How to clean jets in tub

To avoid dirt build-up and harbouring of bacteria in your bathtub, you should understand how to clean jets in the tub.

Clearly, the inclusion of a bathtub in your home is important for relaxation and calming of your mind and nerves after a long and hectic day. Whereas, if that jet is dirty with oily circles, floating soap scum, perks of hairs and all, it sure would be discomforting.

Moreover, you can achieve neatness for comfy without breaking a bank. By cleaning your jets with basic household ingredients like detergents, liquid wash, vinegar or bleach you must have long forgotten in your pantry.

Whether it is a new bathtub, a tub used for a while or a tub which is used daily. This cleanliness is achievable as far as you avoid usage of a product that constitutes soot therein.

How to Clean Jets in Bathtub

When deciding how to clean jets in a tub, it should be noted that these tubs have different manufacturers. Hence, each jet of a tub has unique characteristics and how to handle them. However, the jets of a tub should be cleaned following the guidelines of each manufacturer’s manual.

1. Get The Tub Filled With Hot Water

Turn on your hot water and allow it to flow to fill the tub till it has covered 5.1- 7.6cm of water. As mentioned earlier, to avoid the soot and scum clean the jet every 1-3months if you use it always and at least every six months if you use it occasionally.

2. Switch Off The Air Induction Valves

Turning on the induction valves

You should turn off these valves because this action helps to push out the water to circulate only to the internal tub to ensure deeper cleaning. Regardless, this step should be taken to, only if noted in the manual.

3. Add Your Preferred Detergent

What detergent do you have? Be it dishwasher or liquid soap. Whichever one you have, just avoid using a high foaming detergent to reduce excess bubbles. Use 4 tablespoons of the powdered detergent or 30ml of the liquid dishwasher. This detergent is to help remove those oily circles or grease around the jet.

4. Pour In Disinfectant

How to clean jets in a  tub

Disinfectants help to remove clogs of harbour bacteria. It could be your long-forgotten bleach or white vinegar in your pantry. Well, you should use white vinegar over bleach because it’s less toxic. Bleach can be used when there are clogs or mud in the jet. However, either of them can be used but do not mix them. Half a cup of any of these disinfectants will do.

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5. Fill the Jet With Hot Water Again

How to clean jets in a tub

Here, you should run the hot water into the jet at high pressure at full capacity for 15 minutes. This force into the jet would help remove hidden muds caught therein, to flow into the water. If after the timing there are still clogs, continue running the water till no gunk is seen.

6. Empty Tub And Refill With Cold Water

How to clean jets in bath

Run in the water again but this time, it’s cold water up to 5.1 – 7.6cm. The cold water is for rinsing and cleansing. Hence, this step does not require either detergent or disinfectant.

7. Run Into The Tub Again Cold Water

How to clean jets in tub

Clean the jet of your tub again for another 10 minutes, run in cold water at high pressure into the tub again. This force would help release the little residue of clogs hidden within the jets. This is the final, rinse. After the expected timing, scrutinize if there are any bits of dirt. If any, run in the water again for another 5 minutes. In the end, there is no blasting of dirt from the jet again.

8. Drain Tub and Wipeout

How to clean jets in tub

Now, drain the tub entirely. After which you mop up the tub removing every leftover dirt using a clean cloth. But, if for any reason there are still clogged-up bits of dirt after cleaning, use an old brush to pick out the crevices of the jet, rinse out and wipe out dirt using a cloth.

In conclusion, how to clean jets in a tub should not be much of a herculean task if you take to these steps and I hope this content guides you.