10 Fun Activities For Kids – 10 Ways To Keep Them Entertained

Being stuck at home with your kids could be tiring, especially when you don’t have any fun activities for your kids to do.

Yes, it’s the Summer holiday, and they will be home with you for quite some time. How do you tend to plan on helping them enjoy their holiday? Uncertain right?

Well, we have the best interest of your kids at heart which is why we have carefully selected these ten fun activities for kids that will keep them entertained.

So, Mum, and Dad get them involved by choosing out of the listed DIY activities below to keep them busy, occupied and productive.

Our interest is making sure your kids have an amazing Summer holiday, and to your parents, it gives you room to bond more with your children, so get involved.

So try out these ten fun activities for kids this summer to help your kids enjoy their holiday.

10 Fun Activities For Your Kids

1. Creating a music video with them

The lockdown in 2019 due to the COVID outbreak was an eye-opener to so many things, most especially our phone and electronic gadgets exploration.

One of them is the Tik Tok App. The Tik Tok App generally is used to make personal videos. So if you want to see your Kid’s dancing, singing and miming skills, make a video with them.

Guide and allow them to design these videos with phone stickers, emojis and the song they composed themselves. Be creative in their attire and let’s sell what they have got. Who knows, their video might go viral, making them a social media sensation.

In the end, you will be amazed by their skills and they also will be happy with themselves.

2. Play hide-and-seek games with them

Hide-and-seek games are enjoyed mostly in the house basement. This game is a classic in most homes.

It is the game of who finds the best hideous place in the house. If caught, you will be the next to search for others. So you can play with them to uncover hidden spots you didn’t know existed in your home.

3. Blowing Bubbles

The bubble-blowing game was one of my favourite games as a kid. Since it’s my kind of game, you do not need to get an already-made bubble from the store for a penny. Let me put you through the DIY to making homemade bubbles

  • Get your a small bowl with water
  • Add a bit of your detergent therein
  • Allow to foam and form bubbles
  • We are ready to go

You can use a straw as your bubble wand. There we go, begin the game.

4. Let’s go gardening

Do you have a space in your yard? If yes, you and your kids can do some gardening.

Get flower seeds or seedlings from the store and get your kids to work with you in the garden. They will be very excited to play and get all messy with the fresh and moist soil; and more excited to play with the water from the hose.

5. Get them involved with card or board games

Fun Activities For Kids

Playing card or board games can be demanding but it’s definitely part of the fun activities for kids. Get them involved by guiding and teaching them how to play card games or board games such as UNO, WHOT, monopoly, scrabble, chess and lots more. These games are fun, educational, and interesting and teach them critical thinking.

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6. Make paper crafts with your kids

Fun Activities For Kids

Let’s get creative. Get papers from the log of old books or cardboard, watercolours or nail polish, scissors, threads. We can get all these within the house.

  • Cut the papers into shapes
  • Paint them if you are using papers
  • Roll in nicely like beads and leave space in between
  • Fix your thread into the space
  • Your bead necklace is ready

This is a fun paper craft for kids you can achieve without going to the store.

You can also try other cool art projects to keep your little kids busy and creatively engaged.

7. DIY ships, aeroplanes and kite craft and paper mat weaving

Fun Activities For Kids

It’s time for art and crafts. Let your kids create what they love to have. So get your papers, sticks, water gum and scissors available and get to work.

When they are done, allow them to fly their aeroplane and kites, sail their ships on the water bath in the bathroom and lay their dolls on the mats. When they do this, you sure will see the beam of fulfilment on their faces.

8. Car washing

Fun Activities For Kids

You don’t have to take your cars outside for washing. Let your kids assist you in washing it at home; they will have fun doing it.

They will enjoy playing with the water from the hose and playing with the lather from the soap. Allow them to play, run around carefully and enjoy themselves while helping you keep your car clean. You will want to do this more often.

9. Make a recipe together

Fun Activities For Kids

The holiday is a good time to teach your kids a thing or two about cooking. You can pick their favourite pastry and show them how to make it.

Assign tasks to everyone, and make them take turns in stirring or whisking.

They will be eager to help and will have fun learning how to cook.

10. Take good photos

Fun Activities For Kids

It might not be a very long summer holiday, but you have to make it count by taking good pictures or memories you can always look back to and smile about.

These fun activities for kids will surely help develop a healthy bond between you and your kids and cut out boredom.

So if you know of any fun activities for kids we didn’t mention, please leave them in the comment section below.

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