11 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday That Will Make You Happy

As you get older, you may begin to run out of ideas for fun things to do on birthday. Probably because you have done so much in the past years and do not know what else you can do. Or, you no longer have an interest in celebrating birthdays. However, birthdays should be celebrated no matter how old you are.

Birthdays are not just a reminder that you are getting old as some people fear. They are a reminder of how far you’ve come in life. And of how stronger and wiser you have become through all the challenges. Hence, they are worth celebrating, especially because they come only once a year.

So, whether you still celebrate or have stopped celebrating, the activities in this article will inspire some fun ways to enjoy your special day going forward.

Make Your Day Unforgettable With These Fun Things To Do on Your Birthday

You could spend your day indoors and still occupy yourself with interesting activities. Or, you can go out and create beautiful memories. There are different options available in this list. Also, whether you want to celebrate alone or with friends, you decide and plan for the activity that best suits you.

1. Try Making Your Own Cocktail

fun things to do on birthday

No, you need not be a pro bartender to make the best cocktails. All you need is a good spirit and this article on 7 Whiskey Cocktails You Should Try and you are good to go.

Go through the recipes and decide which ones you love to make for your special day. It is one of the fun things to do on birthday that you can do by yourself or with other people. So, you can also call friends to come around and enjoy the drink with you.

However, if you prefer vodka to whisky, then try these 9 popular vodka cocktails.

2. Pick Up Your Old Photo Albums

Celebrating a new year does not mean forgetting the old. Every year of your life brought you to where you are now. So, why not reminisce a little?

Pick up those family photo albums and take a look at your younger self. If your pictures are saved on the internet, go through them too. Take as much time as you can to relive all the beautiful memories from your past.

3. Go Window Shopping

fun things to do on birthday

Money should not stop your fun. If you cannot afford to go shopping, then go window shopping in your favourite shopping area. This way, you can also get some inspiration on the beautiful things you can buy when you eventually have money.

4. Check-In at a Luxurious Hotel

A staycation is of the fun things to do on birthday to feel relaxed. Look out for the most luxurious hotel you can afford and plan a getaway for yourself. You can spend your time there binging on movies, books, food, and whatever you love.

If you decide to read books, you may find these 11 self-help books useful. You can also enjoy beautiful views if there are any at the hotel you choose.

5. Take the Day Off

fun things to do on birthday

I did this for my last birthday. I planned my week such that I left my birthday free of any kind of work. So. On my birthday, I did a movie marathon and had enough rest.

But you can decide to do something different with your day. Perhaps go for a swim, go to the beach, go on a road trip, whatever.

If you are an employee, you can ask your boss for a day off or at least a half day. However, if this does not work out for you, you can plan your evening for any other activity discussed here.

6. Throw a Themed Party

Choose a theme and call some of your friends to come over to celebrate with you. It does not have to be something big, but you need to create an atmosphere that fits your theme.

Whether it is a pyjamas or an ’80s-themed birthday, go for a theme you love and bring it to life. Also, don’t forget to inform your friends about the theme.

7. Volunteer

fun things to do on birthday

If you are a humanitarian, volunteering is definitely one of the fun things to do on your birthday. So, sign up for any good course that you love and spend your day helping out.

Giving back always feels really good. You can also donate or take your party to the less privileged if that is your thing. If you are not throwing a party, you can visit them with a little gift.

8. Take a Class

What have you always wanted to learn? Use your birthday as an opportunity to take a class on it. Whether it is dance, music, martial art, cooking, arts, or anything at all.

Of course, this is not for you to perfect the skill, but just an opportunity to have fun and try out what you always wished to do.

9. Go See a Game or Sport

fun things to do on birthday

Get a ticket to watch your favourite sport/game live on your birthday. You do not have to go for the biggest games if you cannot afford them.

Find out about the local teams for your favourite sport/game and the dates on which they hold their matches. So, as one of the fun things to do on birthday, get yourself a ticket for a game. Also, remember to go with enough snacks that will see you through the game.

10. Go on Your Dream Adventure

Most of us have at least one daring thing on our bucket list that we will like to try. It could be anything from skydiving to mountain climbing or even getting a tattoo.

Your birthday is a perfect time to tick at least one of those adventures off. So, take a look at that list one more time and decide which one you will be doing on your next birthday.

11. Visit the Wildlife

fun things to do on birthday

Speaking about adventures here is a good inspiration if you do not have any on your bucket list. Instead of going to the zoo or aquarium (which are also fun places to visit), you can decide to do something a little more daring.

So, visit a natural reserve or national park to have a closer interaction with nature. Take a tour to see the plants, animals, waterfalls and other geographical structures available.

Final Words

No matter the age you are turning next, your birthday is worth celebrating and with these fun things to do on birthday, you do not need to overthink ways to do so.

Whether you want to make the day a grand one or you just want to have fun without breaking the bank, you can. Just select the idea that you are most comfortable with and enjoy your day.

If you found these birthday inspirations helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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