9 Work From Home Productivity Hacks For People Working Remotely

To sit within your space and get that done could be very tiresome. Thus, you need some tips to get your assigned work done. However, we think these work-from-home productivity hacks can get you working already and excelling in your craft.

More so, it’s important that being bored with the work you have to do can cause the pull out of low productivity.

To take us back to 2020, during the covid-19 era when the idea to work from home became a ‘new normal’. Importantly, people started to struggle to get their regular daily routine jobs done due to the change in space and all. Acclimatizing became a struggle. The struggle varied from boredom, less productivity, loneliness (missing the room where you have to work with your colleagues), chats and having lunch in your favourite eat-outs and lots more.

Well, there is a benefit. Less struggle early wakes up and an avoidance of the daily bustling and hustling and less stress.

But that’s not the case. Today, remote workers are stuck with workloads due to their inability to meet up with deadlines. Hence, decreased productivity. Anyways, let’s get to sort this drama with these work from home productivity tips. Importantly, remember to make your workspace fun and adaptive with these work from home productivity hacks.

9 Work From Home Productivity Hacks

1. Get Dressed

Work from home  productivity hacks

This hack sets you in a work mode. Yea! It should not work clothe like a suit or a formal dress. Just get out of that pyjamas. Getting dressed for the day gives you, ready-to-work vibes.

And as well, sets you to get on your desk and begin sorting those files. Note that, the attire should be any clothing that gives you complete comfy.  

2. Work With A Daily Morning Routine

What helps you get started in the morning? That’s the routine. Waking up in the morning is like a task especially if you are the grumpy type. Let alone you have to work from home. Here, are productivity tips for working from home to your rescue.

Additionally, If you get to listen to an episode of your favourite podcast on your way to work, run a few pushups and sit-ups, do Yoga, listen to the early morning BBC news, pack up clothes for laundry or more. Don’t stop.

This routine prepares you for a productive and happy day. Also, if you are to have your breakfast, take your time and get everything sorted. Then hit your workspace with a bottle of water. Lastly, it’s crucial to hold on to these routines to help you get the best. As well as ushering you to begin a new day while working from home.

3. Have A Workspace

One of the important work from home productivity hacks is the creation of a designated workspace. Carving out a space within your home gives you an environment for work and productivity.

As a college student who loves to read from home, I tried to create a reading space within my tiny room space. Hence, once I get to sit at my reading desk, my sense thus spells it out. It’s a serious mood. And I get down straight with work.

More so, it’s important you find a workspace close to the window. Remember, your comfort plays a crucial role in your productivity. Make sure all you need is put in place and you are cosy.

4. Organize Your Workspace

If you must have the motivation and mindset to be productive, your workspace should be clutter-free and neat. A decluttered space affects your mental health and as well lowers productivity.

Organize your workspace to be suitable and fun. Fix it up with a table and chair that places you in the right sitting posture. Hence, avoiding back pain. Get a music box, and a flower pot if you appreciate the greenery. More so, make sure your workspace is all lighted up.

Remember to get in your water bottle within your workspace but take off all forms of snacks and other edibles. This is you keep to the rule, No eating while working.

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5. Go For Breaks

Work From Home  Productivity hacks

Every onsite worker works and goes for a break once it’s time. You should too as a remote worker. Get to break out in between work and it should be scheduled and timed. During the break, you have time to snack up, have lunch, gist with friends, call your team or have a video call with your partner.

Especially when you feel stuck, have writer’s block and need to break through.  Go for a break, take a walk, and breathe fresh air. You sure will be energized to get through with the work.

6. Speak With Your Team

Team work

No one is an island of knowledge. Once you feel stuck, call your team member may be on zoom or google meet. This is important, don’t wave it.

You might be good at your craft but someone in your team might be better. Lay your complaint and let someone help out. This also helps boost a team’s playing ability. Also, note that monopoly is boring. Let someone help out.

7. Avoid Procrastination

Life is happening now. Don’t procrastinate. This is a killer of productivity. Get to work immediately.  You cannot say you cannot be distracted and tend to postpone as far as you work from home.

Set boundaries and follow them strictly. Freeze all media Apps that might get you distracted. Also, your phones should be in a silent mood and mute all sounds too. Don’t open chats and emails too.

 If you leave them on or working, a little check-in might take the whole day and in the same vein lose focus. Until it’s break time don’t open any box outside your working tool. Whereas, if your workspace is as noisy as mine, do get a noise-limiting airpod while working. Yea! Its works like magic.

8. Have A Back-Up

Backups of files

Uncertainty can occur when most unexpected. Be ahead. I was once caught up and lost all my files and couldn’t get over these lost files because I had no backup prepared. And I had to start all over. You could imagine how I felt.

So, if you work from home online do back up all your files and save those files in the cloud. Your system could crash unplanned. Well, to avoid system crashes, do check your system and other working tools for servicing and maintenance.

9. Include A Workday Self-care


 Working from home is typically a sedentary lifestyle. Working from home is stressful and you could easily be exhausted may be because of isolation, fear of not meeting up with deadlines, workloads and also not having to connect with other teammates. All of these could be overwhelming.

And here, after work self-care comes in. Self-care helps you get fully ready and energized to face the day’s tasks. Whatever activity set you up. Maybe gym, listening to your fav music, evening swimming classes, meditation and lots more. Just do you.

Final note

These work from home productivity hacks will surely help you get the best of you. Hence producing optimum results. Also, in taking to these tips, do make picks that suit you.  

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