How To Clean a Fridge

You will agree with me that the fridge is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. It holds raw and cooked foods, drinks, water, and any other thing you may wish to preserve in it. So, don’t get upset when it’s time to get it all cleaned up. In fact, you should clean it as often as possible so that you can be sure you are storing your food in a clean space. However, if you are struggling with how to clean a fridge effectively and get it looking spick-and-span, this is the guide you need to help you plan your cleaning processes so that you can work seamlessly.

How To Clean a Fridge Interior

1. Empty the Content of the Refrigerator: Of course, it doesn’t just end with removing the content of the fridge and placing them on the countertop. You should take time to check the items and make sure nothing is expired. Consequently, trash any bad or expired food items and clean up containers that are smeared.

2. Gather Your Supplies in One Place: You do not want to keep moving around when you start cleaning. Get everything you will be needing and put them on a desk or anywhere you can easily reach them. Some essential cleaning items are;

  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Towel

3. Remove and Clean Fridge Shelves and Drawers: First, you must switch off the refrigerator and allow the temperature to rise before attempting to remove any fittings. If you remove them forcefully, you might break them. Next, wash these fittings in warm soapy water. Again, you should allow their temperature to rise to room temperature before washing otherwise they will crack.

4. Clean Inside the Fridge: Clean the sides of the fridge alongside the shelves and drawers that are not removable. First, mix 1 part of baking soda in 7 parts of water, then start cleaning from up to down. Also, use a toothbrush (used solely for this) to clean up the tiny spaces the cleaning cloth cannot get to. Finally, dry with a towel.

5. Clean the Refrigerator Gasket: Do not neglect the rubber gasket around the fridge door. Clean with warm soapy water to maintain a tight seal. However, if you find moulds, you can use a bleach-based cleaner. Next, rinse and dry with a towel.

If you prefer using vinegar to clean, then find out how to clean a fridge using vinegar here.

How To Clean a Fridge Exterior

How To Clean a Fridge

Clean the outside of the refrigerator just as thoroughly as you clean the inside. Firstly, put an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle, then spray while cleaning with a cloth. Remember to clean from top to bottom and do not leave out the sides of the fridge. However, if your fridge is made of stainless steel, here is how to clean a fridge and other appliances made of stainless steel.

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How To Clean a Fridge Coil

It is easy to neglect the coils and other hidden parts of the fridge. However, for your refrigerator to function better and last longer, it is important that you clean and maintain the coils as well. For better handling, you may want to consult the manufacturer’s manual before cleaning the coils. However, there are general steps on how to clean a fridge coil regardless of the brand.

Firstly, unplug the fridge and push it gently away from the wall. If the coils are behind it, carefully clean them using a coil brush. In case the coils are under the fridge, first, remove the grill piece in front of the appliance, then carefully clean the coils as usual. Ensure to clean up the dirt that falls on the floor from the coils.

After cleaning every part of the fridge, switch it on and allow the temperature to fall again before putting back your items neatly into it.

How To Remove Odor From Fridge

How To Clean a Fridge

It is very likely that your fridge will develop a bad smell over time. However, there is a simple way to tackle this without having to buy commercial fridge deodorizers. After cleaning the refrigerator, put some baking soda in a container and keep it on the bottom shelf of the fridge. It will absorb any future bad smell in your fridge and can last up to three months.

Final Words

Cleaning a fridge can feel like a burden, but with this detailed guide on how to clean a fridge, you will be amazed at how easily you will get by this chore. While it is good to clean your fridge from time to time, it is also important to apply certain maintenance measures. For instance, do not overload your refrigerator with perishable food. Also, make sure the containers holding food items are clean and not smeared with grease. Lastly, check food items from time to time and throw away expired and bad ones