decorate a small patio

Just like main buildings, the sizes of patios vary for different homes. Nonetheless, everyone deserves to spend quality time outside, admiring their neighbourhood and catching up with family ad friends. So, people whose patios are not so wide will normally seek ways to make their little space as comfortable as possible. One of the possible ways of achieving this is by finding out how to decorate a small patio.

Large or small, every patio should be well decorated to give a sense of warmth to users. However, because small patios lack adequate space, decorating them requires planning. This is so that you can give it the best appearance without taking up space. Find out how you can achieve this in the rest of this article.

7 Simple Ways To Decorate a Small Patio

No argument, the outdoors deserve as much attention as the indoors. So, here are 7 ways you can touch up your patio.

1. Build a Fire Pit in the Centre

When you have little space for your patio, it is important to make not only beautiful but functional decorations like a fire pit. It does not have to be so wide, all you need is something large enough to hold the fire. Also, you can use its surface as a table (or serving area) when there is no fire. Usually, round fire pits are better for small patios.

The site is more beautiful at night when you sit around it with your loved ones. If you love the campfire vibe, this is a good way to recreate it. More so, the fire pit allows you to enjoy your patio all year round even when it is cold.

2. Be Intentional About the Paint

decorate a small patio

It is impossible to have an attractive décor without putting colour into consideration. Try to maintain colours that blend when painting the surrounding walls and choosing the furniture. More so, you should go for colours that improve visual space. Usually, light colours make a place look spacious as against darker colours that reduce visual space.

3. Bring All the Light To Decorate a Small Patio

Lighting is one of the best and easy ways to make a space beautiful. Also, since we usually hang the lights up or on the wall, they do not take up extra space. This makes them a good way to decorate a small patio. Need more inspiration on how to decorate with light? You can find some here.

4. Explore Natural Decoration

decorate a small patio

Have you ever thought of using plants as natural fences instead of walls? You should if you haven’t. If you are looking to cover up your patio to get some privacy, you should explore the beauty of nature. This way, you get to enjoy not only your privacy but also the relaxing ambience that nature brings. Also, you can decide to decorate the patio lightly with flowers and plants. That is if you already have defined walls or do not desire to use any boundaries at all.

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5. Make a Statement With the Furniture

Furniture pieces are an utmost concern for anyone looking to decorate a space. Truth is, if you get your painting and furniture right, you may not have to do much for your space to look attractive. When choosing furniture, ensure that your choice matches the tone of your décor. Also, the colour of your furniture should combine pleasantly with that of the wall’s paint or other colours around it.

Furthermore, don’t play down on your furniture because you have little space. Go for the most striking pieces that can fit comfortably into your patio.

6. Decorate a Small Patio With a Printed Rug

decorate a small patio

What do you know about rugs and decorations? That’s right, they always add colour to the space. The best part is that they are not taking up any extra space. Lay the rug under the coffee table or any other area where it fits best depending on the setting of your patio.

With this, you get to decorate a small patio with beautiful colours and patterns without taking up extra space.

7. Use Foldable Furniture

Talk about beauty and function, foldable furniture will serve you both for your small patio. When not in use, you can fold up these chairs to allow the area to look more spacious. Both chairs and tables come as foldable and they are available in different materials from wood to plastic to metal. So, go for any type that suits you and accentuates your decoration.


When you want to decorate a small patio, you need to go for decorations that do not take up much space. You should not leave out decorations completely for lack of space. Hence, we have put together these tips for decorating a small patio. So, without wasting any more time, turn that small patio into a jaw-dropping site and leave your next visitors in awe.

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