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9 Popular Vodka Cocktails You Should Try.

Why do you host vodka cocktail parties and not brandy parties? Yes!! It’s the impression.

Nonetheless, what is your choice of spirit drink? Hmm! Well, it will be correct to say that there are a handful of different types of spirit drinks out there ranging from liqueur, brandy, rum, wine spirit, and whiskey. However, a vodka cocktail is the choicest.

More so, what’s your take, a nay or yay?

Well, the popular vodka cocktails are simple, mild, friendly mixed and replenishing. Hence if it’s a yay, then it sure will be some sort of abnormality not to swim in the myriad of picks, this spirit drink has to offer. And also to have a taste of these creative legendary mixed drinks.

Meanwhile, if you decide to stop by or hang out with the guys or even on a night out date with the ladies after the weekend stress at your preferred cafe’, a vodka cocktail should be the topmost on your menu list but this will be more adventurous when you spice it up with varieties.

Nonetheless, we have scripted out the list of some best, outstanding and most popular vodka cocktails out there with distinct flavours and health-friendly recipes to spice your party and make that impression.

Popular Vodka Cocktails You Need To Try

1. Vodka Martini

Vodka martini known as the Kangaroo cocktail was a top recognized cocktail in the late 90’s to the early 2000s. However, this popular cocktail vodka is achieved using two premium ingredients. Though, Gin martini has unarguably been in comparison with the vodka martini. Yet, it has gotten no place.

In a mixing glass, pour and mix ice, vodka and vermouth, filter into a Martini glass and dress with a lemon twist.

Alcohol volume: 12%.

2. Cape Cod Vodka Cocktail

Cape cod is a reddish blend mix that is catchy and attractive. It is the student and youngsters’ choice. This cocktail brew is of Massachusetts origin and named after America’s unofficial cranberry capital.

Though, amongst students, it is called cranberry vodka.
To achieve this 14% volume alcohol blend, cranberry and vodka are required.

3. Moscow Mule Vodka Cocktail

The Moscow mule is not a regular kind of cocktail. It is termed ‘reserved”. Additionally, this drink is not sold in all nightclubs or cafes’. However, it’s primarily sold in exquisite bars.

Nevertheless, what’s the vodka mix?
Your choicest vodka blend, lime juice, then either spicy ginger soda or ginger beer depending on how spicy you like it. However, the spicier the better.

Alcoholic content: 11%

4. Screwdriver

Popular Vodka Cocktail

Ever wondered how it sounds to a first-timer when they step into the cafe and learn about a screwdriver? Inquisitive surely. However, this drink is one of the sweetest and most delightful cocktails. Though, as sweet as it tastes, it resonates with you.

Therefore, this blend is a mixture of vodka and freshly prepared orange squeeze. This is surely the best cocktail drink usually for the lady’s night out.

Alcohol content: 11.4%

5. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Vodka Cocktail

How do you intend to spend your Sunday afternoon without a glass of bloody Mary as brunch? Moreover, this drink is for adults. Hence, it’s the bad boy’s choice anyway. Though, it could be a take-home for the morning safari.

The Bloody Mary is a mix of Tomatoes juice, Hot sauce, Spice, Lime juice, and vodka. Dressed with celery.

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6. Sea Breeze

The joy of your vacation is not full without a glass of sea breeze, especially during summertime.

Additionally, it’s a combination of vodka, a dash of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice which gives it the wild sour taste.

Hey, don’t forget to get your sunglasses.

7. Salty Dog

This is a classy and chic drink that gives a perfect sip. In the same vein stirs your taste buds with its salty taste. Hence, this drink consists of vodka, grapefruit juice and briny salt.

Note, if the sour taste seems much, dilute with a bit of syrup to enhance sweetness.

Alcohol volume; 12%.

8. Black Russian Vodka Cocktail

Looking for a preference for a vodka cocktail to calm your nerves and refreshes you for a short while after a long day? Oh well, Black Russian is the clue. However, it requires just two ingredients viz; vodka, coffee liquor and sometimes cherry for dressing which mixes in minutes.

9. Cosmopolitan Vodka Cocktail

Popular Vodka Cocktail

The sitting pretty in pink is chic and perky with a high wave in class and is the coolest amongst cocktails. It’s the right choice for a couple’s night out and or lover’s hangout. The cosmopolitan drink is significant for ladies on sex and the city.

Moreso, the recipe for this cocktail is a mix of cranberry juice, vodka, lime juice and Cointreau. This fruity vodka cocktail blend is sure a great choice for vodka lovers and as such disliked its taste. Its alcohol content is 27%.

With these, I take no offence to other spirit types and gin inclusive. If vodka cocktail tops its game and sells out to be your favourite, this is because it’s more than a drink.

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