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How To Get Rid Of Christmas Clutter

After the Christmas celebration winds down, then comes the struggle to get rid of Christmas clutter. Annoyingly, this clutter and disorganization will not be noticed while the celebration is at its peak, after having to tend to visitors, friends, families and colleagues even. And, at this point, all you want to do is get everyone satisfied and happy. The shock of decluttering sure hits hard after this period fizzles out.

Fortunately, we have got good news to unravel by the end of this read. And, you should be able to pick points on how to deal with Christmas clutter while keeping your mental health in check.

Post-Christmas disorganization can be controlled if kept in check before the season or while the celebration is still on. But thrill won’t let us. Thoughtfully, this can be prevented by getting side boxes and trash cans to dispose of wrappers while unboxing. Also, boxes to keep out broken objects, and obsolete or faulty light amongst the décor. These steps should at least help reduce clutter and as well as helping you get rid of Christmas clutter ahead of the next holiday.

So, let’s guide you on how to clear Post-Christmas clutter and save you energy and stress.  So, shall we?

Points On How To Get Rid Of Christmas Clutter

1. Get To Organize Décor In Style And Partition

Get rid of Christmas clutter

If you have a voracious taste in style when it comes to décor, you sure would have lots of ornaments for Christmas decoration. And as well, lots of already used ornaments may be scattered in a rusty wooden space.  Having used lots of them over the years, you might want to sort them.

First, get a wooden locker with a partition let’s see how to clear Post Christmas clutter by sorting your décor in styles. Having to keep a group of the same décor in the same space breeds sanity and is a well easy lookout. You should try this to save your sanity for the next Christmas holiday décor.

2. Pack up each Christmas Décor Item By Function

If this is done, it will help reduce the clutter of boxes within your packing space. And, remember searching for stuff without direction can be annoying right? So, after the celebration, every item used for décor should be organized based on the functions and even fragile or not. All décor and its parts should be put in a place.

Get each box packed in orderly all lighting ornaments for external and internal décor separately. Another box should carry the carefully dismantled Christmas tree with its skirt, garland, tinsel and stand. You can as well pack up other items in different boxes with an illustration of breakable or not. This will not only leave your space decluttered, but it also will aid easy go-to if you decorate your home every holiday.

3. Give Out Old Items To Reduce Packing

get rid of Christmas clutter

Keeping it simple and sorted is sure the goal. So, every year we tend to get more trending Christmas décor and the old one is still left stuck. Now, it’s time to purge out most old, or maybe outdated décor and give out and also sort the faulty ones to the bin.

Also, for those that are not more your favs, give them out. Do not get your space stashed with décor you aren’t using anymore. You need space and as well, less packing to be sane.

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4. Make A List Of Each Item

Detailing saves you from stress. Yay or nay? Here, after boxing each item, get a diary to pen down what is contained in each box. This will ease your stress and save you energy for the next holiday décor. In the same vein, get to number each box and do so accordingly also in your diary.

For instance, if box themed A, has the Christmas tree and its different parts, this should be penned the same in the diary.  This is the best option when you have lots of boxes packed. And when next you have to use them, you just pick up your book of inventory glance through it and there you are with your search found.

5. Now Pack Up And Store Safely

Get rid of  Christmas Clutter

This is what you have to do last. If you have to take to all these points above without storing safely then all efforts are futile. Get to store décor that might get faulty with heat in an airspace.

Keep off the garage or stuffy stores for ornaments and heat-sensitive items like candy, candles, and colour decors. Then, metallic items should be kept away from moisture and damp areas. Also, get to look out for what’s best to store most items, maybe a basket or cardboard. All items should be in check and none left out or overlooked.

Finally, if you have gone through this read on how to get rid of Christmas Clutter before or even after the holidays, then you got yourself a seamless and stress-free organization after the holidays. Do give us your review if you tried these in the comment section.  

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