low calorie foods that are high in protein

Reducing your caloric intake is good for a weight loss plan. However, low calorie foods that are high in protein are the game changers. They help you attain your desired result faster while providing other health benefits. One of the best sources of low calorie foods high in protein is seafood. Soon, we will look at nine foods that are high in protein and low in calories. But first, let’s check out some of the health benefits of eating these foods.

Benefits of Eating Low Calorie Foods That Are High in Protein

Health benefits of low calorie foods include;

  • Improves physical activities
  • Improves mode and general wellbeing
  • Better reproductive health
  • Reduces chances of age-related brain degeneration

Some of the benefits of high protein in foods are;

  • Increases metabolism and burns more calories
  • Helps in maintaining weight loss
  • Reduces binging and late-night cravings
  • Boosts strength and increases muscle mass
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Reduces hunger rate and appetite

9 Low Calorie Foods That Are High in Protein

1. Plain Nonfat Greek Yoghurt

170g of plain nonfat greek yoghurt contains 100 calories which are gotten from 69% protein, 24% carbs, 7% fat and 0% alcohol. The same quantity of nonfat greek yoghurt contains 17g protein, 144.72g water, 6.1g carbs, 0.7g fat and 5.5g sugar [Data Source: MyFoodData].

Aside from being one of the low calorie foods that are high in protein, plain nonfat greek yoghurt also contains a high quantity of water, 85.72% which helps to keep you hydrated.

2. Egg

low calorie foods that are high in protein

One hard-boiled egg (100g) contains 155 calories, 1.1g carbs, 11g fats, 373mg cholesterol, 13g protein, and vitamins, among other nutrients [Data Source: USDA]. An egg is a source of complete protein because it contains a complete range of amino acid.

It is one food high in protein low calorie that has stirred debates. People have tried to advise on which part of the egg is better. Most people believe that egg white is better than the yolk because of the cholesterol content of the latter. However, both parts complement each other to provide optimal nutrients. while the egg white contains most of the protein, a good amount is also present in the yolk.

Therefore, the whole egg will provide you with the complete protein it contains. Also, recent studies have shown that moderate consumption of eggs does not affect the cholesterol level as many people believe.

3. Mushroom

Of all the low calorie foods that are high in protein discussed here, mushroom stands out because it is a fungus. Nonetheless, like others, it has high nutritional content including; 22 calories, 3.1g protein, 2g sugar,3.3g carbs, 5mg sodium, 318mg potassium, etc., in 100g of the plant [Data Source: USDA].

There are different types of mushrooms in the wild, some of which are poisonous. Hence, it is advisable to buy from stores to be sure that you are getting the right ones. If you can identify the edible ones, then it’s okay to fetch them yourself. Added to its numerous nutritional value, the many ways available to enjoy mushrooms is another advantage of this food high in protein low calorie.

4. Spinach

low calorie foods that are high in protein

100g of spinach contains 23 calories, 2.9g protein, 2.2g dietary fibre, 3.6g carbs, 0.4g sugar, vitamins C and B6, iron, magnesium, etc. [Data Source: USDA]. In addition to its role in weight loss, spinach has many health benefits due to its numerous nutritional content.

This leaf is one of the most flexible and pocket-friendly ways to add high protein, low calorie to your diet. You can use it to make a wide range of meals, from soups to salads. Although you can eat spinach raw, its oxalic acid content hinders the absorption of iron and calcium. However, this acid breaks down at a high temperature.

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5. Lentils

Lentils are another low calorie foods that are high in protein. 100g of cooked lentils contains 116 calories, 9.02g protein, 0.38g fat, 20.13g carbs, 7.9g fibre, 1.8g sugar, etc. [Data Source: USDA]. Also, aside from their role in weight loss, other health benefits of lentils include; decreasing the risk of heart disease, preventing cancer, improving digestion and reducing appetite, etc.

6. Salmon

low calorie foods that are high in protein

Salmon is a common food fish that is rich in protein and low in calories. 100g of this fish contains 208 calories, 20g protein, 55mg cholesterol, 13g fat, 59mg sodium and 363mg potassium, vitamins, among other nutrients [Data Source: USDA]. Unlike some fish which you have to skin for less fat and calories, salmon can be eaten whole. Its skin is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are necessary to maintain good health.

7. Shrimp

This is one of the low calorie foods that are high in protein that are eaten worldwide. 85g of cooked shrimp contains 84 calories, 20.4g protein, 189mg cholesterol, 0.2g carbs, 0.2g fat, 94.4mg sodium, 201mg phosphorus, etc. This is according to verywellfit.com. Because of the highly perishable nature of the seafood, it is advisable to always go for frozen shrimp even when fresh ones are available.

8. Low-fat Milk

low calorie foods that are high in protein

According to medicalnewstoday.com, 246g of low-fat milk contains 106 calories, 8.32g protein, 12.7g carbs, 2.34g fat, 310mg calcium, 2.61mcg vitamin D, 143mcg vitamin A, 89.1mcg iodine and 1.4g saturated fat. Whole milk contains a similar amount of nutrients but with a higher amount of fat. Hence, low-fat milk is a healthier option especially if you need low calorie foods high in protein.

9. Peas

Peas among other legumes are low calorie foods that are high in protein. 100g of peas contain 5g protein, 0.4g fat, 14g carbs, 5g dietary fibre, 5mg sodium, 244mg potassium, etc. [Data Source: USDA]. Also, they contain antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins that are good for your heart and help to improve your immune system.

Final Words

This article has provided some of the best low calorie foods that are high in protein that you can add to your meal plan. Aside from their significant impact on weight loss, they also have other incredible specific health benefits. We have provided the nutritional content of these foods so that you can make better dietary decisions.

If you found this list helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.