7 Places You Can Learn A New Language

As kids, it’s easier to learn a new language. Maybe because they communicate with lots of friends at school, in the neighbourhood and all every day, however, this isn’t the same for adults. More so, I guess it is so because of our stringent schedules.  Or lots on our bucket list leaving us stressed. Especially sorting how to learn a new language.

Although learning a new language organically can be a herculean task.  Thankfully, it’s an advanced digital age, where technology has made life easier. Hence the creation of the best language learning apps.

To add, these apps help accommodate your schedules and your pace. So, once you are able to set up, go register and follow up consistently. More so, with the present-day development, learning a new language is sure a piece of cake.

Furthermore, you should look out and make a suitable option from these 7 places you can learn a new language. Hence, this best helps you override your new challenge of how to learn a new language by yourself technologically. Remember you do not just learn on the app, you also learn for free. 

7 Places To Learn A New Language

How to learn a new language

1. Duolingo

This is one of the most popular language-learning apps. Though it has its odds. But, it is fun and easy to access. This app gives you an interactive medium to easily learn languages like German, Japanese, Swedish, Polish and many more. More so, it’s worth clinging to acquire a skill.

This app thus features a fun mode of learning and it also accesses you on every step you take. Hence, giving you a feeling of being mentored. And, for every success at each stage, you get gift coins and see your growth.

Not leaving your drawbacks, which is pointed out immediately. Hence keeping your growth in check.  It is also easily accessible on both android and apple gadgets. Just follow the steps and get started.

2. Busuu

This software is developed basically to suit individuals with very tight schedules who are interested in learning a new language. So, this app is designed to teach you a language for 10 minutes daily and it has successfully registered over 90 million learners.

Additionally, Busuu offers over a thousand lessons created by engineers. Alongside a variable machine learning that gives you a good study plan and speech recognition.  Hence, giving you the leverage to learn a new language of your preference.

3. Rosetta Stone

To learn a new language by yourself, you have got to engross yourself. Maybe that’s why kids learn faster than adults. Learning a language on rosetta stone opens you to a technique for better interaction and contextual lessons.

Thus, resulting in swift learning. And this implements faster and easier instead of memorizing language vocabulary.

4. Byki

The programmers of this software claim this app has the fastest possibility of helping you learn efficiently. This is because its words and phrases are in long-term memory since it uses flash cards.

More so, this app helps you study at your pace by slowing down the speed of the speaker, tracks progress and gives a revised rundown automatically. That’s for memory refresh.

Byki does offer over 74 languages and is free. Give this software app a try and enjoy learning. Along the line, you may want to access other premium packages. Have fun learning.

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5. Lingualia

This is more of a social media to learn a new language than a software app. Moreover, It offers you a platform to learn as well as interact with other individuals from other countries. Here you learn a language and have fun.

This app has a feature called lingu. And this attribute acts to monitor and motivate you. Its style of learning is suiting. Stop once busy and get back to studying once prepared.

6. Livemocha

Livemocha is free and accessible. This has offered 34 languages to you. But in the long run, you will be required to pay some dollar bills to get through with your study.

Since its launching in 2007, this app has bloomed using videos and virtual classes to teach her students. Importantly, Livemocha allows student and teacher interaction. Hence making learning easier.

7. Memrise

If you are good with mnemonics. Memrise should be your learning app choice. Well, this software teaches using a mnemonic flashcard. Hence study becomes fun and easy.

Importantly, its learning technique is gamified. That is, it allows you to play a game with a friend while having some coins attached for the best. Furthermore, it has a learning style that is adaptive. What’s more appealing?

To add, it’s accessible on any gadget and it offers over 200 languages. What a platform for variety!

Conclusively, having gone through this reading, what is the best place to learn a new language? Let’s know your pick.  

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