ideas to decorate a dining table

Dining is one place where family and friends connect and share regular and special moments. From daily meals to thanksgiving specials to Christmas Eve, all these meetings often take place in the dining. Having fantastic ideas to decorate a dining table adds colour to gatherings like this and makes them more interesting.

In this article, you will find 7 interesting inspirations for your dining table decoration. More so, you will be able to change the decorations as you please to give your table different looks for different occasions.

Ideas to Decorate a Dining Table You Should Try

Here are ideas for decorating a dining table without spending much money. Hence, you can switch up your table as you like.

1. Go for Stylish Table Mats

Typically, table mats play a protective role on the dining table. They protect the table from food stains, water marks and heat damage. However, they can be even more functional when you add a little creativity to your choice of table mats.

Instead of going for just any protective covering, go for the mats that are more artistic. Think about the appearance you want to give to your dining table and put that into consideration when you are buying a table mat. More so, mats made of raffia, silk and lace are often good options for decorative purposes.

2. Try Using Fashionable Table cloths

ideas to decorate a dining table

Among the different ideas to decorate a dining table, using a table is one of the most convenient methods. The best part about using table clothes is that there is no one way to do so. Whether you choose to use a table runner, or you prefer to completely cover the table, it’s up to you.

Table runners are a better option if you want a simple design. You can go for materials of any colour You can also decide whether you want materials with tassels or not. Furthermore, you can run the cloth in a vertical or horizontal, symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern across the table.

If you are going for the more elaborate cloth that covers the table completely, try to get something stylish and elegant.

3. Add Nature’s Touch By Using Flowers

Natural flowers give your dining table an attractive and refreshing aura when you use them as centrepieces. Regardless of the type of flower you choose to use, it is important to ensure that the decoration is not so tall and bushy that it obstructs the views of diners.

Also, there are different ways to decorate your dining with flowers. You can make a simple decoration with one type of flower in a vase. Or, you can get creative with different flowers to add colour to your table. Also, you can go for a more elaborate decoration by spreading the flower across the centre of the table such that it divides it into two equal halves.

4. Fruits Are More Than Just Edibles

If you want to give your dining table a festive appearance or a bit of personality, fruits are the way to go. You can decide to use only one type of fruit for a simple decoration. Or, you can mix up different fruit types for a more colourful and interesting result.

More so, you can mix the fruits with flowers to get an even more attractive centrepiece. This is one of the most cost-effective ideas to decorate a dining table.

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5. Decorate With Candles

ideas to decorate a dining table

Some people prefer really large candles while some love to use small-sized ones. Whatever your choice may be, candles will always make your dining look classic and stylish. You can consider using similar candles if you are big on uniformity. If you prefer something more stylish, you can go for candles that are different from one another in colour and size.

Similarly, candle stands come in different designs. Your choice of candle stand will contribute to the beauty of your decoration as much as the candles will.

6. Don’t Neglect The Lighting

The dining area is one part of the house that needs adequate lighting. Rather than simply providing a source of light, you can seize the opportunity to beautify your dining. A pendant light is a great way to add style to your dining table. With it, your dining gets both a good source of light and an incredible aesthetic. This is one of the ideas for decorating a dining table that is both beautiful and functional.

7. Try Everything

ideas to decorate a dining table

Don’t want to settle for one method? You can combine as many articles as you want to give your dining table the look you desire. Of all the ideas to decorate a dining table, this one allows for flexibility and creativity. A table cloth and any centrepiece; two different centrepieces; a centrepiece and table mats, etc. Any of these combinations will make your dining table unusually attractive. However, try not to overcrowd the table with too many decorations.

Extra Tip

To make your dining table look good, you do not necessarily need to focus on the table alone. The walls, windows and everything within the dining area are an opportunity to improve the appearance of your dining. You can try getting a table that compliments the paint on the wall. Also, you can hang beautiful paintings on the walls around the dining table to beautify the area.

Another thing to consider when decorating your dining table is the shape of the table. Some tables are rectangular while some are round. Hence, you may need to adjust your decoration to suit your table accordingly.


In this article, we have provided 7 interesting ideas to decorate a dining table. Whether you want something simple or a more elaborate decoration, you can get the inspiration you need by reading through this article. Also, the ideas shared here are pocket friendly and easy to try.

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