What to know about granite countertops

Are you trying to decide on a type of countertop to give your home décor be it the bathroom or kitchen? Well, finesse is key. If granite countertop is a choice. Then, you should be guided on what to know about granite countertops.

The constituents that make up granite are rich and natural minerals. The installation of granite countertops truly elevates the overall value and beauty of your space. Considering material type, aesthetics, its pros and cons.

Well, if your desire is longevity, quality, elegance and beauty. Then, you should be grounded on all and what to know about granite countertops by the end of this article before making a purchase.

What is Granite?

Granite stone

Granite is a hard, crystalline igneous rock which mainly is composed of various minerals, 20% quartz, mica and alkali feldspar. And that blend of minerals gives granite a variety of options. It hence can be polished, brushed and honed giving it either a creamy white, deep black, speckled grey or a salmon pink finish.

Irrespective of its peculiarities, granite countertop does have both Pros and Cons


Durability: Granite is considered a durable stone because it’s very dense. Hence, the stone is resistant to easy wear and tear. Additionally, it’s acid resistant though it’s stain susceptible. The more reason why the installation of this type of countertop is permanent.

Resistant to heat: Granites are exposed to heat and pressure. Hence when used as the main material to produce these countertops, your hot pots and kettles can be placed on it comfortably.

Backsplash: You don’t get it wrong with granite. Whether it’s an old and rusty bathroom or kitchen, if you need remodelling a mix of this stone both in colour and texture gives your space a chic and sleek look.

For the under-mount sink: Granite countertop should be a choice for your bathroom and kitchen under the sink. Since this stone is resistant to heat, you can easily wipe out the liquid and avoid it.


It is Expensive: Everyone sure loves sleek and fancy décor. However, individuals would resort to other options due to the inability to afford them. Granite is therefore expensive and lofty and as such, not everyone would be able to make this beauty theirs.

High Maintenance: Basically, granite stones are porous and this gives room for bacteria and mould to build inside the pores. Well, this characteristic also makes your granite countertop susceptible to stain. Stain lurks into this hole. To resolve, this, your countertop should be placed on six months of sealing maintenance. You see, you have got more work to do.

Limited varieties: Granite limits you if you are a lover of colour variation compared to some other synthetic minerals. Invariably, granite designs are top-notch despite their few options. The few varieties are white and black granite countertops. While the blue can alternatively be utilized for the kitchen and bathroom granite countertop remodelling.

How To Maintain A Granite Countertops

What to know about granite countertops

Granite countertops are less of stress if the sealing process is well handled before its installation compared to other stones. This sealing process saves the countertop from bacteria and mould growth and also stains from getting stocked.

Apart from this, a granite countertop is a real deal with a proper daily cleaning routine. For cleaning, use a clean cloth, water and mild or neutral pH detergent. Here, mixed the detergent in water and pour it into a spray bottle.

To clean, spray a substantial amount of solvent on your countertop surface. Then, rinse out thoroughly and wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Be sure not to leave any soapy mixture on your granite countertop, to avoid a watermark.

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What Is The Average Pricing of Granite Countertops

These stones are not common. Hence, sourcing for it affects its pricing. Looking to a survey by Hernandez the cost for a square meter is $40 and it tends to drop to $27 per square foot when sales fall. He also noted that for more exotic varieties, you should expect to pay as much as $200 or more for a square foot meter.

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Granite Countertop Slab

Renovated kitchen using granite

Your choice and taste should be your lookout. What do you like and what design catches your fancy? Most importantly, the aesthetic should be your most concern.

However, irrespective of your choice of design, you still need to care for it. More so, this slab is staying with you permanently. So you have to choose what you love. With the various designs and patterns out there, take time to choose the best that will suit your kitchen and bathroom décor.

Well, if you have read this article till the end, I am sure you have been schooled on what to know about granite countertops. So, it’s time you head out to make a purchase.