Best Exercises in The Gym to Lose Weight

Stepping into the gym when you already know the best exercises in the gym to lose weight makes finding your way around easier. Not that there are bad exercises, some help you lose weight faster than others. Also, exercises are designed to target different body needs. There are different factors that can influence the kind of exercise that will work best for you. This is why it is important to work with a gym instructor to help select the best exercises for weight loss that suits you.

Nonetheless, we have selected a list of generally effective gym workouts to lose weight. This list comprises both cardio and strength-training exercises that will give you incredible results in no time.

6 Best Exercises in The Gym to Lose Weight

1. Assault Bike

best exercises in the gym to lose weight

Of all the best exercises in the gym to lose weight, an assault bike is one of the most effective. The bike uses an efficient mechanism that allows you to lose up to 80 cal/min. It uses a mechanism whereby its resistance increases with an increase in the pedal. This means the faster you pedal, the higher the resistance and the more calories you burn in the process. It is a great cardio exercise.

The overall flexibility of the bike is a major advantage. It allows you to go from light to intense cardio. Even more, you can adjust the seat as you please to get the best out of your workout.

2. Rowing

Rowing is more than a basic fitness machine; it is one of the best exercises in the gym to lose weight. To get maximum results from the rowing exercise, you need to be consistent and work out over a reasonable period of time. You may want to row up to 30 – 50 mins, five or six times weekly. Do this at a moderate pace.

The best part about rowing is that anyone can do it. No matter how overweight or unfit you are. However, you should check the maximum user weight of the machine before mounting it.

3. Weight Training

best exercises in the gym to lose weight

Contrary to popular belief, weight training is not an exercise for people who want to build bulk muscles only. While it is good exercise for bodybuilding, it is also effective for weight loss. Bodybuilders develop bulk muscles through weight lifting by eating more calories than they burn. However, to lose weight through weight lifting, you need to do the opposite by eating less calories.

Increasing physical activities also help you lose calories and therefore lose weight better when you start lifting weight. In addition to weight loss, weight training helps makes you stronger which is an advantage.

4. Elliptical

The elliptical trainer is a cardio machine for one of the best exercises in the gym to lose weight. It allows you to burn a lot of calories within a short period of time. More so, the machine is able to give effective results by engaging a good number of muscles in the body. You get to exercise your biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, chest, back, and glutes all at once.

The elliptical is very effective. According to, you can burn up to 270 – 400 calories in 30mins, depending on your weight.

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5. Kettlebell Swings

best exercises in the gym to lose weight

The kettle swing is a kind of weight lift that if not done correctly can result in serious injury. Because you will have to bend over at certain phases of the exercise, you need to be careful and keep your torso straight to avoid injury. This exercise not only burns fat but also improves your cardiovascular fitness. For best results, some experts say that 300 swings a day should be the target.

6. Battle Ropes

This is another high-velocity gym workout to lose weight in a short time. Some studies say that swinging battle ropes for 10 mins can burn up to 112 calories. Furthermore, some studies advise that you perform the exercise up to three times a week for up to six weeks for significant transformation. You should know that there are different ways to swing the rope. The method you implement depends on the result you hope to get. It is advisable to work with a gym instructor.

Final Words

For starters, finding the best exercises in the gym to lose weight can be a bit of a hassle. Although there are different exercise equipment in the facility, not all are targeted for weight loss. Also, some exercises are more effective than others. If have read through this article, you already know some of the best gym workouts for weight loss and how many calories you can lose in real-time.

If you find this guide for the best exercises at the gym to lose weight helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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