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Epoxy Flooring In Kitchen – Pros And Cons

If you need to choose what flooring system would best suit your kitchen, then, it should be the epoxy flooring in kitchen. This gives you finesse and class.  Additionally, this choice of flooring in your space be it a residential epoxy floor, marble epoxy floor or any choice of floor coating made of epoxy gives you the possibility to assortment.

 Furthermore, the epoxy flooring made with resins gives your kitchen an outstanding and catchy look you can’t resist. Alongside its adorning aesthetics. More so, it stands out compared to other flooring systems.  The epoxy flooring system is also the most premium for commercial use, garage floor coating, parlour sit outs and other outdoor floors.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

This is simply a unique kind of flooring system that protects your floor. This flooring system is made from a mixture of resin and other hardening agents that gives it a plastic-like coating. Epoxy flooring is layered in multiples when coating and it’s then left to dry up. After which it gives a variegated, durable, stain resistant and an easy to clean look.

More so, it’s noted that epoxy floors should be at least 2 millimetres thick other than this measurement, it’s thus referred to as an epoxy floor coating. Also, its variation gives you the room to get to customize your kitchen or space generally with a suiting kitchen epoxy colour. Hence, the statement.

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring In The Kitchen

Wondered why the epoxy flooring for kitchen is high on request. Well, the benefits will tell.  So, I walked into a stall that sells epoxy flooring near me. Yea! They deal in epoxy floor residential, marble epoxy floors and every epoxy flooring for kitchen use.

We asked what’s so unique that this flooring system is so much in demand compared to other types. He replied saying epoxy flooring has its Pros and its Cons but then these are the benefits that keep individuals stuck to the product.

1. Low Maintenance

Avoid struggles with cleaning and getting to tackle with seams in between the floors is possible with an epoxy floor.  These floors leave you less worried about bacteria, soot or moulds. Hence, less maintenance.

Say, it’s impossible to elude stains on floors especially epoxy kitchen floor and residential epoxy floor. But it becomes no problem when you can easily wipe off the mess seamlessly.

2. Its Resist Slips

One main cause of home accidents is slipping on floors. So it’s very important you install epoxy flooring in kitchen. And, in this ascertaining, it’s crucial to include a non-slip resin coating which can help reduce accidents occurrence. If this flooring system can keep everyone safe, why not?

3. Resistance To Heat

Epoxy Flooring in the kitchen? This is the benefit to consider. The kitchen is a hot space, especially in an industrial kitchen.  This coating can shield your kitchen from fire, and damage by boiling water, hot pans and pots.

The temperature in the kitchen is always the highest compared to every other room in your space.

And it’s common in commercial places. This is an important step to put into consideration when getting to fix a flooring system. Besides, epoxy flooring has countless benefits from its productivity to durability and lots more.  Regardless, let’s see what the cons as against the Pros of epoxy flooring.

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Pros Of Epoxy Flooring In Kitchen

1. Highly Durable

Epoxy floors can last for a long time even overcoming wear and tear. And if well cured can even last much longer.  However, the durability of these floors is quite dependent on their installation and place.

So, if installed for commercial use, more consideration compared to subsistence use. Generally, these floors should be well treated but for commercial use, they should be well cured due to human traffic, exposure to chemicals, spills and lots more. It is also resistant to water and heat. So, why won’t it last longer?

2. Customization Possibility

The finesse and aesthetic to behold this floor give together with the room to give your kitchen your dream poise.  Especially in kitchens owned by GenZs. They surely would want customization to show off. From an endless catalogue of designs, variegated colours and subtle materials to give you the patterning and shapes you desire.

3. Affordable

If it’s all efficient and productive but expensive, this beauty will only be accessible to a few. And it’s a No. These floors aren’t just affordable they are budget-friendly too. So you have no excuse to get this beauty fixed up in your kitchen.

4. Safety

It’s safe to say that this flooring system is best for garage fittings and kitchens. Especially if you have kids. And, this flooring enhances visibility in your garages reflecting light on the floor. Also, fewer slips for your kids.

5. Protection

It’s called floor covering for protection. However, the epoxy floor covering is unique. This coating protects the underlying concrete floor from moisture, dampness, stains grease, soothe, grit and moulds.

This exactly helps improve longevity, easy cleaning and low maintenance. Most importantly, these protective measures are dependent on the right installation.  Get an expert.

Cons Of Epoxy Flooring In Kitchen

1. Installation

Installation is basically an issue. If you need to get it, get it perfectly. The process begins with concrete sorting, just all the process is time taking. And, the patience to get it dried up before taking up the next step.

Though you can use a concrete sealer to help cut through these long processes to save you time and energy. But, it has a drawback, the flooring loses its aesthetic and glam.

2. Its Use Is Shortlived

Though it’s known for durability and resistivity its use is temporary. The use of this flooring is thus said to be replaced. It’s noted that the daily wear and tear on the epoxy floor especially floors use in commercial areas.

Lots of walks, spills, dragging of trolleys, movement of heavy gadgets and even dragging of these implements. Sure cracks, coat peeling and some damaged spots that might become worse in the long run. 

But then, these floors will be receptive to easy tear off and needs replacement. Or a need to put up a new coating of epoxy. 

3. Foul Smell

Do you know the smell of urine? That’s the same as ammonia.  And this smell is perceived on wet epoxy. And this fume is more on darker shades of epoxy than lighter ones.

4. Sensitivity

Epoxy flooring should be best handled by an expert. This is because you are meant to follow directives judiciously. If it’s not done properly, it won’t last long, exposed to scratches, hard to clean too if overly sprayed.

More so, epoxy floors are very sensitive to weather. Hence, its installation should be done only when the humidity level is low. Or rather get a dehumidifier if it calls for urgency. This gadget helps extract moisture from the room while installed.

5. Removal

When installed, it gets stuck fiercely. Then removing it when cracked, and changing the epoxy floor color or designs becomes a problem. This process is highly expensive and as well labour-intensive.

So, you can always make a subtle choice because repairing and removing an already fixed epoxy coating can be expensive and difficult too.

Final Words,

Epoxy flooring has more Pros and cons in its usage in the kitchen. However, before taking a step to deciding what choice of flooring is the best suiting. Do speak to a professional to help you clear the air in that confused state.

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