educating cartoons for kids

Growing up, we all loved cartoons and that hasn’t changed for children of this generation, we as parents just need to make sure they are watching educating cartoons.  When it comes to watching cartoons, some parents feel it’s a sheer waste of time. To them,  It’s difficult to believe that watching cartoons boosts their kid’s learning and increases their IQ level.

But as difficult as it may sound, parents should be assured that there are some incredible cartoon shows that enhance learning and make children’s screen time worthwhile.

Some cartoons strengthen their basic learning, be it science, calculations, general awareness, or language building. Some also focus on enhancing values and teaching life skills so they can gradually get to learn about life as they grow up.

Children particularly love watching cartoon shows based on values like friendship and cartoons that teach social skills. They also get very excited when they watch those with little conflict, any antagonists, and other characters like aliens, superheroes, and dragons.

Most educational animated shows can be great entertainment time and fun for kids. Some animated movies take kids out of the boundaries of their classroom and teach them at a time when they are relaxed and so can comprehend the desired knowledge.

Since we know how cartoons can positively impact our kids, Let’s jump into some educating cartoons and educational cartoon channels they should be watching.

1. Thomas and Friends

This one’s a classic, originally known as Thomas The Tank Engine this cartoon is all about the adventures of Thomas and his friends who live on an island called Sodor and how they face and overcome daily life challenges.

Parents can be assured that this series has educational aspects as well as behavioral modeling. You can tune in to JimJam on DSTV Wednesdays to watch this cartoon.

2. Dora and Friends

This is a popular series that involves Dora and her friends and how they solve problems and help the community. The characters in this cartoon are portrayed as hardworking and ideal role models, who work tirelessly in their small ways to transform their hometown and make it a better place.

Kids will relate to it better as the main character Dora is shown in her school-age years and children love to emulate her in real life. This cartoon is aired on channel 307 (Nick Jr) on DSTV.

3. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

Kids learn better when the process is fun. This cartoon teaches emotional intelligence which is an important life skill that children ought to learn to help them succeed in life. According to their age, children should know how to embrace their emotions and deal with social strategies.

This life skill, if learned in a fun way will remain with them and help in strengthening their bonds with family and friends. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood airs on channel 313 (PBS Kids) on DSTV and channel 65 on GOTV

4. Arthur

This cartoon is appropriate for children who are above five years of age. The show is set in the fictional American city of Elwood City and revolves around the lives of eight-year-old Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other.

It is a fun-filled cartoon that teaches kids how to tackle social situations, make friends, overcome fear, stay determined, and creatively solve problems. it airs on channel 313 (PBS Kids) on DSTV and channel 65 on GOTV

5. Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid centers around the life of Sid, an “inquisitive youngster” who uses comedy to tackle questions children have about basic scientific principles and why things work the way they do. He tries to answer questions and solve problems with the help of his classmates, Teacher, and family.

This cartoon is recommended to arouse curiosity and wonders in kids, which might eventually lead to their love for science in their later age. The humor and music in this animated series heighten the impact thereby making kids think while they have fun. it airs on channel 313 (PBS Kids) on DSTV and channel 65 on GOTV

6. Cocomelon

The world’s infants and toddlers have been captivated by the popular YouTube channel Cocomelon. The well-liked channel offers a selection of live-action skits, instructive movies, and nursery rhymes that amuse young children.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that young children are growing more and more infatuated with cocomelon.

7. Blaze and the Monster Machines

This cartoon series revolves around a monster truck and driver duo, Blaze and AJ, as they have adventures in Axle City. Each episode is truly educational and interactive which helps embed the knowledge it teaches in the minds of kids. The animated series teaches everything worthwhile as the children learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It airs on channel 307 (Nick Jr) on DSTV.

If you’re into Netflix, then there are lots of educational cartoons on Netflix for your kids to enjoy.

Most parents believe that it’s only through conservative approaches like writing, reading, solving a jigsaw puzzle, and creating artistic things that kids get educated, well while this might be true, including some good cartoons for kids or educating cartoons can improve the reasoning faculties of children while keeping them entertained.