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10 Cleaning Tips and Tricks – Easy Home Cleaning Tips

It’s usually very refreshing when the house is clean and tidy. No dirty surfaces, no messed up floors, and no knocking things over because they are not properly kept. The breath of fresh air and the joy that comes from a clean home is best experienced than told. However, it takes a lot of work to achieve this atmosphere in the house.

Cleaning the entire house requires giving special attention to all the rooms and necessary surfaces in order to achieve a perfect result. Because of its nature, cleaning might be tiring. But not to worry, this article discusses cleaning tips and tricks that will make home cleaning easy and stress-free for you.

Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

1. Make Sure Your Cleaning Clothes and Tools Are Neat

cleaning cloth

Using neat working tools is as important as the entire process of putting the house in order. Most of the time, this aspect is overlooked and tools are simply dumped after use and picked up when next they are needed.

Working with dirty cleaning cloths and tools is a perfect way to frustrate your effort. You are simply cleaning dirt with dirt. It does not work! Aside from the physical neatness of the tools, keeping them clean also prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria.

2. Bring All Your Working Tools to One Place

cleaning tips and tricks tools

You may prefer to put them in a container, or just keep all of them together in one corner. Whatever you decide, ensure that every necessary material is kept within your reach. Moving back and forth and looking for tools in the middle of the activity may cause tiredness. Also, keeping the tools together can help you know which tool is not available and you can make arrangements to get it before you start working.

3. Start with Decluttering the Needed Areas

declucter the home

Go room by room to clear up every clutter before you begin the cleaning properly. Decide items that should be put away, thrown in the trash, or donated. Doing this creates a free room that is easy to clean without unnecessary obstructions. These are underrated cleaning tips and tricks in the home

4. Perform the Same Task Throughout the Entire House

clean up the entire house. Cleaning tips and tricks

It will be helpful if you performed the same task in all the rooms as against cleaning room after room. Completely finishing one room before going to the next makes you repeat the same cycle of activities in every room and this can make cleaning boring. For example, if you want to dust the living room, then dust all the rooms including the kitchen and bedroom. Do the same when mopping and doing other activities so that you move at the same pace for all rooms.

Extra Tip: Some tasks are specific to rooms and cannot be done in other rooms. You may leave such tasks for later. Attend to them when you have finished the general cleaning.

5. Pay Attention to Every Detail

cleaning the phone

When cleaning, we may get carried away with the major tasks and we forget the little things that matter. Areas like candle holders, cloudy glasses, and shower curtains should not be left out of the exercise. Also, washing your sneakers and towels, cleaning hairbrushes/combs, and even disinfecting your phone contributes to keeping the entire house clean.

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6. Remove Tough Stains using Brown Coca-Cola

remove tough stains with coca-cola

Although it is originally made for drinking, Coca-Cola can serve as a good cleaning agent as well. It contains carbonic and phosphoric acids which are very effective for cleaning. This makes it an excellent home cleaning trick for obtaining a spotless toilet bowl. Use Coca-Cola alongside a toilet brush, like other toilet cleaning agents. Flush after scrubbing to reveal a sparkling surface.

Extra Tip: In case you already have an effective toilet cleaner at home, feel free to use it. Remember to disinfect after regular cleaning to keep the toilet germ-free.

7. Clean Soft Surfaces Using Baking Soda

clean with baking soda

Use baking soda to keep your couch, rugs, carpets, and pet beds clean and fresh. Because it is a strong absorbent, it is very effective in removing odors and lingering smells in the house. Before using this item, first, brush the surface to remove hidden dirt and debris, then sprinkle it on the area that needs cleaning. Leave it on the surface for about twenty minutes, and finally clean it up with a vacuum.

8. Make Your Shower Head Glow Again with Vinegar

clean the shower head with vinegar. Cleaning tips and tricks

This is another easy-to-use trick that really works. With little effort, you can clean your shower head to be as good as new. All you need to do is get a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar and baking soda, then immerse the showerhead completely into the bag and secure it. After an hour or two, bring it out of the bag and allow water to flow through it. There, you have a sparkling shower head! 

9. Don’t Forget to Free Up Drains

clean the drain with baking soda

Observe all drains to notice those that are beginning to clog and make drainage slow. Fix the blockage with baking soda, vinegar, and warm water. Pour ½ cup each of baking soda and vinegar into the drain and cover openings with a wet cloth. After about five minutes, pour in hot water to flush and give you a free drain.

10. Clean Steel and Faucet with Lemon and Salt

cleaning with lemon and salt

Steel and faucet are prone to tough stains after long contact with hard water. Cleaning them with water, and allowing them to air dry does not solve the problem. To restore steels and faucets to be as good as new, sprinkle salt on the area and clean using lemon halves. The citric acid content of the lemon makes it perfect for cleaning almost any surface, it leaves a fresh smell on the surface too. Rinse steel with warm water to complete the process.

By now, I hope your worries about home cleaning and the easiest ways to get the job done are over. These selected cleaning tips and tricks will make cleaning enjoyable for you if you follow and apply them appropriately.

Let us know if you found these tricks helpful. Also, drop any tip you think we missed out on in the comment section.


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