home colour combination

Tell me, what is your take on interior décor? Especially on home colour combination. Well, your taste in colours and how to combine them says a lot about your personality. Maybe stylish or old-fashioned. So, if you love monochrome home combinations, it’s time you added a bit of colour mix to your home. This lightens your home.

Importantly, it also won’t be a bad idea to play with some basic colours to give you some unique shades. However, these are well-selected home best color combinations to suit your space if you are moving in newly or need to revamp your space and lighten it up. These are amazing house colour combination to make a pick from to get started.

And let’s get to see the matching combo you did be trying out. Notably, how beautiful and pleasant the décor and design pulled out.

Home Colour Combination To Rejuvenate Your Space

1. Peach, Cream And Chrome

If you love monochrome but need a touch of other colour combos. This is it.  And it’s a contemporary style for your small living room. This home colour combination gives your space a cosy and welcoming aura.

Moreover, this is a combo yet it gives a monochrome statement.

2. Army Green And Burnt Orange

home colour combination

This colour combination screams a strict tone. So, if you are colour averse but need to sort your space. Make it less dramatic with choice.

Especially when you don’t want it loud. Just simple yet energetic.

3. Torquise, Yellow And Grey

For a calm yet bold aesthetic, this shade gives your space and luxury. Well, this is a sure go-to if your space is both home and office.

But, more suitably an office or studio. This aesthetic will lighten up your mood. You should give it a try.

4. Swirl Dusky Pink And Berry Shade

Colour combination for  youngsters

This design is for your girl child. So, if you have one returning home after a while of being out and you need to revamp her space. This is perfect.  

5. Lush Green And Orange

Home colour combination

Green is cool and dynamic. It easily gets a good tone and a refreshing backdrop. Hence, giving a bold scheme.

And orange sits pretty and then brightens the bold green. However, it’s ideal. More so, green and orange are a sight to behold even on accessories so too on upholstery.

6. Plush Plum And Luxe Gold

Plum is calm and a beauty to behold. Then, having it together with gold depicts class.  Plum settles with any colour such as pink, lilac, brown or grey.

 Agreeably, It fits more on a wall-to-wall than the types of furniture and any other décor on Gold.

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7. White And Lively Yellow

children living room colourfully painted

Just white is not a go for me. But having it mixed with other colours, especially a lively and bright shade like yellow is lush. So, if need to make up your kids’ room or the children’s playground.

You should make this a pick.  Also, some other blooming colours give your living space an accent.

8. Soft Coral With Cool Tones

Home with coral stones

A perfect home aesthetic?  Soft coral and cool tones give your space a calm and natural glow. This is best for your bedrooms and living room. Moreover, being very cool and natural, helps it glows in summer.

More so, you may include a dash of grey and sky blue is lovely too. So, ideally, if you want a gentle and welcoming home aura soft coral and cool tones, it is. Inclusively, simple furniture too.

9. Grass Green With White

Home color designs

Welcoming, suiting, invigorating and even more is the definition of this home colour combination. Green is a dynamic colour that suits you well. It can be used to fix up homes ranging from a traditional style to modern.

It gives off an immaculate poise when the green shade is slightly littered in between the white. Like, having the stairs on white colour, trolley, centre tables and cabinet and the walls too.

Then a part of other spaces on grass green. This combo on green sure makes the green pop. What a fresh sight to behold.

10. Earthly Naturals Combo

Home colour combinations

It’s pleasing to see that most natural colours that are amazing for outdoor use are nicer when used for indoor décor. For me, this is a rejuvenating sight.

Essentially, It accelerates the healing process especially when the designs go with a dash of greenery. You sure would like it. And, it’s the choicest of your old parents.

11. Royal Blue And Blush Pink

It feels surreal. I don’t know but I love this combo. Well, royal blue depicts royalty and it’s calm and cosy too. Indeed, this is the best for a bedroom set. Yea! it gives your space a relaxed and calm look instantly.

However, royal blue looks dapper and feminine when mixed with blush pink. This gives you that soft look and design. This combination for your space is okay. Don’t go adding any other bold or colourful pattern to it. That will be just too much.

 Finally, you surely don’t know how amazing and beautiful your space is until you give it the desired and right colour combination.

Also, from this list of well-selected home colour combinations, we are sure you have something to choose from to range from a traditional to the contemporary style