Benefits of soy milk

If lactose intolerance is your greatest challenge, then you should read this content to see soy milk and the benefits of soy milk. Well, you might be wondering why the non-diary seems to be up the list compared to its contemporaries or other of its picks or varieties such as pistachio, almond milk and oat milk. Though soy milk might have its backdrop that affects the male’s fertility it’s not proven. In between, let us get to know the benefits of soy milk.

Soy milk is made basically from soya beans. And, soya bean is a plant-based non-dairy beverage that sort of replaces or it’s an alternative to animal-based dairy beverages gotten from cows, goats etc.
More so, soy milk has minerals and vitamins like vitamin D, calcium essential fatty acid (omega-3) and flavonoids that give off antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and heart-protective characteristics if the soy milk is fortified. Says Julieanna Hever, RDn.

Asides from this, soy milk’s nutritional value is wholesome. It can be replaced with any cow milk to creamy texture to your snacks, dessert, coffee and smoothie. As well as it is an alternative for individuals who wants to cut down their milk intake.
And, if you experience irritation like gastrointestinal effects such as bloating, diarrhoea etc. So, to fight against this irritation, soy milk should be a pick. More so, you should stick with soy milk to appreciate the benefit of soy milk and its nutritional value.

Nutritional Facts Of Soy Milk

Well, according to the US Department of Agricultural (USDA) it records that a cup serving of plain unsweetened soy milk contains
Calories – 100
Fat – 4.9 grams
Carb – 7 grams
Fibre – 2 grams
Protein -7 grams
Calcium – 380 grams
Iron – < 1 milligram
Potassium – 289 grams
Sodium – 96 grams
Vitamins – 453 grams

Moreover, It’s vital to note that these nutritional values vary based on sugar and calories added by different manufacturers. Importantly, it’s advised to check the containers of that soy milk before purchase for its nutritional value if it coincides with your needs.
With these, or convincingly, let’s get to see the list of potential benefits of soy milk.

7 Benefits Of Soy Milk

1. Soy Milk Improves Cardiovascular Health

Benefits of so milk

If soy milk is said to be healthy for your heart, then it must be included in your groceries list. As it contains vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy heart. Moreover, soy milk has constituents which improve your heart health by preventing heart diseases and providing you with good cholesterol levels.

And, Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood. More so, the body needs these fatty substances to build healthy cells. Whereas, its increased level in the blood can increase an individual risk of heart disease. This happens by commutative deposits of fatty substances in the blood vessels leading to several cardiovascular issues.

2. It improves Bone and Teeth Health

benefits of soy milk

Interestingly, the importance of calcium should not be overly emphasized. Especially for your growing kids to help enhance their bone and teeth growth. Hence, at reduced levels, your body will be exposed to fractures, tooth decay and osteoporosis. You get 380 grams of calcium from a serving of soy milk. You see why you should not let loose of soy milk and its benefits

3. It Helps In the Weight Loss Journey

Soy   to enhancce weight loss

If you want to begin a weight loss journey with less severity, soy milk is the way out. Fortunately, combining soy milk rich in fibre with a high protein food and healthy fat is a bold step in the weight loss journey.

You should read the content on High Protein High Fibre Foods. Notably, soy milk is known to have effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So, soy milk will sure help you hit the supposed body mass index in your weight loss journey.

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4. Soy Milk Prevents Skin Issues

It clears skin spots

To prevent dark spots and acne on your skin, include soy-rich food and drinks in your diet. More so, it does not stop here. Recent studies also have proven that soy-rich dieting has a component responsible for ant-ageing.

5. Soy Milk Boosts Riboflavin And Vitamin B12 Levels


More it Soy rich diet, Its intake increases vitamin B2 and B12. And these vitamins are very important as it helps to improve haemoglobin function, cells responsible for DNA production and healthy nerves.

Also, Riboflavin produces the cells with enough energy to protect the DNA from damage. Note that, a serving of soy milk provides you with about 453 IU of energy. Soy milk is not a diet to be neglected

6. It Is Not Responsible For Hormone Imbalance.

benefits of soy milk

Soybeans have a plant-based compound known as phytoestrogens. Well, phytoestrogens are estrogen-like compounds which by structure are similar to estradiol. These compounds are said not to tamper with the hormonal balance of an individual. Though, during gestation, due to worry in pregnancy, it is advised not to take soy milk.

On the other hand, isoflavones which is also a constituent of soymilk is noted not to have an effect on pregnant women as well as testosterone levels in males. This is proven by a study of a May 2010 analysis of Fertility and Sterility.
Additionally, soy milk intake thus reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

7. It’s Full Of Protein

Its is high in protein

If not feeling filled up after eating, then soy should be on your menu list. Most importantly, Soy milk should be included as a source of protein in your diet. And its protein also helps to reduce bad cholesterols ( LDL).

It is also worth noting that soy milk has nine essential amino acids in it. These amino acids are thus converted by the body to proteins, for body and tissue building, antibodies for immune system function and enzymes for energy production.

In truth, the benefits of soy milk are numerous and essential. So tell me. What’s not it to include soy milk and soy-rich food in your diet?