8 Small Bedroom Office Ideas to Enhance Productivity

It’s been nearly three years since the pandemic and it is no longer news that working from home has become the new normal. People who live in homes with multiple rooms now dedicate an entire room as their home office. While people who live in houses with fewer and smaller rooms are looking out for small bedroom office ideas to help them make the most of this new norm.

It is relatively easier to decorate an entire room set aside as an office. You have enough space to bring a complete office experience to your home. Conversely, setting up an office in a space where other activities take place requires more thoughtfulness and planning. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting distracted, mixing up activities and ultimately becoming less productive.

To help you plan your bedroom office arrangement in a way that fosters productivity while managing space, we have put together 8 office design ideas. So, if you are looking to maximize your work hours at home, check out these ideas and use them to redesign your workspace.

Best Small Bedroom Office Ideas for You

1. Use a Nook or Corner

use a nook or corner

Find a niche in your bedroom and make that place into your workspace. This could be an unused corner by the wall, an alcove, or even the space between two cabinets. It all depends on the design of your room.

Staying in the corner separates your office from other parts of the room, reducing interference with activities in other parts of the room. You can also get a compact desk that will fit properly into the corner or make a custom one if you struggle with finding a desk that fits.

2. Face the View

face the view as small bedroom office idea

Setting up your workspace in front of a window can be one of the best small bedroom office ideas if you have a beautiful and relaxing view there. It is best if it is a view of nature. This setup allows enough natural light into your work area, making it feel bigger. It also offers sufficient light so that you do not have to strain your eyes.

However, if you are the type of person that gets easily distracted, this might not be the best option for you because from time to time, you may try to find the chirping bird. But if you are not easily distracted at the slightest chance, you should definitely enjoy a beautiful view while working.

3. Face the Wall

face the wall

This is almost like the opposite of facing the view and it is a better productivity hack for people with low attention span. Setting up your office close to the wall is a great space management idea for small bedrooms. This way, it allows free movement on the other side of the room and also reduces distraction while you work.

Another advantage of this setup is cable management for people who work with electrical devices. You can route cables along the wall, preventing them from cluttering the floor and creating a neat and organized workspace

4. Use Organized Storage

use organized storage for small bedroom office ideas

We cannot talk about small bedroom office ideas that enhance productivity without talking about organization. Keeping things within reach and sight is one of the best ways you can design your bedroom office to help you work better.

You can use pegboards, shelves or other forms of wall organizers to hold your daily working tools. It is important to use wall organizers in a small bedroom because it helps to save space compared to floor shelves. You will enjoy this idea best if you choose an office space that is close to the wall.

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5. Use a Coherent Colour Scheme

use coherent color scheme

Still on creating a sense of organization and order within your workspace. A coherent colour scheme allows you to achieve visual harmony and reduces visual clutter. Different colours can create visual distractions and make a small space feel more chaotic. By sticking to a cohesive colour scheme, you can create a clean and organized aesthetic that minimizes distractions and promotes a focused work environment

Similarly, colours can have an impact on mood and concentration. Opting for colours that promote focus and productivity, such as shades of blue or green, can help create a conducive work environment. These colours are known for their calming effects and ability to enhance mental clarity. And if you want to make your room feel larger and more open, you can go for light or neutral colours such as whites, creams, or pastels.

6. Define Your Workspace

define your workplace for small bedroom office ideas

It’s one thing to place your work desk and chair in a corner. It’s another thing to clearly define that corner as a proper work area so that anyone who walks in can clearly see the distinction between your bedroom and your office. This is one of the small bedroom office ideas that give your workspace a sense of sophistication without taking up space.

7. Redefine Office Furniture

redefine office furniture

Now that you work from home, you make the office rules. You decide what is or isn’t coming into your space in terms of furniture and other work items. So, when setting up your office, take your time to choose the furniture that works best for you as this will place a huge part in determining the overall outlook of your work space.

Office tables don’t always have to be square and chairs don’t always have to be big. If you are trying to save space and maximize productivity, go for sizable and comfy furniture. Something that fits into your space well and also allows you to maintain the best posture while working.

8. Get a Riser

get a table riser for small bedroom office ideas
Photo Credit: Acme Display

If your bedroom is small and you’re trying to get a desk that fits into it without taking up much space, chances are, your desk will be small too. And depending on the nature of your job, the surface may not be sufficient for you to work comfortably. One way to overcome this is by installing a table riser.

The table riser gives you an extra surface where you can place your monitor or any other tool. It is built-in or placed on top of the table. So, it does not take up any extra space in the room.

Extra tip: Always remember to provide adequate lighting for your workspace. Especially, if you choose to face the wall or make use of a corner.

Final Words

The small bedroom office ideas we have shared here will help you work better from home without taking up too much space in the room. When deciding on the setup you will like to implement, it is important that you take your personality into account.

Whether you prefer to face the wall or the view, do exactly what works for you. And if you love art, you can add some to your space too. However, it is important to keep workspace decor minimal to avoid distraction and chaos.

If you found these ideas helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section below

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