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How To Clean And Disinfect Keyboard Of Your Laptop

You will not have to struggle to discover how to clean the keyboard of laptop if you take to these tips.

Well, it’s no news that almost everything done today is on the laptop. Whether as a remote worker, full-time worker, student, social, entertainment and all. You can tell that the laptop is the most used gadget in recent times. So, what’s not it to bear grimes of dirt, oily soot at the crevices of the keyboard, perks of hair, dust and lots more to encounter or deal with?

Even recent research from the CBT Nuggets has it that a laptop’s keyboard harbours bacteria 20,000 times more than your toilet seat. You can tell how these bacteria can travel in milliseconds especially when you share your computer with someone. More so, this spread of dirt can be avoided if you can take out some time to discover how to clean the keyboard keys on your laptop. Give it a sparkling look again.

Things You Need to Clean Keyboard Of Laptop

Scout within your space you definitely would have these items.

  • Cotton swab
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Soft art brush
  • Compressed Air

Additionally, you can use a disinfecting wipe in place of the isopropyl alcohol but make sure not to use any wipe or disinfectant that contains bleach; this damage the coating on the keys.

Steps On How To Clean Keyboard Keys On Laptop

Take out a few minutes from your 24 hours. To achieve neatness and hygiene. Well, lets us get to know how to clean keyboard on laptop.

Switch Off Your Laptop

To begin cleaning, switch off your computer using the power options menu. Also, unplug from electricity. This is to avoid accidents either by pressing a hotkey. It is also important to unplug completely by removing even the power cord. Furthermore, this is to protect you from shock if water comes in contact accidentally. And of course, make sure you have the backup of your important files in case of an unplanned tragedy. However, it is right you get all files backed up irrespective.

Turn Over To Get Rid Of Particles

Cleaning of a laptop using brush

To remove those, debris, grime and crumbs that can be seen physically, turn your laptop upside down. These particles will all fall out when your laptop is turned over and if still stuck, hit the bottom slightly to dislodge. If you can still find the tiny stubborn particles, use a cotton swab in-between spaces and pick it out with a brush.

If crumbs are still stuck, blow them out using a can of compressed air. Spray the air haphazardly while concentrating on the important corners. The nooks and crannies, and suspected corners of each key. Alternatively, an air dryer can also be used if you do not have a can of compressed air. Remember not to spray directly under the keys to avoid tampering with delicate parts.

If these are done and you can still sight grime under your keys. Then there is a need to pop the keys off. But, you can do this only if your laptop model allows it. You can ascertain an answer to this when you go through your manufacturer’s manual. If not, browse through to get answers. Above all, seek a professional’s attention for guidance.

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Disinfect And Smear

How to clean keyboard on laptops

After all, particles have been removed, disinfect. Here, wipe out the remains of particles on the keyboard surface using a disinfecting wipe.

If you don’t have wipes, use a clean micro fibre cloth in isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the surface and in between keys thoroughly and carefully. Make sure it doesn’t contain bleach.

Next, wipe out. However, avoid any cloth that is wet when cleaning keyboard keys on a laptop. Make sure you wring out water from the cloth before usage and also from the wipes if necessary. Remember not to sprinkle water or any wet substance on your keyboard while cleaning.

Again, go over the cleaning with a neat damp cloth. Regardless, a microfiber cloth is perfect. This usage is to avoid scratching on the keyboard. Do not use abrasives to clean.

Finally, swab using a clean dry cloth. And, you are done!

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