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7 High Protein High Fibre Food

By the time you are done with this article, you will be overwhelmed by the importance of high-protein high-fibre foods. So, if you are inquisitive, let’s dive in.

Undoubtedly, a high fiber high protein food should be a prerequisite for your dieting. Especially when you bloat easily, have problems losing weight, have constipation and have a lot of indigestion issues. So, if you must have a healthy heart and easy digestion, you should include high fibre, high protein food in your diet.

Importantly, its worth of note that whether it is breakfast or lunch, it should be a variety of high protein high fibre contained food, healthy fats and fruits and vegetables inclusive. More so, this food combination should get you activated for the day’s routine. In truth, it’s unfortunate how we get to overlook a high fiber high protein food and its importance.

Unfortunately, nine out of ten Americans do not reach a high protein high-fibre food intake goal with an average intake of fibre at 12-14grams out of the supposed 25-38 grams as recommended by the US Dietary Guidelines. And this inclusively, this could be a result of their “trendy diet” like low carb diet, keto, and intermittent fasting and this trend tends to eliminate some of the high fibre high protein food categories and severely restricts the amount of food eaten explained by Mary Stewart RD. LD. A registered dietitian and a founder of Cultivate Nutrition in Dallas.

More so, it is important to note the health benefits of fibre and protein Food. And, need I say much, if you have chosen wellness, then you should do right. High-fibre and high-protein food are almost like an all-natural prescription to help boost your health and wellness.

Deficiency Of High Fibre And Proteinous Food

So, if these food classes are inspected to decrease the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. You should consider it top on your diet. Remember, a high protein high fibre food not only fills you, but it also gives you a healthy gut. Invariably, if you have decreased fibre and protein intake, you probably will be exposed to these.

  • Irregular bowel emptying
  • Risk of high cholesterol level
  • Constipation
  • The feeling of not filling up after eating
  • Risk of high blood pressure
  • Unhealthy gut
  • Diabetes

On a go, let’s dive into the high fiber high protein foods that sure give you the potency of being healthy.

7 High Protein High Fibre Foods

1. Yoghurt Parfait

 Yoghurt  parfait

You can have a protein-rich yoghurt parfait with varieties of nuts, berries and a mix of granola for lunch in place of juice and muffins.

Yes! To have a healthy experience. Interestingly, these choices for lunch tend to be more exciting and satisfying compared to the regular lunch pack. Having this swap will sure fill you up and get you working for the day.

2. Cherry-Spinach Smoothie

High fibre high protein food

Undoubtedly, this blend of a sitting pretty bowl of smoothie is not just delicious, it also sets you up for a fruitful day.  The cherry spinach smoothie is a blend of kefir, cherries, almond butter, avocado and chia seeds. 

This combination gets you fit, and reduces inflammation because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Additionally, avocado present gives off healthy fats important for a healthy heart. While spinach mix therein offers your body antioxidant that curbs free radicals.

3. Almond French Toast

Almond french toast

Getting to start a new day with almond French toast for breakfast is quite satisfying and replenishing. However, you can get this delicacy enticing with either honey or chocolate syrup topping and as well fresh berries.

Interestingly, it’s a 10 minutes breakfast just for two.

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4. Blackberry Smoothie

Blackberry smoothie for lunch

If want to get this done, get honey, varieties of berries and bananas to give the creamy blend. The fun fact is it ready in 5 minutes. This blackberry smoothie gives you the go-ahead for a perfect breakfast and is ready to get to work.

If you don’t have them fresh, a frozen option can serve. And this contains 7.6 grams of fibre

5. Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

High fibre high protein food

This is a California-style breakfast sandwich which you can get ready in a few minutes. Additionally, it comes in a combo of French bread, slices of avocado, crunchy onions and spinach. Yea! It’s really a go-to option for lunch after a hectic morning.

6. Quinoa Breakfast Bars

High fibre high protein food

Well, if you have exhausted options on what to have on a Sunday morning? Then, you can whip this ideal high protein high fibre food for breakfast. Importantly, it has about 36grams of protein and 18 grams of fibre.

7. Kidney Beans

High protein high fibre food

Half a cup of cooked kidney beans per serving gives you 7 grams of fibre as well as 7.7 grams of protein. And, it’s worth noting that these beans unlike others are very high in fibre content.

Finally, if carbs have always been your all times go-to, I hope this list of high protein high fibre foods will sure replace them in your diet.

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