can play. To begin, one of the two players will deal five cards to both players. The dealer then places the rest of the cards known as the “Stockpile” in the middle of the table. All cards must be face-down after which he picks the top card and places it face-up to serve as the starter card.

Next, the second player kicks off the game by placing a matching card on the starter card. The cards can match in suits or numbers.

The goal of the players is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in their hands. In this card game, all cards with “8” are wild, hence the name “crazy eight”. This means that players can play any card with the denomination “8” at any time regardless of the suit.

Consequently, the player is to designate the card to any suit, but not any number. The next player must then play the designated suit or an eight.

4. Go Fish

This is also a fun game for two players, however, more people can play as well. Firstly, one player deals seven cards each to all players and the rest of the cards which become the “lake” or “pond” are scattered face-down on the table. The player who did not deal the cards will then ask the one who did if he has a card of a certain number.

Note that the player asking must have at least one of the kind of cards he is requesting and the second player must give all of what he has. This continues until the second player does not have the card the requesting player need, then he says “Go fish!” and the asking player then picks a card from the pond.

The game continues until the players have matched all the cards into sets of four cards for each kind. E.g. four aces, four fives, etc. The winner is the player with the most matched sets of cards.

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Hand Game For Two Players

5. Thumb Wrestling

game for two players

Thumb wrestling is a great hand game for two players that you should try. It is simple, straightforward and involves a physical challenge. Here, two players will lock their four fingers into the space of fists while leaving their thumbs up in the air. The game begins after a thumb bow and the count of eight. Consequently, players cannot move their arms, only their thumbs. The goal of each player is to pin the opponent’s thumb for five seconds.

6. Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is a very common hand game for two players or three. In this game, there are three hand symbols: a closed fist is the “rock”, an open hand is the “paper” and the index and middle fingers are the “Scissors”. Usually, the players face each other and one of them makes the call “rock, paper, scissors” then they all make any of the signs with their hands.

The rule of the game is that the rock breaks the scissors, the scissors cuts the paper and the paper wraps the rock. Therefore, if a player makes a paper sign and another makes the rock sign, the one with the paper sign is the winner.

Final Words

Games are not only fun when a large number of people play them. Two people can play fun games too. If you are only two people in the house, try any game for two players listed above to keep you engaged in your spare time. They are all simple and fun. More so, the card and board games allow you to learn while having fun.

Do you have a favourite game among any of the ones listed above? Kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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