9 Ways To Be Fit And Healthy

By the end of this read, I am sure to have you schooled on how to be fit and healthy. Exercise is a regimen for Healthy living.  Guys! Let me be your guide in the matters of helping you keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In truth, staying consistent in the journey of fitness and health is quite a challenge and as such might seem arduous to be faithful. But, we are here to pave the way to kick-start this fitness journey. So, let’s go.

Most importantly, I am sure you do have reservations as to why you have not begun this journey. Well, this write on how to be fit and healthy will have them all thrashed once all measures are being adhered to.

It’s also worthy of note that, If health is wealth, then every supposed wealthy Individual should possess a healthy mind. Additionally, they should learn how to stay fit and healthy.

9 Ways On How To Be Fit And Healthy

1. Beginning With Timely Short Term Goals

How To Be Fit And Healthy

To start your fitness trip and go a long way, you should begin with daily little steps. Rather than starting up with an intense daily workout and breaking down along the line or within a short period of time and alongside and then ending the journey.

So, it is advisable, to begin with, baby steps, get well on it, and decide to take another toll. Additionally, 5-10minutes every morning could be a well-set time for your baby steps. More so, you could in a way have oatmeal in place of its equivalent and as well, reduce bit by bit late-night meals.

2. Get two or three on board

Exercising in groups

When the exercise consists of a few persons or a group, it’s easier to get done especially, when it’s scheduled.

This is easier to get on the journey when it’s within a school space. Here, it is scheduled and everyone comes out and they are carried along. This tip keeps you checked and in the way carried along.

3. Including A Physical Activity To Your Daily Schedule

How To Be Fit And Healthy

This is important especially when you work remotely or you find yourself driving to work and getting to sit at your desk daily. Hence, a sedentary lifestyle. In the same vein, you should try standing instead of sitting, Using the stairs instead of the elevator, and picking up your coffee instead of requesting.

Occasionally, take a walk out of the office for lunch to stretch out. And if remotely, get registered to a gym. If not, go out for an evening workout.

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4. Have A Flexible Exercise Regimen

lady taking a daily sport regimen

Monopoly could be boring. Hence, you should be open to trying a new fitness activity. Like, switching and having a feel of varieties. And, the journey might not seem hectic or too much of a sport but more sporty and fun.

However, if you have exhausted exercise ideas on how to stay fit and healthy, you should check out YouTube for exciting fitness activities.

5. Have A Realistic Expectation

How To Be Fit And Healthy

In the journey to achieving fitness and staying healthy, It is worthy of note to set realistic goals that are achievable. It can be discouraging when you cannot reach your unrealistic standards.

So, if you have these already, you should look into them again. Maybe, reduce the timing by half and reduce the number of exercises daily.

Also, I feel you just enjoy the process of keeping fit. This helps you strike out expectations and fun too. Note that these expectations if not reached could affect your relationship with work, friends and family. In all, let it be all about balance.

6. Prioritize Your Fitness Journey

cycling as as exercise

If it’s not important, you definitely will not get to do it. So, is your health and fitness journey? If, there are possibilities of forgetting, set alarms and reminders to keep you in check.

Including meetings that might make you have to eat junk unhealthy to you and the fitness goal. Here, you could let pass that junk. Or having to miss your gym class because of a favourite sop. Get to handle the distraction rightly and get committed.

 7. Add Fruits And Veggies To Your Diet

Veggies a regimen for healthy living

Having a roaster that accounts for your fruits and veggies intake wouldn’t be a bad idea you know? To keep fit and also healthy, healthy fruits and veggies should be a part of your healthy living journey.

This cuts across berries, oranges, apples, lettuce and more. Though depending on the fruits you love.

8. Remember To Kickout Unhealthy Habits

how to be fit and healthy

When it comes to habits, I think it is safe to say it’s a part of one’s life. But, it becomes more of a problem when it is a bad habit or a pleasure-based habit. Inclusively, ”Habits become habits because they are easy to provide rewards says Shanna Levine MD. 

 More so, to begin the journey as to how to be fit and healthy, you should quit your unhealthy habits like smoking, use of drugs abusively, excessive drinking and unsafe sex and bad eating habit inclusive. To stay fit and healthy, all these should be done in moderation.

9. Get A Good Sleep And Run Routine Checkups

Routine checkup for healthy living

In all thy scheduling, always include a good sleep routine. Good sleep keeps you in check and prepares you for a fulfilling day. Additionally, less sleep tends to affect your mental and physical health. It also tampers with your mood, concentration, weight, immune system and even heart health.

And, a good sleep keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated. Above all, do keep up with a physical annual routine checkup with your doctor.  This would help checkmate your health and detect any health impediment early and follow up.

Conclusively, If your health is a priority, these ways how to stay fit and healthy should lead to kick start a healthy lifestyle and staying happy.

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