7 Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

Cannot afford to go to the gym for whatever reason? No worries! Your weight loss journey does not have to suffer. With these best exercises at home to lose weight, you can still achieve your body goals without leaving your house. Although some may require specific equipment, most of them do not require any equipment. Nonetheless, they all also give great results as a gym workout would.

Best Exercises at Home to Lose Weight Fast

These exercise options are simple and fun. With them, working out doesn’t feel like some stressful activity you just want to get over with.

1. Skipping

Skipping, also called jump rope, is a full-body workout that involves the arm, leg and core muscles. This exercise not only allows you to shade weight but also improves heart function. More so, skipping is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight at home. If you are a 200-pounds person, about 20 minutes of skipping can cause you to lose up to 241 calories. This is according to

Another study also shows that a person who skips burns 30% more calories than a runner. Therefore, if you do not have jump rope as one of your weight loss exercises, you may want to add it.

2. Yoga

best exercises at home to lose weight

While it does not involve rigorous physical activities, yoga plays a good role in weight loss. However, the type of yoga you do matters a lot. The more relaxing types are less likely to burn much fat. Hot yogas on the other hand will burn a good amount of calories in one session.

One way it stands out among the best exercises at home to lose weight is that yoga improves not only the body but the mind as well. Consistent yoga practice can improve your mood, manage stress and help to reduce emotional eating.

3. Burpees

Burpees comprise a squat thrust, a squat jump and sometimes a pushup. It is an intense and highly encompassing workout which makes it perfect for weight loss and skin toning. This exercise is so effective it burns 50% more calories compared to other exercises. Of all the best exercises at home to lose weight discussed here, burpees are one of the not-so-easy-to-master ones. However, if you can do a few rounds a day, you will start to see results in no time.

4. Walking

best exercises at home to lose weight

It is something you do regularly but more than a means of moving from place to place, walking is a great form of exercise. To the best out of it, you need to be more intentional about it. This means you should set out a specific time for walking, say 30 mins to 1 hour or more daily depending on how far you can go. To make it more fun, you may decide to go with a pet for some company, play music, listen to podcasts, etc.

Although going long distances is the most common form of walking exercise, you can stay within your home and still have a great walk. Just maximize the available spaces around your home and walk as well as you would if you were to go on a long-distance walk.

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5. Lunges

Like some of the best exercises at home to lose weight we have talked about, lunges work on a number of muscles and burn many calories at once. The hamstring, glutes and squads are some of the muscles lunges work on.

Some experts advise that as a newbie, you should start with simple squats before going on to lunges. This is because lunges are a lot more complex, particularly forward lunges. They can result in serious knee problems when you do not perform them properly.

6. Dumbbell Snatch

Dumbbell snatch is one of those exercises to lose weight at home that targets the lower limb. Nonetheless, the act of exploding from a squat position makes it a great cardio exercise and the continuous movement helps to burn calories and tone the muscles. Dumbbell snatches not only help you lose weight but also helps to burn stubborn belly fat.

7. Mountain Climbers

best exercises at home to lose weight

This is another one of the best exercises at home to lose weight that improves your heart function immensely. Also, mountain climbers burn stubborn belly fat in addition to general weight loss. It does this better than the dumbbell snatch. To get the best result from this activity, do up to 100 reps for each leg for each round of the workout. Do up to 4 rounds.


The gym is not the only place where you can work out and get results. You would be surprised at how much progress you can achieve from working out at home. These best exercises at home to lose weight will help make your home workout session easy. Make a pick of which works best for you and commit to it. You are sure to see results in no time.

If you found this list of the best exercises at home to lose weight helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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