9 Top Skincare Tips That Actually Work

Achieving that perfect skin should not be difficult and overwhelming, but it is for most people who think that having flawless skin is only about buying the best skin care product. As much as the type of product you use is an important consideration, there is more to skincare than that.

Knowing the type of product that is suitable for you, and how to apply it to get the best result are important factors you should be aware of as well. This is why these skincare tips are for everyone.

Sometimes, the only thing separating you from flawless skin might be a simple but important routine that you are not aware of. In this article, we will be showing you tips approved by dermatologists with which you can get the best out of your skin naturally and with the use of good quality products.

Skincare Tips Approved by Dermatologists

If you are tired of the many skin care tips available online and offline that does not work, your search is over! These nine simple tips are all you will ever need to get glowing skin.

1. Water is the Magic!

One step in the right direction is to be more conscious about your relationship with the most common household item. You may have heard a lot of talks about the wonders that water does in the body.

Truthfully, the importance of water cannot be overemphasized and the lack of it takes a toll on your skin and entire body.

Hydrate your body inside and outside to get a perfect result. For the outside, use products that contain hydrating agents. Drink about eight glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated on the inside.

 2. Your Diet Matters Too

More than just drinking water, you can help your skin retain the water by eating right. Omega-3 fatty acid which is found in seeds like walnuts and flax seeds is necessary for water retention in the skin. Adding them to your meal helps to keep you better hydrated. In addition to that, try to go on a low carbs diet.

Extra Tip: Still on healthy feeding, replacing your coffee with a green juice every morning helps to keep you hydrated and oxygenated.

3. Sleep Well and Sleep Right

Aside from exposure to ultraviolet rays, another thing that causes wrinkles is sleeping wrongly. It is not okay to squish your face into a pillow whenever you want to sleep.

By doing so, you are increasing the number of facial wrinkles that naturally come with age. It is best to sleep in a way that keeps the lower half of your face out of the pillow. This way, wrinkles, especially the ones that run from the sides of your nose to the sides of your mouth are not increased.

Extra Tip: it is better to sleep with a silk pillowcase than a cotton pillowcase because the former absorbs very little moisture, helping you to retain more water.

4. Take Note of Your Skin Type

Different people have different types of skin, from oily to dry to acne-prone to mature and sensitive.

Also, one person can have a combination of up to two skin types, and your skin type can also change at different times. In order not to irritate your body or use the wrong product for it, try to monitor and know the nature of your skin at a particular time.

You can seek professional guidance on this if need be.

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5. Wear Sunscreen as Often as You Wear a Cloth

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You do not need sunscreen only on sunny days. The aim is to protect your skin from every possible ultraviolet ray exposure.

Hence, it is advisable to use them at all times, even on rainy days. When choosing a sunscreen product, go for a brand that has an  SPF of thirty or more. Also, apply it after every two hours. These are important skincare tips.

6. Do Not Neglect Your Neck While Caring for Your Face

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Oftentimes, people focus on their face so much that they forget that their neck is as important and is equally prone to having wrinkles. What’s worse is that twenty-first-century youths are likely to have more wrinkles on their neck than their parents. This is because of the regular use of technological devices such as cell phones that cause younger people to hang their necks at a constant forty-five-degree angle, resulting in premature wrinkles and folds.

Handling your neck as you do your face is an easy way to treat this. Apply both moisturizers and sunscreen generously on them so that they can work as effectively as they do on your face. Also, do well to apply them against gravity (in an upward motion).

7. Go for Cleansers that Do Not Foam

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Cleansers that foam a lot cause more harm than good to your skin. They make them dry and tight and are more likely to cause wrinkles and cracks. The ones that do not foam as much are safer. However, it is even better to use a pre-cleanser first so that you do not strip your skin of its natural oil.

8. Use Fewer Skincare Products

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It’s easy to fall into the temptation of wanting to use a lot of products with the hope that they all work together to improve your skin. Although they sometimes work, keeping up with all of them may not be very easy, and there is a possibility of not finding a product in the store when you need it.

To save yourself from this stress and still achieve the perfect glow that you desire, make your routine light by sticking with a cleanser and moisturizer that works for you.

9. Ensure that You Apply Your Products in the Correct Order

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More than just applying skincare products, doing it right is also important. The best way to apply them is to go from products with thinner layers to those with thicker layers. This way, your skin can absorb each of the products effectively. If you apply the thicker ones first, they will affect the absorption of the thinner ones. Also, remember to give thick ones more time to get absorbed before applying the next.

Now you know better, rather than randomly buying products and trying them out on your skin, follow these skincare tips to get the best result at very little cost.

Let us know if you found these tips helpful by dropping a comment in the comment section. Also, feel free to drop any tip you think we may have left out.

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