Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

You and your best friend or friends (as the case may be) have divided to get a tattoo. What next? Coming up with a tattoo idea for best friends can be tough sometimes. You want to get the best image because tattoos are permanent and you don’t want to make any mistakes. Also, you and your friends need to agree on the style that matches your personality. This can sometimes lead to a back-and-forth.

However, if you have different options to choose from, it will make it easier for you and your friend to decide. So, this piece is going to reveal some of the best kinds of tattoos any friend can get. We will also talk about where you can get more inspiration for specific designs that match your personality. Keep reading!

Meaningful and Unique Tattoo Idea for Best Friends You Should Try

1. Symbolic Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

Symbolic Tattoo Idea for Best Friends
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Getting a tattoo with your best friend is a fun experience. And sometimes people decide to express their bond with just any beautiful art or drawing they like. However, there are times when you want to go for something that holds a deeper meaning between you and your friend. You have to look beyond mere aesthetics. So, go for something that serves as a personal statement or a reflection of your beliefs, values, or experiences. Tattoos like this have the power to capture emotions, memories, or shared interests.

2. Minimalist Friendship Tattoos

Minimalist Friendship Tattoos
Photo Credit: Round the World Magazine

If there is one place the “less is more” mantra holds true, It is most likely with this minimalist tattoo idea for best friends. Because you do not always need to do too much to express the depth of your friendship. Here, minute signs, alphabets (from your initials or names), clean lines, subtle imagery, and minimal colours speak volumes of your friendship bond.

This small tattoo for best friend is a great option for people who love simplicity and elegance.

3. Matching Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

Matching Tattoo Idea for Best Friends
Photo Credit: Society19

Matching tattoos are designs that are deliberately created to be identical or complementary, symbolizing the unbreakable bond between friends. You and your friend can draw inspiration from shared experiences, hobbies, and classic friendship symbols to create unique designs that represent your special connection. Most of the time, people draw their matching tattoos on the same part of their body as their friend so that they complement each other perfectly.

4. Nature-Inspired Tattoo

Nature-Inspired Tattoo
Photo Credit: Goalcast

When nature and friendship meet, magic is created. There could be no better tattoo idea for best friends that love nature other than a nature-inspired tattoo. This style serves as a meaningful and artistic representation of your friendship while celebrating the harmony between humanity and the environment. You can draw inspiration from your favourite flowers, natural landscapes, wildlife, and celestial elements. Wherever your heart lies in nature, just go with it.

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5. Quote Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

Quote Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

Would you rather express your friendship through words rather than imagery? Feel free to do exactly that. You can write personal mantras, favourite quotes, or words that symbolize the essence of your friendship. Tattoos like this serve as a constant reminder of what matters most to you and your best friend.

You can get some inspiration from shared experiences and inside jokes. Books, songs, movies and even online quotes databases are good idea sources too. Another place you can find the right words for your tattoo is from meaningful phrases in other languages. If you are writing in a different language, make sure you verify the correctness and accuracy of the phrase so that you do not get the wrong phrase permanently stuck on your skin.

6. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos
Photo Credit: Tattoo Design

A geometric tattoo is a perfect tattoo idea for best friends who wish to explore something unique and stylish. This idea incorporates geometric shapes, lines, and patterns into tattoo art. Also, these tattoos often feature precise and symmetrical elements such as triangles, circles, squares, or intricate mandalas.

You can get inspiration for this design from sacred geometry and spiritual symbols like the Flower of Life, Sri Yantra, or Metatron’s Cube. You can also explore abstract art, modern sculptures, or famous architectural landmarks to find unique shapes and patterns that resonate with you and your best friend.

7. Travel-Inspired Tattoos

Travel-Inspired Tattoos
Photo Credit: Pinterest

You and your best friend can draw a BFF tattoo inspired by your favourite travel location together. These designs serve as visual reminders of your favourite destinations, cherished memories, and the indescribable feeling of being on the road. Beyond your personal experience, you can also draw travel-related symbols, landmarks, maps, or quotes related to travel and wanderlust.

8. Animal-Themed Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

Animal-Themed Tattoo Idea for Best Friends
Photo Credit: CafeMom

Similar to nature-themed tattoos, this is a tattoo idea for best friends who have specific animals they love and resonate with. We are surrounded by numerous creatures including the majestic lions, graceful birds, playful dolphins and wise owls. These animals symbolize beauty, strength, and unique characteristics. Hence, animal-themed tattoos can mirror qualities or traits that resonate with you and your best friend, capturing the spirit of your friendship in an artistic and meaningful way.

9. Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Puzzle Piece Tattoos
Photo Credit: InkMatch

Puzzle piece tattoos are designs that feature individual puzzle pieces that interlock when placed together. These tattoos symbolize the connection, completeness, and unique fit that you and your best friend share. Just like a puzzle, your friendship forms a beautiful picture when all the pieces come together. Puzzle piece tattoos represent the irreplaceable role your friend plays in your life, completing and complementing you in a way that no one else can

Final Words

If you have gone through these 9 tattoo idea for best friends, you probably already have an option you are considering. Whether you want a dramatic geometric design or a small tattoo for best friend like the minimalist design, three is something for everyone. If you are getting a permanent tattoo, make sure you and your friend are comfortable with the idea. Then look for the best tattoo artists near you and go create memories with your friend.

If you found these ideas helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.